Cars Brands That Start With E: Luxury, Sports, Expensive, and Foreign

Car Brands Starting With E – What car names start with E? While you’re probably familiar with names like Explorer, Explorer Sport Trac, Excursion, and Escalade, what about more unusual car names that start with E?

If you’re looking to buy an economical commuter car that starts with the letter E, think about what interests you and search by brand.

If you’re looking for an E-Class Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you’ll find it under Mercedes-Benz on your search results page.

Full List of Car Brands That Start With E

Think an exotic car like a Ferrari would top a list of car brands that start with e? Think again. According to etymologist Michael Quinion, who runs a website on word origins, electronics brand Emerson (not to be confused with luxury automaker Maserati) is one of three that starts with e.

The others are French automaker Renault and Chinese manufacturer Chery Automobile Co. Also in the running are econoboxes like Echo, early cars like Elcar, economy cars such as Essex, and upscale European models Eunos and Enzo Ferrari.

Cars from European manufacturers tend to dominate because many English words come from Romance languages.

car names that start with e

If you ask What vehicles start with the letter E? Then you have come to the right place. In the following, we have attached a list of car brands starting with e.


If you’re looking for a good car brand that starts with e, it’s hard to beat a classic like Ecto. The word refers to ectoplasm, which was used by Charles Dickens in his book A Christmas Carol in 1843 and later popularized by Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories.

If there are ghosts on your mind and you want to share them with friends, keep an eye out for a car that says Ecto on its bumper. Just don’t expect it to drive like any other automobile.


Ford is working on an all-electric SUV that has outrageous performance and a 300-mile range.

The Explorer isn’t expected to hit roads until 2020, but it already has the most powerful weapon in its arsenal: a 420-horsepower electric motor. There’s no word yet on whether or not Ford will make a hybrid version, but we’re hoping they do.

It’s high time for hybrids to go mainstream. And if we’re going by first letters, BMW and Maserati should totally get with it too. What car manufacturer beginning with e do you wish would add an electric or hybrid model?


Cadillac’s flagship SUV is named after a boulevard in Montreal, Canada. Maybe that’s not so strange, but what about Cadillac also choosing names for their other SUVs with street names?

The SRX and Escalade EXT both reference streets in New Orleans, while the SRV refers to Santa Fe Drive in Sunnyvale.

Finally, there’s not one but two Chevy Tahoes: Lake Tahoe and Chico CA (which we know wasn’t named after The Simpsons’ fictional town).

While these are some pretty good car names that start with e they’re no Tesla Model S or Alfa Romeo Mito! [Automobile Magazine]


The car brand Escort may have begun as a British slang term for a companion, but in recent years it’s become synonymous with another British institution.

In 1991, police forces began using Interceptor Vans based on Ford Transit models to chase down speeding drivers.

The vans were painted fluorescent yellow and had a warning siren that was likened to an ambulance or fire engine, along with flashing red lights.

They became known as speed traps because they were so good at getting speeders to slow down—with almost everyone who spotted one (regardless of their own driving habits) pulling over out of fear.

Despite its humble origins, today Escort is a car company that focuses on high-performance vehicles for track days, rallying, drifting, and show events all over Europe and Asia.


The Elan is an interesting car model name, as it’s actually a Gaelic word for brilliance. However, it has several different meanings in languages from all over Europe and Asia.

In these languages, however, elan also means eagerness or enthusiasm. It’s definitely not used to describe a specific kind of animal or plant—but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great car name! It has been given to several car models produced by both major auto manufacturers and niche producers alike.

You might recognize some examples by Daimler AG, like the 2010 Elan S Morgan.


One advantage to unconventional car names is that they can increase a car’s cool factor. Mercedes has already done that with its new Smart cars, which are advertised as perfect for city life.

Besides those, though, most unusual car names have very little in common with their normal counterparts.

For example, while Lexus has become synonymous with luxury vehicles and Acura is often thought to be a sporty brand (although it’s more accurate to describe it as a mainstream luxury brand), neither is currently an actual word used by either company.

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box name for your next vehicle model, consider incorporating words from completely different fields of study or experience (for example, yoga).

You never know what’ll work!


Lacking flashy brand recognition, General Motors’ Envoy sports utility vehicle is not likely to end up on many cool car lists.

But with some simple styling tweaks, it might be able to capture some new attention.

How about a touch of black paint on its grille and trim, or color-matched 17 alloy wheels? Either addition could improve its looks—and encourage potential buyers who don’t know what they’re missing.

GM really should step up their game with a better-looking SUV in that class! Are there any other unusual car names beginning with e? Some car brands beginning with e include Audi, BMW, Bentley, and Volkswagen.


While most people think about luxury when they hear Epic, Epic Car Rental is one of those uncommon exceptions that prove that rule wrong.

For a car rental company, car names that start with e need to be catchy and stick in people’s minds. Epic delivers on both fronts by introducing offbeat names for their rental fleet such as Dodo, Grumman 880 Jetstar, and Caterpillar.

This helps them stand out from other competing car rental services; it also makes them memorable in your mind so you remember to book with them next time you need a ride.

Plus, cars named Grumman 880 Jetstar just have to have some kind of coolness factor right?


One of Volkswagen’s most popular models, it was later discontinued but revived recently to include a number of variations including a tall wagon called SportWagen, a coupe called Alltrack, and even an electric model.

It’s impossible to talk about wagons without mentioning Audi’s A6.

This car has been in production since 1995, though over time it has received several upgrades—most notably by adding new features such as all-wheel drive and rear seats that can recline and fold down for extra storage space.

Then there’s the Mercedes E-Class, which is currently one of their most popular sedans.

Luxury Car Brands That Start With E

Sports cars are some of the most fun to drive because they are built to turn heads and provide a thrill when you take them out for a spin. In fact, many people invest in luxury cars just for their excitement factor.

From Mercedes-Benz to Lexus, there are plenty of options out there that will help you get from point A to point B in style—and maybe give you an adrenaline rush as well.

With that said, here’s a list of our favorite luxury car brands that start with e!


Interested in cars? Looking for a really unusual car name that starts with e? Well, here’s a list to satisfy all your cravings!

The following is a comprehensive list of car names that start with e. Take a peek and see if you can find something you like! [insert car names]


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