Chevy Spark Years To Avoid and The Best Years

Chevy Spark Years To Avoid – If you’re in the market for an affordable and reliable city car, the Chevrolet Spark might have caught your attention. With its budget-friendly price tag, comfortable interior, nimble handling, and dependable build quality, the Chevy Spark has won the hearts of many urban dwellers seeking a practical and efficient ride.

Despite not revolutionizing the automotive world, this little city slicker has managed to carve out a respectable spot in the market, proving that budget-friendly transportation doesn’t have to compromise on comfort and style.

Chevy Spark Years To Avoid

However, as with any vehicle, not all model years are created equal.

Recently, Chevrolet announced the unfortunate decision to halt the production of the Spark, marking the end of a solid 10-year run.

In August 2022, the most affordable new car in the United States will bid farewell to the Chevy lineup, making it a bittersweet time for those considering this charming little ride.

For anyone contemplating a Chevy Spark purchase, there’s no better moment than the present. Nevertheless, it’s essential to be well-informed before making a decision.

You should be aware of the model years to avoid potential mechanical and reliability issues.

In this article, we will walk you through the Chevy Spark years to avoid, guiding you towards a wiser and more satisfying choice.

Let’s delve into the details and uncover the model years that might not offer the seamless experience you desire.

Get ready to make an informed choice and find the perfect Chevy Spark to accompany you on your daily adventures.

Chevy Spark Years To Avoid

When it comes to finding an economical and practical city car, the Chevrolet Spark often comes to mind.

With its budget-friendly price and charming design, it has attracted many urban dwellers seeking a reliable and efficient ride.

However, not all model years of the Chevy Spark are created equal.

Chevy Spark Years To Avoid

We’ll take a closer look at the Chevy Spark years to avoid, highlighting the models that have experienced significant complaints and issues, helping you make a more informed decision.

2013 Chevrolet Spark: A Troubled Beginning

The 2013 Chevrolet Spark is at the top of our list of years to avoid due to a considerable number of complaints. According to, this model received a staggering 315 NHTSA complaints and was subject to 4 recalls.

The most prevalent and troubling issue reported by owners is excessive oil consumption.

Numerous Spark owners have expressed frustration as their vehicles burn through oil at an alarming rate.

In some cases, the check engine light came on mere thousands of miles after a routine oil change.

The culprit seems to be the engine, which leads to this excessive oil consumption problem. Repairing this issue often necessitates costly engine replacements.

Additionally, some 2013 Spark owners experienced sudden power loss while driving, resulting in the engine shutting down altogether.

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This engine failure has led to potentially hazardous situations on the road.

Regrettably, the most common remedy for this problem is to replace the engine, which is a significant financial burden for many owners.

2014 Chevrolet Spark: Transmission Troubles

The following year, the 2014 Chevrolet Spark continued to face its share of issues, making it another model year to approach with caution.

CarComplaints recorded 304 complaints and 5 recalls for this year. One of the most concerning problems for 2014 Spark owners is related to transmission.

Many reported that their small hatchbacks suffered from transmission systems that were prone to slipping or even failing entirely.

The transmission sometimes fails to change gears correctly or struggles to remain in gear.

These sudden and uncontrolled shifts pose a serious safety hazard, particularly at highway speeds.

Repairing transmission issues can cost an average of $2,680, putting a strain on owners’ wallets.

Another common problem with the 2014 Spark is hesitation during acceleration.

Owners have reported instances where the vehicle fails to engage properly when accelerating from a complete stop or while making slow turns. This issue is particularly alarming, especially in heavy traffic situations.

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2015 Chevrolet Spark: A/C and Transmission Worries

The 2015 Chevrolet Spark shows some improvements compared to its predecessors, but it still has its share of concerns.

CarComplaints documented 76 NHTSA complaints and 4 recalls for this year. One significant issue reported by owners is the air conditioning system’s failure.

Many Spark owners have experienced problems with their A/C, with refrigerant leaks, electrical issues, and defective compressors among the culprits.

What’s even more frustrating is that these A/C issues arise at a surprisingly low mileage of just 8,000 miles.

In regions with extreme weather conditions, having a reliable A/C system is essential, making this problem all the more unacceptable.

The 2015 Spark also exhibits some transmission-related problems, although not as prominently as in previous years.

Some owners have reported vibrations or jerking sensations while accelerating to highway speeds, and in some instances, power loss or reduced acceleration due to transmission issues.

2016 Chevrolet Spark: A More Reliable Choice, but Still Watch Out

As we progress to the 2016 Chevrolet Spark, there is a noticeable improvement in reliability. Chevy seems to have addressed many of the earlier issues, making this model a more appealing option. However, it’s crucial to remain vigilant as some complaints still exist.

The 2016 Spark received fewer complaints than its predecessors, with 55 NHTSA complaints logged.

One area of concern in the 2016 Spark involves the airbags and seat belts.

A software glitch in the airbag sensing and diagnostic module (SDM) software may activate, leading to the frontal airbags and seat belt pretensioners failing to deploy during accidents.

General Motors issued a recall for numerous vehicles, including the 2016 Spark, to address this safety concern.

Another issue that some 2016 Spark owners faced is related to the braking system.

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Although not as widespread, complaints about complete brake failure or stuttering brakes have been reported. Given the critical nature of brakes in ensuring safety, this issue demands attention and swift resolution.

Chevy Spark Best Years

The Chevrolet Spark has gained popularity as a practical and compact city hatchback, offering space for four passengers and an ideal choice for navigating crowded urban environments.

Chevy Spark Best Years

For those looking to save some money, purchasing a used Chevy Spark can be a smart move.

However, with over two decades of models to consider, you may wonder which Chevrolet Spark year is the most reliable and offers the best value for your investment.

We will provide you with all the essential information you need to make an informed decision about the most reliable Chevy Spark years, highlighting the top choices and potential issues you should be aware of to ensure the dependability of this Chevy option.

Choosing the most reliable Chevrolet Spark year is crucial if you want to maximize your investment.

To help you make a wise decision, we have selected the most reliable years for the Chevy Spark:

  • 2017 Chevrolet Spark
  • 2019 Chevrolet Spark
  • 2021 Chevrolet Spark

These years have proven to be reliable choices, offering the most value for your money and helping you avoid extensive repair costs associated with less dependable models.

While the Chevy Spark is known for its affordability, selecting one of these reliable years will further contribute to keeping additional money in your pocket.

However, it’s essential to understand that the overall reliability of the Chevy Spark is influenced not only by the specific year but also by factors such as proper maintenance and care throughout its lifespan.

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Let’s take a closer look at each of these top choices to understand why they stand out as the most reliable Chevrolet Spark years:

2017 Chevrolet Spark: A Practical and Affordable Option

If you’re seeking a perfectly serviceable compact car with a budget-friendly price tag, the 2017 Chevy Spark is an excellent choice.

This model boasts very few complaints, with the main issues revolving around excessive oil consumption and occasional acceleration problems.

While it may not be the fastest or most dynamic small car on the market, its reliability and affordability make it a compelling option for budget-conscious buyers.

2019 Chevrolet Spark: Enhanced Maneuverability and Infotainment

The 2019 Chevrolet Spark offers another solid option for a used subcompact vehicle, featuring exceptional in-city maneuverability.

While this model still has the occasional transmission issue, it is less pronounced compared to previous years.

Along with its easy maneuvering capabilities, the 2019 Spark boasts a well-equipped infotainment system and surprisingly roomy interior space, making it a practical and comfortable choice for daily commuting.

2021 Chevrolet Spark: Efficient and Well-Equipped

The 2021 Spark continues Chevy’s tradition of delivering excellent low-cost motoring solutions.

Although it may not offer outstanding performance and can be considered sluggish, it compensates with good handling and top-notch fuel economy.

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Additionally, the 2021 Spark features a decent infotainment system, adding convenience and entertainment to your driving experience.

Chevy Spark Problems

The Chevrolet Spark has carved a niche for itself as a compact and budget-friendly city car, offering practicality and efficiency for urban dwellers.

However, no matter which model year you end up with, there are common troubles that have been reported in the Chevy Spark across different iterations.

Chevy Spark Problems

Whether you opt for one of the best or worst model years, it’s essential to be aware of these common issues to make an informed decision and ensure the longevity of your Spark.

In this section, we will delve into the most prevalent problems that have appeared in the Chevrolet Spark, drawing from data provided by, and offer insights into why these issues might arise and how to address them.

1. Excessive Oil Consumption

One of the most common issues reported in the Chevrolet Spark is excessive oil consumption. Owners have noted that their Spark tends to burn through oil at a faster rate than expected.

This problem can lead to low engine oil levels and potential engine damage if not addressed promptly.

Excessive oil consumption may manifest as the need for frequent oil top-ups or the check engine light illuminating due to low oil levels.

To mitigate this problem, regular maintenance and oil checks are crucial. If you notice that your Spark is consuming an unusual amount of oil, it’s best to have it inspected by a qualified mechanic to identify the underlying cause and prevent further damage.

2. Slipping and Failing Transmission

Transmission issues have been a recurring problem in the Chevrolet Spark. Some owners have reported instances of the transmission slipping or failing altogether.

This can result in difficulties while shifting gears, reduced acceleration, and even sudden jerking or loss of power while driving.

Transmission problems can significantly affect the driving experience and safety of the vehicle.

To address transmission issues, it’s important to have your Spark inspected by a reputable mechanic who specializes in transmissions.

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Regular transmission fluid checks and timely replacements can also help prevent major transmission problems.

3. Inability to Shift Gears

Related to transmission issues, some Chevy Spark owners have encountered problems with their vehicles being unable to shift gears properly.

This can lead to difficulties in accelerating smoothly and safely, especially when driving at higher speeds or in heavy traffic conditions.

To address this issue, a comprehensive inspection of the transmission system is necessary to identify any damaged or worn-out components.

Depending on the severity of the problem, repairing or replacing the affected parts may be required.

4. Reduced Acceleration

Reduced acceleration is another common complaint among Chevrolet Spark owners. This issue may be related to transmission problems or other engine-related issues.

When the Spark experiences reduced acceleration, it may feel sluggish and unresponsive, affecting the overall driving performance.

To improve acceleration, routine maintenance, including air filter and spark plug replacements, is essential. Additionally, addressing any underlying transmission or engine issues can restore the vehicle’s acceleration capabilities.

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Is The Chevrolet Spark Worth It?

Yes, the Chevrolet Spark is worth it, especially for city dwellers. With its low price, average repair scores, and availability of quality used years, the Spark presents itself as an attractive and affordable compact option.

It excels in short-distance endeavors, making it an excellent choice for navigating busy urban environments, parallel parking, and maneuvering through traffic.

While it may not be the ideal choice for long commutes into the city, its unique attributes and budget-friendly nature make it a compelling option for city living.

Are Chevrolet Sparks Generally Reliable?

Yes, the Chevrolet Spark is generally reliable. According to, it ranks 10th out of 21 subcompact cars, indicating a solid position in terms of reliability compared to others in its class.

Additionally, the Spark scores above average in general reliability and tends to be less expensive to maintain compared to similar-sized subcompact cars on the market.

While there may be some faults, the overall performance and dependability of the Spark are commendable.

How Many Miles Does The Chevrolet Spark Last?

The Chevrolet Spark has the potential to last between 150,000 to 200,000 miles, according to However, several factors can impact the longevity of the vehicle. Frequent short trips, hard braking, and acceleration, driving in cold conditions, and speeding can affect the wear and tear on the car and influence its lifespan.

To maximize the longevity of the Spark, drivers should consider their driving habits and make efforts to care for the vehicle properly.

Regular maintenance, cautious driving, and avoiding harsh conditions can contribute to extending the life of the Spark on the road.

What is bad about Chevy Spark?

One common issue reported in the Chevy Spark is excessive oil consumption. Some Spark engines may consume more oil than usual, leading to potential engine problems or shutdowns at inconvenient times.

This issue can be frustrating and may require attention from a qualified mechanic to identify and address the underlying cause of the oil consumption.

Is Chevrolet Spark good for long drives?

The Chevrolet Spark is not specifically designed for long road trips, but it performs effectively and quietly in city driving. It is compact size and short wheelbase make it easy to maneuver through slow-moving traffic and tight spaces without compromising ride quality.

While it may not be the most comfortable option for extended highway driving, the Spark excels in urban environments, making it an ideal choice for city dwellers and short-distance trips.


The Chevrolet Spark proves to be a practical and budget-friendly choice for city dwellers seeking an efficient and maneuverable compact car.

However, it’s essential to be aware of common issues that have appeared across different model years to make an informed decision.

Excessive oil consumption, slipping and failing transmission, inability to shift gears, and reduced acceleration are some of the recurring problems reported in the Spark.

Despite these concerns, the Spark remains a generally reliable option, scoring above average in terms of dependability compared to other subcompact cars.

The Chevrolet Spark is a valuable investment for city driving, offering a low-cost and efficient solution for short-distance endeavors.

To ensure a satisfying and reliable ownership experience, it’s recommended to opt for the most reliable Chevrolet Spark years, such as the 2017, 2019, and 2021 models, which have shown to be dependable choices with fewer reported issues.

By being informed about the common problems and choosing the most reliable model years, you can confidently embrace the benefits of the Chevrolet Spark while avoiding potential pitfalls.

When considering a used Spark, keep these insights in mind to make a smart and well-informed decision. Drive with confidence and enjoy the practicality of the Chevy Spark, knowing that you’ve made a wise choice for your city adventures.

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