Best Year of Honda Ridgeline: Top Picks

Best Year of Honda Ridgeline – If you’re on the lookout for a versatile and trustworthy pickup truck, the Honda Ridgeline has undoubtedly caught your attention. Renowned for its unconventional approach, this compact truck seamlessly blends the best features of midsize trucks and crossovers.

With its refined on-road handling, comfortable interior akin to an SUV, and smooth ride, the Ridgeline delivers a unique driving experience.

Which Model of Honda Ridgeline is Best

The standout feature of the Ridgeline is its cargo box, which boasts a wide yet short bed, coupled with an innovative underfloor trunk.

If you desire a midsize pickup truck that combines the practicality of a truck with the drivability of an SUV or sedan, the Honda Ridgeline is definitely worth exploring.

When considering a used Honda Ridgeline, it’s natural to wonder which model years offer the most reliability.

In this article, we will explore all generations of the Ridgeline, highlighting the most dependable years for purchasing a used truck, while also pointing out which ones may not be as ideal.

So, let’s dive right in and discover the best years of the Honda Ridgeline for your needs.

Which Model of Honda Ridgeline is Best

Which Model of Honda Ridgeline is Best

When it comes to choosing the best year for a used Honda Ridgeline, reliability, and performance are key factors to consider.

Let’s delve into the data to uncover the most reliable model years of the Honda Ridgeline, highlighting their strengths and potential drawbacks.

2009-2012 Honda Ridgeline: Consistent Reliability and Performance


If you’re looking for a reliable and well-performing Honda Ridgeline, the model years from 2009 to 2012 come highly recommended. These years have garnered high customer satisfaction ratings and impressive reliability verdict scores, as per Consumer Reports.

The 2009 Ridgeline received minimal complaints and nine recalls, mainly centered around cracked windshields and rusted rotors.

Similarly, the 2010 model had a few reported issues such as soft pedals and minor water leaks, which were minor concerns.

However, due to their reputation for dependability, used models from this lineup may come at a slightly higher price.

2013 Honda Ridgeline: Unmatched Reliability

Honda Ridgeline best years

Considered the pinnacle of reliability for the Honda Ridgeline, the 2013 model year stands out as a top choice. This year’s Ridgeline delivers smooth sedan-like performance, convenient cargo features, and exceptional reliability scores.

With a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 rating for reliability and owner satisfaction from Consumer Reports, the 2013 Ridgeline is a comfortable and reliable midsize truck.

While it may not boast the highest cargo or towing capacity, its consistent performance and dependability make it an ideal choice for daily commuting and light-duty tasks.

2018-2019 Honda Ridgeline: Exemplary Reliability and Owner Satisfaction

Best Year of Honda Ridgeline

For those seeking the most reliable midsize pickup truck experience, the 2018 and 2019 Honda Ridgeline models are worth considering.

In terms of reliability, these two model years have demonstrated outstanding performance and garnered positive feedback from owners.

The 2018 Ridgeline, with its limited number of complaints and five recalls, showcases its overall reliability. While a few reports mention transmission issues, they are relatively rare and shouldn’t overshadow the overall dependability.

However, it’s worth noting that the backup camera received more attention regarding potential faults.

On the other hand, the 2019 Ridgeline builds on its predecessor’s strengths. It boasts class-leading fuel efficiency at 22 mpg combined and received a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating for reliability from Consumer Reports.

It achieved a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 rating for owner satisfaction, indicating a high level of overall customer contentment.

However, it’s important to be aware that the 2019 model year has been subject to eight recalls, the highest among second-generation Ridgeline vehicles.

The best year of the Honda Ridgeline depends on your specific needs and preferences, but these highlighted model years should serve as a solid starting point in your search for a reliable used truck.

Know more about the Honda Ridgeline years to avoid.

How Reliable is a Honda Ridgeline?

The Honda Ridgeline is considered to be very reliable, with an overall reliability rating of 80.35 out of 100. This high rating indicates that the Ridgeline is a dependable truck, surpassing the average overall rating of 57 among other vehicles.

What are the negatives of a Honda Ridgeline?

One of the notable negatives reported for the Honda Ridgeline is related to its automatic transmission. Some Ridgeline models can experience issues with shifting up into fourth gear, leading to the truck getting stuck in third gear. This can cause vibrations around 40 mph and noticeable hesitation.

Which one is better Tacoma or Ridgeline?

When comparing the Toyota Tacoma to the Honda Ridgeline, the Tacoma offers several competitive advantages. These include additional standard safety features, more horsepower, standard all-wheel drive (optional for the Tacoma), a more spacious interior, a longer and wider truck bed, better fuel efficiency, and other benefits.

How reliable is Honda Ridgeline’s high mileage?

The Honda Ridgeline has demonstrated reliability even with high mileage. According to iSeeCars, the Honda Ridgeline is recognized as the longest-lasting pickup in its segment. In an analysis of over 15.8 million cars sold in 2019, the Ridgeline had the highest percentage of vehicles reaching 200,000 miles, highlighting its durability and longevity.


When it comes to finding the best year of the Honda Ridgeline, several options stand out for their reliability, performance, and owner satisfaction.

The 2009-2012 Ridgeline models offer consistent reliability and good overall performance, while the 2013 model year shines as the most reliable choice with its outstanding ratings.

The 2018 and 2019 Ridgeline models also make strong contenders, combining reliability, fuel efficiency, and owner satisfaction.

Consider factors such as overall reliability ratings, reported issues, and specific features offered in each model year.

Whichever year you choose, the Honda Ridgeline’s overall reliability rating of 80.35 out of 100 assures you of a highly dependable truck.

So, take your time, conduct thorough research, and test-drive different model years to find the best fit for your requirements.

The Honda Ridgeline presents a compelling option for those in search of a reliable midsize truck.

So, whether you’re in the market for a dependable daily driver or a versatile truck for various tasks, explore the best year of the Honda Ridgeline and discover the perfect combination of reliability, performance, and satisfaction.