Do Ford Escapes Hold Their Value? Let’s Find Out

Do Ford Escapes Hold Their Value – Before we dive into specifics, let’s grasp the concept of resale value. Resale value refers to the amount of money a vehicle retains over time. Cars, like most assets, depreciate as they age and accrue mileage.

However, some vehicles manage to retain a higher percentage of their original value than others, making them more desirable in the used car market.

It’s a valid concern, considering that a car is a significant investment. You want assurance that your choice will retain its worth over time.

Let’s explore this query and uncover whether the Ford Escape stands strong in the realm of resale value.

Ford Escape Resale Value

Understanding how much a vehicle depreciates over time is crucial for making informed decisions about buying, selling, or trading in your car.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the intricacies of Ford Escape depreciation and resale value to provide you with valuable insights.

ford escape depreciation

Let’s start by examining the numbers. According to data analysis, a Ford Escape will depreciate by approximately 31% after 5 years of ownership.

This means that if you purchased a new Ford Escape for $35,061, its resale value after 5 years would be around $24,276.

The Savings of Buying Used

For those considering purchasing a Ford Escape, buying a used one can be a financially savvy option. For instance, if you opt for a Ford Escape that is 2 years old, you could potentially save $5,336 compared to buying a new one.

Despite being used, a 2-year-old model still offers plenty of useful life remaining, making it a compelling choice for budget-conscious buyers.

Managing Depreciation Costs

While depreciation is inevitable, there are ways to manage its impact on your finances. By choosing vehicles between 2 and 4 years old, you can potentially minimize depreciation costs, as brand-new vehicles experience rapid depreciation in their initial years.

Additionally, exploring other vehicles or waiting for more used Ford Escape models to become available can help you find depreciation “sweet spots” with lower costs.

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Insurance Considerations

In addition to depreciation, insurance costs contribute to the overall ownership expenses of a Ford Escape.

On average, the annual cost to insure a Ford Escape is approximately $1,484, totaling around $7,420 over 5 years.

However, shopping around for lower insurance premiums can help reduce this expense and optimize your ownership experience.

Total Cost of Ownership

When considering the total cost of owning a Ford Escape for 5 years, including depreciation and insurance expenses, the average cost amounts to $30,173.

It’s important to note that individual ownership expenses may vary depending on factors such as vehicle condition, driver habits, and geographic location.

The Ford Escape: A Resale Value Contender

Now, let’s address the burning question: Do Ford Escapes hold their value? The short answer: Yes, they do. The Ford Escape has consistently demonstrated strong resale value compared to its competitors in the compact SUV segment.

ford escape depreciation

Several factors contribute to the Ford Escape’s impressive resale value:

1. Brand Reputation: Ford is a renowned automaker with a long-standing reputation for producing durable and dependable vehicles. This reputation positively influences the resale value of Ford models, including the Escape.

2. Quality and Reliability: Ford Escapes are built to last. From robust engines to well-crafted interiors, these vehicles are designed with longevity in mind. As a result, they maintain their appeal to used car buyers, contributing to their resale value.

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3. Market Demand: The demand for compact SUVs like the Ford Escape remains high due to their versatility, fuel efficiency, and practicality. This sustained demand ensures that Ford Escapes hold their value well in the resale market.

4. Features and Technology: Ford continuously updates the Escape with advanced features and cutting-edge technology, enhancing its desirability among buyers. These enhancements further bolster its resale value.

5. Depreciation Rate: While all vehicles depreciate over time, the Ford Escape exhibits a slower depreciation rate compared to some of its rivals. This slower depreciation means that owners can expect to recoup a larger percentage of their initial investment when selling or trading in their Escape.


Understanding the depreciation and resale value of Ford Escapes is essential for making informed decisions about vehicle ownership. While depreciation is unavoidable, buying used and managing insurance costs can help mitigate its financial impact.

By considering these factors and exploring your options, you can optimize your ownership experience and make the most of your investment in a Ford Escape.

Being informed about depreciation and resale value empowers you to make wise choices that align with your financial goals and preferences.

For further insights and personalized assistance with your Ford Escape ownership journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to trusted automotive experts and resources. Happy driving!