Do Lexus Hold Their Value? A Guide to Resale Value of Lexus Cars

When it comes to buying a luxury car, one of the most important factors to consider is how well it will hold its value over time. This not only affects the overall cost of ownership but also the resale value when it comes time to sell the vehicle. So, do Lexus hold their value? The answer is yes, Lexus cars are known for retaining their value well compared to other luxury brands.

do lexus hold their value

Reasons for Lexus Good Resale Value

When it comes to luxury cars, many people are interested in the long-term value of their investment. One of the most popular luxury car brands is Lexus, and a common question is: Do Lexus hold their value?

We will look at the factors that influence the resale value of Lexus vehicles, as well as what you can do to maintain the value of your car over time.

1. Reliability

One of the main reasons why Lexus cars hold their value is because of their reliability. As a luxury car brand, Lexus has a well-deserved reputation for providing its drivers with dependable and safe vehicles.

Lexus consistently scores high on reliability ratings, meaning that they can be trusted to last for years.

Lexus cars are backed by a strong warranty, meaning that any repairs needed will be covered. This all contributes to Lexus cars maintaining their value for a longer period of time.

With a reliable car, you’re more likely to be able to sell it quicker than other brands. That’s why it’s no surprise that many people see investing in a Lexus as a smart choice.

2. Brand Reputation

With a reputation for quality engineering and high-end styling, Lexus vehicles have become a symbol of success and status for many drivers.

Lexus cars are often seen as a good investment, as they are known to hold their value well over time.

Do Lexus hold their value? The answer is yes. Lexus models consistently rank near the top of the list of luxury car brands when it comes to maintaining value.

This is because the brand has earned a strong reputation for reliability and quality, making them a desirable choice for those looking for a luxury car that can also be a good investment.

3. Strong Dealer Network

When it comes to doing Lexus hold their value, one of the most important factors is the strong dealer network.

This network of Lexus dealers is well-established and provides great customer service and excellent access to parts and services that keep your car running at its best.

Lexus dealers are also knowledgeable about the brand’s value, so they can give you insight into what you should expect for a car in terms of resale value.

Not only will this help you make a good investment when you buy a Lexus SUV or luxury car, but it also helps keep the car in great shape so you can enjoy its value over time.

4. Popular Models

Lexus is the luxury division of Toyota, and the Lexus brand has been synonymous with quality, reliability, and value since its introduction in 1989. One of the main reasons why do Lexus hold their value is due to the popularity of certain models.

Some of the most popular Lexus models include the Lexus IS 350, Lexus ES 350, Lexus GS 350, Lexus GX 460, Lexus LS 460, Lexus NX 200t, and Lexus LX 570.

All of these models offer a combination of comfort, style, performance, and reliability that make them attractive options for those who are looking for a luxury car that is also a good investment.

The Lexus SUV models are particularly popular and have excellent resale values due to their performance capabilities and versatility.

5. Residual Value

One of the main reasons why Lexus vehicles hold their value so well is because of their residual value.

The residual value of a car sometimes referred to as the depreciation value, is how much value a car has lost from its original purchase price over a given period of time.

Generally, luxury cars tend to have higher residual values than non-luxury cars due to the fact that they are made with higher quality materials and better craftsmanship, which makes them more desirable and therefore able to retain their value for a longer period of time.

Lexus cars, specifically, hold their value due to their brand name, the quality of their construction, and the availability of aftermarket parts and accessories.

As such, if you are looking to buy a luxury car as an investment, then a Lexus would be an excellent choice, as it will likely retain its value much better than other luxury vehicles.

Why Do People Buy Lexus?

When it comes to luxury cars, people are often asking whether or not Lexus vehicles hold their value. The short answer is yes, but there is more to it than that.

The Lexus brand has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and luxury, making them a smart choice for those looking for a vehicle that will keep its value over time.

In fact, the resale values of Lexus vehicles remain strong even in the face of other luxury car brands.

Overall, the resale value of Lexus vehicles is strong and they provide an excellent investment opportunity for those looking to buy a luxury car or SUV.

Their reliable performance and high-end features make them stand out from other luxury vehicles and ensure that they will hold their value for years to come.

7 Lexus Models That Hold Their Value

Whether you’re buying a used Lexus or leasing a new one, you can be sure that your car won’t lose its value at an alarming rate.

This makes Lexus a great investment, especially if you want to get the most out of your money.

So, which Lexus models offer the best resale value? Here are 7 of the top picks:

1. Lexus IS 350

do lexus hold their value

This sporty sedan is both powerful and efficient, making it a great choice for those who are looking for a reliable luxury vehicle.

2. Lexus ES 350

do lexus hold their value

The ES 350 offers a comfortable ride, a luxurious interior, and good fuel economy. Its resale value remains high due to its popularity with buyers.

3. Lexus GS 350

do lexus cars hold their value

This mid-size sedan features excellent handling and is packed with features that make it a great value for those looking for a reliable luxury car.

4. Lexus LS 460

does lexus hold its value

This full-size sedan has a timeless design that makes it a great choice for those looking for an elegant vehicle with strong resale value.

5. Lexus NX 200t

does lexus hold their value

This SUV is a great option for those looking for a reliable, practical vehicle with strong resale value.

6. Lexus GX 460

do lexus suv hold their value

This mid-size SUV offers plenty of interior space and power. It’s known for its strong resale value and is popular among families.

7. Lexus LX 570

does lexus hold their value

This luxury SUV offers lots of interior space and is ideal for those who need plenty of cargo room but don’t want to sacrifice style or quality. The LX 570 holds its value well, making it a great investment.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable sedan, spacious SUV, or stylish coupe, Lexus has the perfect vehicle to meet your needs.

What Lexus Has the Best Resale Value?

The Lexus SUV lineup is especially popular for its stylish designs, advanced safety features, and reliable performance.

The 2021 Lexus LS taking home the KBB Best Resale Value Award for Luxury Cars demonstrates the brand’s commitment to excellence and quality.

It’s clear that owning a Lexus vehicle does indeed mean that you can expect to get a good return on your investment.

Why Do Lexus Depreciate so Fast?

The high cost of these luxury cars makes them a less attractive option for consumers who are looking for a good investment. This means that the value of the car depreciates quickly over time, and the Lexus brand is no exception.

Lexus SUVs and luxury cars may not hold their value as well as other brands, so it is important to consider whether or not the purchase of a Lexus will be a good investment before you make the purchase.

So, while a Lexus car may be an excellent choice for luxury and style, it may not be a good long-term investment if you are looking for a vehicle that will hold its value.

Which Holds Better Value BMW or Lexus?

The debate between BMW and Lexus is one that has been going on for years, with each brand having its own loyal fanbase. But when it comes to value retention, which brand is better?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at the factors that contribute to how well a car holds its value.

When looking at the reliability and dependability of both BMW and Lexus cars, Lexus takes the cake.

With its superior build quality, Lexus cars are known to last longer, making them an excellent investment.

  • Lexus also has a strong brand reputation which contributes to its resale value.
  • Furthermore, their expansive dealer network ensures that Lexus cars can be serviced almost anywhere, reducing the worry of owning an expensive luxury car.

When it comes to popular models, Lexus also has the edge. With models such as the Lexus LS 460, GX 460, NX 200t, and LX 570, Lexus has a wide range of luxury cars to choose from.

Not only do these models have great performance ratings and features, but they also have good residual value – meaning they retain their value well over time.

Although both BMW and Lexus have great resale values, Lexus often edges out BMW when it comes to overall value retention. This is because the vehicles are more reliable and come with a better warranty package.

Both BMW and Lexus are great brands that offer excellent luxury cars.

However, when it comes to overall value retention, Lexus takes the cake due to its strong brand reputation, reliable vehicles, expansive dealer network, and competitive prices.

Summary: Do Lexus Hold Their Value

Do Lexus hold their value? That is an important question for those considering purchasing a new or used Lexus. With a reputation for being some of the best luxury vehicles on the market, you want to make sure that your investment is one that will stand the test of time.