2021 Ford Escape Problems: Should Be Aware Of

2021 Ford Escape Problems – Are you considering the 2021 Ford Escape for your next family adventure? It’s crucial to know the full picture before hitting the road. The 2021 Ford Escape is marketed as a dynamic SUV, designed to elevate your driving experience.

However, beneath its sleek exterior lies a series of challenges that have left some owners feeling less than satisfied.

Reports have surfaced regarding a defective engine, causing headaches for drivers who expect reliability from their investment. Additionally, there have been complaints about a malfunctioning fuel system, which can disrupt the smooth operation of the vehicle and compromise safety on the road.

2021 Ford Escape Problems

In terms of longevity, the 2021 Ford Escape has shown potential, with some models reaching up to 200,000 miles on the odometer. This speaks to the durability of the vehicle, even in the face of occasional setbacks.

With a price range of $21,450 to $31,375, the 2021 Ford Escape offers a competitive option in the compact SUV market. Despite its flaws, many drivers find value in its spacious interior, accommodating both passengers and cargo with ease.

2021 Ford Escape Problems

When considering a new vehicle, it’s essential to delve beyond the surface-level allure of sleek design and promises of performance.

The 2021 Ford Escape, touted for its array of standard safety features and favorable owner satisfaction scores, presents a compelling option in the competitive SUV market.

However, beneath its polished exterior lies a landscape marked by both praise and pitfalls.

Consumer Reports and Edmunds provide valuable insights into the 2021 Ford Escape’s performance and owner satisfaction. With a plethora of safety features and a commendable rating of 3.9/5 from Edmunds, the Escape garners attention for its smooth suspension.

However, criticisms surface regarding abrupt gear changes, indicative of potential transmission issues.

Kelley Blue Book users echo sentiments of satisfaction, rating the Escape at 4.3/5.

Highlights include the sliding second-row seats for enhanced legroom, yet concerns linger regarding steering feel, an aspect crucial for driver confidence and control.

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Common Issues: Wind Noise, Windshields, and Brakes

Despite its acclaim, the 2021 Ford Escape is not without its share of common problems. Among these, wind noise emanating from the driver’s side door ranks as a prevalent complaint, often surfacing within the first 5,000 miles of ownership.

Typically attributed to damaged door or window gaskets, remedies range from gasket reinstallation, costing approximately $100, to full replacement, tallying around $250.

Similarly, reports of cracked windshields raise eyebrows among owners, with certain glass batches displaying heightened sensitivity to damage. Replacement costs vary, averaging around $400, contingent upon local labor rates.

Premature brake wear emerges as another notable issue, affecting some Escape models within the initial 10,000 miles of usage.

While brake pad replacement typically costs $150, aftermarket alternatives boasting extended durability may entail a higher investment of approximately $250.

Engine Troubles: A Cause for Concern

The specter of engine problems looms over the 2021 Ford Escape, mirroring issues that have plagued previous models.

Reports of coolant leaks leading to engine fires underscore critical safety concerns, casting doubt on Ford’s commitment to vehicle reliability and customer welfare.

Class-action lawsuits targeting Ford’s handling of engine-related hazards further intensify scrutiny, prompting questions regarding the company’s accountability and prioritization of consumer safety.

Fuel System Complications and Powertrain Woes

Additional woes afflict the Escape’s fuel system, with instances of leaks triggering engine stalling and fire hazards. Ford’s response, including a recall addressing fuel delivery module defects, underscores the gravity of the issue and the need for proactive resolution.

Moreover, powertrain malfunctions compound the vehicle’s reliability woes, with transmission troubles inhibiting reverse functionality and necessitating time-consuming dealership interventions.

Structural deficiencies, exemplified by fogging headlights and improperly installed seats, further erode confidence in Ford’s engineering prowess.

Is the 2021 Ford Escape a good SUV?

The 2021 Ford Escape falls within the mid-pack of compact SUVs, offering a car-like design and driving demeanor with decent interior room. While it is a solid option, several other models in the market may perform better.

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Is there a recall on the 2021 Ford Escape?

Yes, there is a recall on the 2021 Ford Escape. Ford Motor Company has issued a recall for certain 2021 Escape, Lincoln Corsair, and 2021-2022 Bronco Sport vehicles. The recall addresses a potential fuel delivery module leak inside the fuel tank, which could lead to low fuel pressure and engine stall.

What is the reliability rating for a 2021 Ford Escape?

The reliability rating for the 2021 Ford Escape is 8/10. There are no major problems reported for this model year. It is advised to steer clear of models from 2016 to 2018 due to engine problems, while models from 2019 to 2022 are considered much more reliable. In terms of performance, the base three-cylinder engine offers decent power, while the four-cylinder provides good power for a small SUV.

How many miles will a 2021 Ford Escape last?

A 2021 Ford Escape can last anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000 miles with proper maintenance. Older versions may reach a high mileage of around 250,000 miles, while newer versions may hit a high mileage of closer to 150,000 miles.


The 2021 Ford Escape boasts commendable features and receives favorable ratings in areas such as safety and interior room, it is not without its share of challenges.

Despite its mid-pack standing among compact SUVs, the Escape’s performance and reliability may be overshadowed by lingering problems and safety recalls. As consumers weigh their options, it’s essential to stay informed about potential 2021 Ford Escape problems to make a well-informed decision.