Cars That Start With J (Brands, Expensive, and Sports Cars)

Cars That Start With J – In the automotive world, enthusiasts and curious minds alike often find fascination in exploring cars based on various criteria. One intriguing aspect is vehicles that share a common starting letter.

In this case, the letter “J” holds a certain mystique, and it’s no surprise that enthusiasts are keen to discover cars that start with this particular letter.

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through an extensive list of cars that start with the letter “J.”

We’ve compiled a diverse collection of models, making this a go-to resource for anyone interested in automotive trivia or in search of a new ride that starts with the letter “J.”

Cars That Start With J

Let’s delve into the world of “J” and uncover the names, models, and interesting features of these automobiles.

Car Brands That Start With J

The automotive industry is a vast landscape, filled with a diverse array of car brands that cater to various tastes and preferences.

We embark on a journey through a selection of car brands that all share a common starting letter: “J”.

Let’s explore the fascinating realm of car brands that start with “J” and explore their noteworthy models and contributions to the automotive world.

Jaguar: The Epitome of British Luxury and Performance

Founded in 1922, Jaguar has carved a distinguished niche in the automotive world as a symbol of British luxury and performance.

Now a part of Jaguar Land Rover, owned by Tata Motors, this esteemed brand boasts a lineage of iconic vehicles.

Jaguar competes in both the performance and luxury markets, rivaling names like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Cadillac, and Infiniti.

Jeep: The Pinnacle of Off-Road Excellence

When it comes to off-road capabilities, no brand stands taller than Jeep. A division of FCA US LLC, Jeep’s product range is exclusively comprised of sport utility vehicles, including crossovers and rugged off-road models.

Previously, Jeep’s lineup included pickups, vans, and roadsters, showcasing the brand’s versatility and dedication to adventure.

Jetstream: Crafting Track-Oriented Masterpieces

Based in Cornwall, England, Jetstream is a British sports car manufacturer known for its precision engineering. Their crowning achievement, the 2008 Jetstream SC250, is a road-legal track-oriented sports car, exemplifying their dedication to performance and innovation.

JAC: Driving Innovation in the Heart of China

Hailing from Anhui Province, China, JAC is a prominent automobile and vehicle manufacturer with a wide-ranging portfolio.

From commercial vehicles and trucks to electric vehicles and automotive components, JAC’s commitment to innovation and quality has propelled them to the forefront of the Chinese automotive industry.

JBA: Reviving Pre-World War II British Automobiles

Based in Norfolk, England, JBA Motors specialized in resurrecting the glory of pre-World War II British automobiles.

Models like the JBA Falcon, JBA Sports SRi, and JBA Falcon TSR stand as testaments to their dedication to heritage and craftsmanship.

Jensen: A Legacy of British Sports Car Excellence

Jensen Motors Limited, based in West Bromwich, England, left an indelible mark on the automotive world.

Established by the Jensen brothers, Alan and Richard, the company’s legacy spanned from commercial vehicles to iconic sports cars.

Although Jensen Motors Limited ceased trading in 1976, its influence on the industry remains palpable.

The world of car brands that start with the letter “J” is a testament to the rich diversity within the automotive industry.

Drawn to British craftsmanship, Chinese innovation, or off-road adventure, these “J” brands offer something for every automotive enthusiast.

Car Names and Models That Start With J

Each letter of the alphabet brings forth a unique collection of car names and models. Today, we focus on the captivating letter “J,” which has given rise to an array of vehicles, each with its own distinctive features and capabilities.

Let’s explore the diverse lineup of car names and models that begin with the letter “J.”

Jetta – Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Jetta stands as a testament to German engineering at its finest. Known for its refined design and impressive performance, the Jetta has earned its place as a popular choice among sedan enthusiasts worldwide.

Juke – Nissan

Nissan’s Juke is a compact crossover that boldly combines unique styling with agile handling. Its distinctive design and versatile features make it a standout choice for those seeking a blend of personality and practicality in their ride.

Jazz – Honda

Honda’s Jazz, also known as the Fit in some markets, has redefined the compact car segment. With its ingenious use of space, fuel efficiency, and lively performance, the Jazz continues to win hearts globally, appealing to those who appreciate efficiency without sacrificing style.

Journey – Dodge

The Dodge Journey is a versatile midsize SUV that caters to families and adventurers alike. With a spacious interior, advanced technology, and a bold exterior design, the Journey embodies Dodge’s commitment to combining functionality with style.

J10 and J20 – Jeep

Jeep’s J10 and J20 are legendary pickups that have earned their place in off-road history. Known for their rugged capabilities and enduring design, these models are a testament to Jeep’s commitment to producing vehicles that can conquer any terrain.

Jalpa and Jarama – Lamborghini

The Lamborghini Jalpa and Jarama are rare gems in the world of Italian supercars. The Jalpa, a V8-powered marvel, and the Jarama, a grand tourer, showcase Lamborghini’s penchant for combining raw power with refined elegance, earning them a special place in automotive history.

J1, J11, and J3 – Chery

Chery’s J1, J11, and J3 represent the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive technology. These models offer a blend of style, performance, and advanced features, solidifying Chery’s position as a leading force in the Chinese automotive industry.

Jackaroo – HSV and Holden

The Jackaroo, known for its robust off-road capabilities, was a prominent name in the HSV and Holden lineups. With its rugged design and dependable performance, it left an indelible mark on the Australian automotive landscape.

Javelin – Rambler

The Rambler Javelin was a classic American muscle car known for its distinctive design and powerful performance. It remains an iconic nameplate in the annals of American automotive history, celebrated by enthusiasts for its unique style and spirited driving experience.

Jimny – Suzuki

The Suzuki Jimny is a compact SUV renowned for its go-anywhere capabilities. With its compact dimensions and impressive off-road prowess, the Jimny has garnered a dedicated following worldwide.

Jumbuck – Proton

The Proton Jumbuck is a compact pickup truck with a distinctive design. Combining practicality with a touch of flair, the Jumbuck offers a versatile option for those seeking a compact and capable workhorse.

Car names and models that start with “J” have left an indelible mark on the global automotive landscape. Each model brings its own unique blend of style, performance, and innovation, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

The world of “J” is a testament to the boundless creativity and engineering prowess within the automotive industry.

Explore, appreciate, and celebrate these remarkable vehicles that bear the distinctive mark of the letter “J.”

Sports Cars That Start With J

The letter “J” heralds a selection of sports cars that have left an indelible mark on automotive history.

Let’s explore the details of these impressive models, each bearing the distinguished mark of the letter “J.”

Jiotto Caspita: Roaring into the 80s with 577 Horsepower

  • Year: 1989
  • Power Output: 577 hp

The Jiotto Caspita, born in 1989, was a powerhouse of its time, boasting an astonishing 577 horsepower.

This Italian supercar was a symphony of speed, agility, and style, showcasing the pinnacle of automotive engineering in the late 80s.

Jaguar XJ220: A British Marvel of the 90s

  • Year: 1992
  • Power Output: 542 hp

The Jaguar XJ220, unveiled in 1992, was a quintessential British sports car, with a formidable power output of 542 horsepower. With its striking design and formidable performance, it earned its place among the elite in the automotive world.

Juliani Veela: Fusion of Elegance and Power in 2011

  • Year: 2011
  • Power Output: 520 hp

The Juliani Veela, introduced in 2011, was a harmonious blend of elegance and power, boasting a robust 520 horsepower. This bespoke creation showcased the potential for automotive artistry in the modern era.

Joss JP1: Australian Precision with 500 Brake Horsepower

  • Year: 2004
  • Power Output: 500 bhp

The Joss JP1, hailing from Australia in 2004, was a masterclass in precision engineering, packing a punch with 500 brake horsepower. This supercar exemplified the capability of the Australian automotive industry.

Juno Racing SS3 V6: A Track-Ready Marvel in 2007

  • Year: 2007
  • Power Output: 395 bhp

The Juno Racing SS3 V6, born in 2007, was a track-ready marvel, boasting a formidable 395 brake horsepower. Designed for the adrenaline-seeker, this sports car was built to dominate the race track.

Jensen S V8: British Refinement with 325 Brake Horsepower

  • Year: 2001
  • Power Output: 325 bhp

The Jensen S V8, introduced in 2001, exuded British refinement with a power output of 325 brake horsepower. This elegant yet potent sports car was a testament to Jensen’s legacy of craftsmanship.

Jaguar XFR (X260): Unleashing Power in 2015

  • Year: 2015
  • Power Output: 296 hp

The Jaguar XFR (X260), making its debut in 2015, unleashed a potent 296 horsepower. With its sleek design and formidable power, it represented Jaguar’s continued commitment to blending performance with luxury.

Jetstream SC250 Roadster: British Precision in 2008

  • Year: 2008
  • Power Output: 250 bhp

The Jetstream SC250 Roadster, gracing the roads in 2008, showcased British precision with 250 brake horsepower. This roadster was a testament to Jetstream’s dedication to crafting exhilarating driving experiences.

Javan R1: A 220 Horsepower Speedster in 2007

  • Year: 2007
  • Power Output: 220 bhp

The Javan R1, born in 2007, was a 220-horsepower speedster, delivering an exhilarating driving experience. This British creation was designed to captivate the hearts of performance enthusiasts.

Josse Car Indigo 3000: A Fusion of Elegance and Power in 1998

  • Year: 1998
  • Power Output: 204 hp

The Josse Car Indigo 3000, making its debut in 1998, was a fusion of elegance and power, offering 204 horsepower. This model exemplified the potential for automotive artistry to create a harmonious blend of style and performance.

The sports cars that start with the letter “J” are a testament to the boundless creativity and engineering prowess within the automotive industry.

These machines are not merely vehicles; they are works of art, embodying the pursuit of excellence and pushing the boundaries of what is possible on four wheels.

Expensive and Luxury Cars That Start With J

In the world of automotive luxury and opulence, a select group of cars starting with the letter “J” stand out for their breathtaking design, unparalleled performance, and, of course, their hefty price tags.

Let’s a closer look at these extravagant vehicles, each representing a unique blend of engineering excellence and artistic expression.

1. Jaguar XK-SS

Price: $2,000,000

The Jaguar XK-SS, with a staggering price tag of $2 million, is a true masterpiece of automotive history. This rare gem is a testament to Jaguar’s commitment to excellence, combining timeless design with cutting-edge engineering.

2. Jiotto Caspita

Price: $2,000,000

The Jiotto Caspita, priced at $2 million, is an Italian exotic that epitomizes exclusivity and sophistication. With its breathtaking design and unparalleled performance, it stands as a symbol of automotive artistry and engineering prowess.

3. Jimenez Novia

Price: $1,500,000

The Jimenez Novia, valued at $1.5 million, is a one-of-a-kind supercar designed and developed by Ramon Jimenez. This bespoke creation showcases the heights of automotive innovation and craftsmanship, making it a true collector’s dream.

4. Jaguar Costin Roadster

Price: $1,100,000

The Jaguar Costin Roadster, priced at $1.1 million, is a classic legend that embodies the golden age of sports cars. With its timeless design and historical significance, it represents a piece of automotive heritage that commands a premium.

5. Jaguar LeMans D-Type Coupe Special Michelotti

Price: $800,000

The Jaguar LeMans D-Type Coupe Special Michelotti, valued at $800,000, is a racing icon that harkens back to the glory days of motorsport. Its distinctive design and racing pedigree contribute to its premium price tag.

6. Jaguar XJ220

Price: $480,000

The Jaguar XJ220, priced at $480,000, is a British supercar that captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. With its striking design and impressive performance, it remains a sought-after gem among collectors.

7. Jaguar XJR-15

Price: $350,000

The Jaguar XJR-15, valued at $350,000, is a limited edition marvel that showcases the brand’s dedication to high-performance engineering. Its exclusivity and performance capabilities contribute to its premium price.

8. Jensen CV8

Price: $280,000

The Jensen CV8, with a price tag of $280,000, is a classic beauty that exudes timeless elegance. Its rarity and enduring design make it a coveted piece for collectors of vintage automobiles.

9. Jeep Gladiator Hennessey Maximus

Price: $230,000

The Jeep Gladiator Hennessey Maximus, priced at $230,000, is an off-road titan that redefines the boundaries of rugged capability. Its customized features and exceptional performance contribute to its premium valuation.

10. Josse Car Indigo 3000

Price: $70,000

The Josse Car Indigo 3000, priced at $70,000, is a blend of elegance and power that offers a more accessible entry point into the world of high-end automobiles. Its refined design and performance capabilities make it a compelling choice for discerning enthusiasts.

These expensive cars that start with the letter “J” represent the pinnacle of automotive excellence, combining artistic expression with engineering mastery.

These cars are not just vehicles; they are works of art, embodying the pursuit of perfection and pushing the boundaries of what is possible on four wheels.


Cars that start with the letter “J” offer a diverse and intriguing selection for automotive enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The iconic British luxury manufacturers like Jaguar to innovative models from various corners of the globe, this curated list showcases the creativity and engineering prowess within the automotive industry.

With the power and elegance of a Jaguar or the rugged capabilities of a Jeep, each “J” car brings its own unique character and appeal.