Buick Encore Years to Avoid and The Best Years

Buick Encore Years to Avoid – If you’re in the market for a used Buick Encore, it’s essential to be well-informed about the model’s history and any potential issues associated with specific years. While the Buick Encore is generally regarded as a reliable and stylish compact SUV, like any vehicle, there have been some model years that have experienced more problems than others.

In this article, we will explore the Buick Encore years to avoid, highlighting the worst years based on known issues and customer feedback.

Buick Encore Years to Avoid

By familiarizing yourself with these years, you can make a more informed decision and increase your chances of finding a dependable Buick Encore that suits your needs.

When it comes to identifying the worst years for the Buick Encore, it’s important to note that these designations are based on common complaints, reliability data, and customer experiences.

It’s always recommended to thoroughly research and inspect any used vehicle before making a purchase, regardless of the model year.

However, by being aware of the years that have shown more frequent problems, you can focus your attention on other model years that may offer a more reliable ownership experience.

So, let’s explore the Buick Encore years to avoid and discover the reasons behind their inclusion in this list.

Buick Encore Years to Avoid

We will explore the Buick Encore years to avoid, based on real reports from owners and data from reputable sources.

Buick Encore Years to Avoid

By understanding these problematic years, you can make an informed decision and increase your chances of finding a dependable Buick Encore that suits your needs.

2013 Buick Encore

The 2013 Buick Encore is a model year that should be approached with caution. Owners have reported various issues, particularly with the engine.

Complaints include inadequate acceleration, reduced engine power, and the need for costly turbocharger replacements.

These repairs can average around $600 for power-related issues and a hefty $1,600 for turbocharger replacements.

Furthermore, the 2013 model year has been subject to recalls, including a concerning front passenger airbag failure.

2014 Buick Encore

Similar to the 2013 model, the 2014 Buick Encore has garnered negative feedback from owners, primarily due to electrical problems. Many drivers experienced battery drainage issues, resulting in dead batteries even after replacements.

This persistent problem affected the overall reliability of the vehicle and required further investigation and repairs.

The 2014 model year should be approached with caution, given the recurring battery issues reported by owners.

2015 Buick Encore

The 2015 Buick Encore is another model year that warrants consideration before purchase. Owners have reported various issues, including engine troubles and brake-related problems.

While not as severe as the earlier years, these problems can still lead to costly repairs and decreased reliability.

Additionally, like its predecessors, the 2015 model year has been subject to recalls, including airbag-related failures.

Later Model Years

Although the 2016 and 2017 Buick Encore models are generally considered more reliable compared to the earlier years, they still share some of the same engine-related issues.

It is advisable to thoroughly inspect any Encore from these years before making a purchase.

Additionally, most subsequent model years, except for 2018 and 2020, have been subject to various airbag failure recalls.

It is essential to ensure that any recalls have been addressed when purchasing an older Buick Encore.

These early iterations of the Encore have exhibited recurring problems such as engine issues, electrical problems, and recalls related to airbag failures.

Repairs for these issues can be costly, which should be taken into consideration when assessing the value of a used Buick Encore from these model years.

Best Years for Buick Encore

When searching for a used Buick Encore, it’s essential to consider the vehicle’s reliability and track record of mechanical issues. While the Buick Encore is a relatively new car model, having been manufactured since 2012 and gone through two generations, some model years have proven to be more dependable than others.

Buick Encore Best Year

In this section, we will explore Buick Encore’s best years based on owner feedback and data from reputable sources.

By understanding the most reliable model years, you can confidently choose a Buick Encore that offers excellent performance and peace of mind.

2016 Buick Encore

The 2016 Buick Encore stands out as one of the best model years for this compact SUV. Owners have reported minimal complaints, and the overall reliability of this year’s Encore has been consistently praised.

This model is known for its smooth performance, comfortable ride, and well-designed interior.

With a reputation for dependability, the 2016 Buick Encore is a strong contender for buyers seeking a reliable used vehicle.

2017 Buick Encore

While the 2017 Buick Encore experienced a slight increase in owner complaints compared to the surrounding years, it still remains a reliable option. The reported issues were relatively minor and did not significantly impact the vehicle’s overall performance.

Buick addressed these concerns, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction and vehicle quality.

With ongoing improvements, the 2017 Buick Encore remains a solid choice for buyers seeking a reliable compact SUV.

2018 Buick Encore

The 2018 Buick Encore further enhances the vehicle’s reliability and solidifies its reputation as a dependable option. Owners have reported few complaints, indicating a continued improvement in Encore’s overall quality.

This model year features updated technology and safety features, making it an appealing choice for buyers seeking both reliability and modern amenities.

2019 Buick Encore

Continuing the trend of improvement, the 2019 Buick Encore showcases further enhancements in reliability and customer satisfaction.

Owners have reported minimal issues, reaffirming Buick’s commitment to producing dependable vehicles.

The 2019 Encore offers a comfortable interior, smooth ride, and advanced safety features, making it an attractive option for buyers seeking a reliable and feature-rich compact SUV.

2020 Buick Encore

With the introduction of the second generation, the 2020 Buick Encore builds upon the strong foundation of its predecessors. This model year exhibits a remarkable lack of owner complaints, solidifying its status as one of the most reliable Encore versions.

The second-generation Encore boasts updated styling, improved technology, and enhanced safety features.

Choosing a 2020 Buick Encore provides the assurance of a modern, reliable, and well-equipped compact SUV.

2021 Buick Encore

The 2021 Buick Encore continues the positive trajectory of reliability and customer satisfaction. With a minimal number of reported issues, this model year upholds the reputation of Encore as a dependable vehicle.

The 2021 Encore offers a refined driving experience, advanced infotainment features, and an array of safety technologies, making it a compelling choice for buyers in search of a reliable and well-equipped compact SUV.

These years have garnered minimal owner complaints and offer a combination of dependable performance, comfortable interiors, advanced safety features, and modern technology.

By choosing one of these Buick Encore models, buyers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and well-regarded compact SUV.

Buick Encore Problems

The Buick Encore, a reliable subcompact SUV, has gained popularity among car buyers. However, it is important to be aware of potential problems associated with certain model years.

Buick Encore Problems

Explore common Buick Encore problems based on reports from owners and reputable sources.

By understanding these issues, potential buyers can make informed decisions and be prepared for any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Let’s delve into the most frequently reported problems with the Buick Encore.

1. Engine Issues

While many Buick Encore models have encountered engine issues, the 2017 model year stands out as particularly problematic. Reports indicate that engine problems occurred at relatively low mileage, around 11,000 miles or higher.

Some of these issues have even resulted in injuries and accidents.

It is crucial to thoroughly inspect the engine and its performance before purchasing a used Buick Encore, especially from the 2017 model year.

2. Faulty Airbags and Seatbelts

From 2015 to 2017, the Buick Encore experienced problems with its airbags and seatbelts, leading to a massive recall by GM that affected over 3.6 million vehicles, including the Encore.

The defect prevented the frontal airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners from deploying properly.

This safety concern highlights the importance of ensuring that any recalls have been addressed before purchasing an Encore from these model years.

3. Brake Issues

Numerous Encore owners have reported severe brake issues. Some drivers experienced noises while braking, while others found the brakes to be weak and ineffective.

Excessive vibrations and even loss of control have been reported as a result of these brake problems.

It is essential to have the braking system thoroughly inspected and repaired if necessary to ensure safe driving.

4. Faulty Battery

Although not as widespread as other issues, the 2014 Buick Encore has had problems with faulty batteries.

Owners have complained that their SUVs would not start, and some have had to replace the batteries every four to six weeks.

This frequent battery replacement is both frustrating and costly, making it important to thoroughly check the battery’s condition before purchasing a 2014 Encore.

5. Easily Cracked Windshield

Some Buick Encore owners have encountered issues with the windshield’s durability. Cracks have been reported in relatively low mileage situations, with an average of 13,050 miles.

Even a small stone impact can lead to significant cracks that worsen over time. Replacing the windshield can be expensive, potentially costing around $550 depending on labor rates.

6. Troubled Turbochargers

The turbocharged engine, designed to provide power, has become a trouble spot for the Buick Encore. Several reports indicate that the turbocharger stops functioning, accompanied by a loud bang from the engine bay.

This results in slow acceleration and a noticeable loss of power.

Repairing this issue often requires the installation of a new turbocharger, which can cost between $1,250 to $1,500.

7. Transmission Issues

Some Buick Encore models have encountered transmission problems. Drivers have reported issues with shifting gears, including the inability to shift into the 3rd, 5th, and reverse positions.

Additionally, slipping gears have been a common complaint.

Thoroughly inspecting the transmission system and ensuring smooth gear shifting is essential when considering a used Buick Encore.

Understanding the common problems associated with the Buick Encore can help potential buyers make informed decisions.

What is the last year for Buick Encore?

The last year for the Buick Encore is the 2022 model year. General Motors discontinued the Buick Encore following this year, without a direct replacement. The larger Buick Encore GX has become the new entry-level vehicle in the Buick lineup.

Does the Buick Encore have problems?

Yes, the Buick Encore has been known to have some problems. If you are considering purchasing one of the Encore model years, it is important to be aware of potential issues such as engine trouble, brake issues, recalls, and interior defects.

Some owners have reported battery problems within a few years or even months of their purchase.

Is Buick Encore good in snow?

Yes, the Buick Encore performs well in snow. It is equipped with an AWD (all-wheel drive) system that constantly monitors all four wheels. The AWD system includes an electronic limited-slip differential, which helps transfer power between wheels to reduce wheel spin-outs.

This feature makes the Encore suitable for navigating icy roads and provides better traction in winter driving conditions.

What car is the same as a Buick Encore?

The Buick Encore is closely related to the Chevy Trax. Both the 2022 Buick Encore and the 2022 Chevy Trax share the GM Gamma II platform. While they have a similar size, their exterior designs differ significantly.

These models are considered cousins due to their platform sharing within the General Motors family.

Is it expensive to fix a Buick Encore?

The cost to maintain and repair a Buick Encore can vary. The estimated range for maintenance and repair costs is between $95 and $5,141, with an average cost of around $280. It’s worth noting that these figures are estimates and can vary depending on factors such as the specific repair needed, labor rates, and local market conditions.

Is a Buick Encore good on gas?

The Buick Encore is relatively fuel-efficient. The 2023 Buick Encore GX model has a fuel economy rating of up to 29 mpg in the city, 31 mpg on the highway, and a combined rating of 30 mpg. These ratings may vary slightly depending on the specific engine, trim level, and driving conditions, but overall, the Buick Encore offers good gas mileage for a compact SUV.


While the Buick Encore is generally known as a reliable subcompact SUV, there are specific years that have encountered more issues than others.

When considering a used Buick Encore, it is essential to thoroughly inspect the specific model year and address any potential issues before making a purchase.

Additionally, obtaining a comprehensive vehicle history report and checking for any outstanding recalls is crucial to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle.

Ultimately, the information provided here aims to help potential buyers make informed decisions and avoid the Buick Encore years associated with common problems.

By being aware of the potential issues and taking appropriate precautions, buyers can choose a Buick Encore model year that offers a more reliable and enjoyable ownership experience.

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