2019 Ford Escape Problems: Issues, Pros and Cons

2019 Ford Escape Problems – Are you considering the 2019 Ford Escape for its exhilarating driving experience and cutting-edge technology? With its reputation for being a fun-to-drive vehicle with impressive fuel efficiency and an array of tech features like Android Auto and Apple Car Play, the Escape certainly stands out in its class.

However, before making your purchase, it’s crucial to understand potential issues that might arise.

While the 2019 Ford Escape boasts many desirable features, like any vehicle, it isn’t immune to problems.

Remember, knowledge is power, and being informed is the key to a satisfying ownership experience.

The Most Common Problems With 2019 Ford Escapes

The 2019 Ford Escape has captured the attention of compact SUV enthusiasts with its sleek design, advanced technology, and spirited performance. However, like any vehicle, it’s not without its issues.

Understanding these common problems and implementing preventive measures is crucial for maintaining the reliability of your Ford Escape.

2019 Ford Escape Problems

Common Problems Found on the 2019 Ford Escape

  • Rodent Damage to Wiring: One of the most prevalent issues reported by owners involves rodents chewing on soy-based wiring. This peculiar wiring composition, designed to reduce plastic usage, unfortunately, attracts rodents. Repairing the damaged wiring can cost upwards of $1,000, making it a significant concern for many Escape owners, especially within the first 30,000 miles.
  • Power Tailgate Failure: Some Ford Escape models experience issues with the power tailgate failing to latch properly, particularly within the initial 5,000 miles. If the tailgate shifts or sustains damage during transit, it may not align correctly with the latch, necessitating realignment which can cost around $250.
  • Auto Start-Stop System Malfunctions: Another common complaint revolves around the auto start-stop system, with reported issues surfacing within the first 15,000 miles. While software updates for the engine control module can enhance the system’s reliability, dealerships may charge up to $100 for installation.
  • Transmission Recalls: The 2019 Ford Escape is subject to two recalls, notably for faulty tires and a detached shift cable. Ford addresses these issues by replacing defective tires and installing a bushing to prevent cable detachment.

1. Transmission Issues: A Pervasive Concern

Transmission issues stand out as a significant headache for 2019 Ford Escape owners. Problems range from difficulty shifting into the park to complete transmission failure, necessitating costly repairs averaging around $3,150.

Ford often opts to replace the entire transmission, leading to substantial expenses and prolonged repair times.

How to Avoid Transmission Problems: Conduct a comprehensive test drive to assess shifting smoothness and gear engagement. Additionally, enlist a mechanic to inspect transmission fluid and conduct diagnostics for early issue detection.

2. Engine Failure: A Sudden Setback

The 1.5L EcoBoost motor in the 2019 Ford Escape is prone to coolant bypass and sudden engine failure, echoing concerns from previous model years.

Symptoms manifest abruptly, leaving owners stranded and facing repair bills ranging from $2,100 to $6,000. Rebuilding the engine is rarely a viable option, underscoring the severity of this issue.

How to Avoid Engine Failure: Due to its sudden onset, engine failure requires vigilant monitoring by a qualified mechanic. Familiarize yourself with warning signs like slowing or jerking while driving, indicating imminent failure.

3. Electrical Gremlins: Troublesome Systems

Electrical issues plague some 2019 Ford Escape owners, particularly related to safety systems like traction control and forward collision warning. Erratic system behavior, including sudden stops or aggressive application of safety features, requires attention.

While software updates can address some issues, sensor replacement may be necessary in severe cases.

How to Avoid Electrical Issues: During test drives, activate all safety systems and observe their functionality. Any anomalies, such as overly aggressive interventions, warrant further inspection by a mechanic.

By staying informed, conducting thorough inspections, and promptly addressing issues, owners can enjoy their Escape without the fear of unexpected setbacks.

Remember, proactive maintenance and vigilance are key to maximizing the enjoyment and longevity of your 2019 Ford Escape.

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2019 Ford Escape Pros and Cons

Weighing the pros and cons is essential to make an informed decision. The 2019 Ford Escape, a popular choice in the compact SUV segment, offers a range of appealing features alongside some drawbacks worth noting.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of the 2019 Ford Escape to help you determine if it’s the right fit for your needs.

The Pros

1. A Sedan-like Ride

Despite being a midsize SUV, the Ford Escape offers a ride quality reminiscent of a sedan, especially with the 2.0-L turbocharged engine. Its smooth performance, aided by the 6-speed automatic transmission and well-tuned suspension, ensures a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

2. User-friendly Technology Via Sync 3

Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system stands out for its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. With simple navigation menus, a responsive touchscreen display, and effective voice recognition, Sync 3 offers a seamless and enjoyable tech experience on the road.

3. Plenty of Cargo Space

The 2019 Ford Escape boasts a well-designed cargo area, providing ample space for your belongings. With 68 cubic feet of cargo space when the rear seats are folded down, it offers practicality without compromising on comfort or convenience. The clever layout of the cargo space demonstrates Ford’s thoughtful approach to design.

4. Easy to Enter and Exit

With its convenient seat height and minimal step-up, the Ford Escape offers easy access for passengers, particularly those with mobility issues. Getting in and out of the vehicle feels effortless, akin to entering a mini-van rather than an SUV.

5. Decent Towing Capacity

While not its primary feature, the Ford Escape offers a respectable towing capacity of up to 3,500 pounds with the optional Class II Trailer Tow Package. This capability adds versatility for drivers who require towing capabilities for various tasks.

6. Swift Acceleration with the 2.0-L Turbocharged Engine

The 2.0-L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine delivers impressive power, producing 245 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. With swift acceleration, the 2019 Ford Escape equipped with this engine can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.1 seconds, making it a standout performer in its class.

7. Easy Installation of Child Safety Seats

Parents will appreciate the convenience of the 2019 Ford Escape’s LATCH anchors, which are easily accessible along the seat-backs. Loading and unloading child safety seats is hassle-free, thanks to the vehicle’s wide door openings and ample interior space.

8. A Long List of Driver Aids

The 2019 Ford Escape comes equipped with an array of standard driver-aid features, including a rear-view camera and blind-spot mirrors. Optional features like blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warning enhance safety and convenience, making driving a breeze.

9. Quiet Ride Inside the Cabin

The Ford Escape provides a quiet and serene cabin environment, especially with the 2.0-L turbo engine. Minimal noise and vibrations ensure a comfortable ride, whether cruising on the highway or navigating city streets.

10. Abundance of Small Item Storage Areas

Inside the cabin, the Ford Escape offers plenty of storage options for small items. From the deep center console to sizable seat-back pockets, passengers have ample space to store their belongings, enhancing overall convenience and organization.

The Cons

1. A Lackluster 2.5-L Base Engine

The base engine option for the Ford Escape delivers underwhelming performance, making the SUV feel sluggish on the road. While higher trim levels offer more powerful engine options, opting for the base model may result in a less satisfying driving experience.

2. Steering Does Not Feel Natural

Some drivers may find the steering of the Ford Escape to be lacking in natural feedback, despite providing adequate responsiveness. The artificial sensation of the steering detracts from the overall driving experience for some.

3. A Poor Fuel Economy

Despite its many strengths, the 2019 Ford Escape falls short in terms of fuel efficiency compared to some competitors. With fuel economy ratings of up to 23 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway, it lags behind segment leaders in this aspect.

4. An Outdated Interior

Although durable, the interior of the 2019 Ford Escape lacks the modern flair seen in some rival models. With dated design elements and materials, it fails to impress in terms of aesthetics and refinement.

The 2019 Ford Escape offers a compelling blend of practicality, performance, and technology, making it a strong contender in the compact SUV segment. However, potential buyers should carefully consider the pros and cons outlined above to determine if the Escape aligns with their preferences and priorities.


Navigating the landscape of compact SUVs leads us to the 2019 Ford Escape, a vehicle that boasts an array of appealing attributes alongside some notable drawbacks.

While the 2019 Ford Escape stands as a strong contender in its segment, must conduct a thorough assessment of its priorities and preferences to determine if it aligns with its needs.

By carefully weighing the pros and cons, drivers can make an educated decision that accounts for both the vehicle’s strengths and potential issues.

The Escape presents itself as a versatile and capable option for many drivers, it’s crucial to acknowledge and address any concerns or issues that may arise.

With this balanced approach, you can confidently navigate your journey with the 2019 Ford Escape, ensuring a fulfilling ownership experience that minimizes any potential problems or issues along the way.

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