Ford Excursion Years To Avoid and The Best Years

Ford Excursion Years To Avoid – If you are in the market for a Ford Excursion, it’s essential to be an informed buyer. The Ford Excursion is a legendary full-size SUV known for its robust performance, spaciousness, and versatility.

However, like any vehicle model, it’s crucial to be aware of potential issues that may arise in certain production years.

In this article, we will delve into the Ford Excursion’s history, uncovering the years to avoid, and shedding light on the worst model years that you should steer clear of.

Ford Excursion Years To Avoid

As an avid car enthusiast or a potential Excursion owner, understanding which model years have encountered significant problems can save you from unnecessary headaches and expenses.

So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details, and equip you with the knowledge you need to make a well-informed decision when considering a Ford Excursion.

We’ll explore the problematic years and the specific issues that earned them their reputation, empowering you to confidently choose the right Ford Excursion that suits your needs and preferences.

Ford Excursion Years To Avoid

The Ford Excursion has earned its reputation as a rugged and versatile full-size SUV, but not all model years are created equal.

Understanding the years to avoid can save you from potential headaches and costly repairs down the road.

Shedding light on the significant problems reported by owners and the reasons why you should steer clear of the 2004 model.

Ford Excursion Years To Avoid

Highlighting the years to avoid and giving you the insights you need to embark on a worry-free ownership journey. Let’s get started!

Ford Excursion 2004: Unraveling the Issues

While the Ford Excursion has seen its fair share of problems across various model years, 2004 stands out as the most troublesome.

Although it might not have garnered the highest number of complaints, the issues reported by owners were indeed severe and necessitated costly repairs.

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Let’s take a closer look at the specific problems that plagued the 2004 Ford Excursion.

1. Expensive Repairs

One of the most recurrent complaints about the 2004 Ford Excursion was the high cost of repairs. Numerous owners cited that fixing individual car parts in this model year could be a significant financial burden.

From the engine components to the electrical system, many drivers reported paying a premium for repair services and replacement parts.

2. Below-Average Gas Mileage

The 2004 Ford Excursion also struggled in the fuel efficiency department. Numerous customers voiced their concerns about the subpar gas mileage experienced with this particular model year.

Given the Excursion’s size and weight, it’s understandable that it might not be the most fuel-efficient SUV, but the 2004 version seemed to lag even further behind expectations.

3. Oil Leakages

A recurring and frustrating issue reported by owners of the 2004 Ford Excursion was engine oil leakage.

Such leaks can lead to various problems, including reduced engine performance, potential engine damage, and the need for frequent oil top-ups.

The cost to repair an engine oil leak alone could set owners back a substantial amount, with some repairs exceeding $1,300.

4. Engine Failures

Perhaps the most serious and alarming problem reported with the 2004 Ford Excursion was engine failure.

Several owners shared their experiences of sudden and unexpected engine malfunctions, which not only resulted in expensive repairs but also posed safety risks for the driver and passengers.

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## Why Avoid the 2004 Ford Excursion?

Based on the data and owner complaints, it’s evident that the 2004 Ford Excursion was plagued by a combination of costly repairs, subpar fuel efficiency, and significant engine-related issues.

While the number of complaints might not have been the highest, the severity and expense of the reported problems make the 2004 model year one to avoid.

By being aware of the Ford Excursion years to avoid, like the 2004 version, you can ensure a smoother ownership experience and avoid potential headaches and costly repairs in the future.

Ford Excursion Best Years

For those seeking a reliable and robust SUV, the Ford Excursion is a name that commands attention.

With its spacious interiors and exceptional hauling capabilities, this full-size SUV has garnered a loyal fan base over the years.

However, not all model years are created equal.

Ford Excursion Best Years

We will explore the data and reveal the best year for the Ford Excursion, highlighting the reasons why the 2005 model year stands out as a superior choice.

From its low number of complaints to its stellar performance rate and exceptional load-carrying capacity, the 2005 Ford Excursion shines bright.

But, let’s delve deeper into the specifics.

Ford Excursion 2005: The Epitome of Reliability

As per the data and owner feedback, the 2005 Ford Excursion emerges as the best model year in terms of overall performance and reliability.

Let’s take a closer look at the factors that make the 2005 model a standout choice.

1. Minimal Complaints

One of the key indicators of a reliable vehicle is the number of complaints it receives from owners.

The 2005 Ford Excursion has impressively few complaints compared to other model years, signifying a higher level of customer satisfaction and reliability.

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2. Exceptional Positive Reviews

In addition to its low number of complaints, the 2005 Ford Excursion received a significant number of positive reviews from owners and experts alike.

The abundance of positive feedback speaks volumes about the model’s overall performance and dependability, further reinforcing its status as the best year for the Ford Excursion.

3. Impressive Performance Rate

Based on the combination of positive reviews and minimal complaints, the 2005 Ford Excursion garnered an outstanding performance rate of 4.8 out of 5.

This remarkable score reflects the model’s ability to meet and exceed the expectations of its owners, solidifying its position as the top-performing Excursion year.

4. Spacious Interiors and Strong Build

The 2005 Ford Excursion offers ample room for passengers and luggage alike, making it an ideal choice for families and travel enthusiasts.

Its spacious interiors ensure a comfortable journey, while the SUV’s robust build allows it to handle heavy loads with ease, making it an excellent companion for long trips and outdoor adventures.

5. Excellent Hauling Capabilities

If you’re looking for a vehicle capable of hauling heavy loads, the 2005 Ford Excursion won’t disappoint. Its sturdy construction and powerful engine make it a reliable choice for towing trailers, boats, or any other cargo you need to transport.

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6. Gas Mileage Considerations

While the 2005 Ford Excursion boasts many positive attributes, one area where it falls short is its gas mileage.

Due to its large size and powerful engine, the model year offers relatively low fuel efficiency.

However, for those in need of a robust and reliable SUV with exceptional hauling capabilities, the slight drawback in gas mileage may be a trade-off worth considering.

Alternatives to the Ford Excursion

If you’re looking for a large SUV but want to avoid the issues associated with the Ford Excursion, there are a number of alternatives to consider. Some of the top options include:

Chevrolet Suburban

The Chevrolet Suburban is a large SUV that’s been around for decades. It’s known for its towing capabilities and spacious interior, and it’s generally reliable.

Like the Excursion, the Suburban can be a gas guzzler.

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GMC Yukon XL

The GMC Yukon XL is a cousin of the Suburban, with a similar design and many of the same features. It’s also known for its towing capabilities and spacious interior, and it’s generally reliable.

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Toyota Sequoia

The Toyota Sequoia is a large SUV that’s known for its reliability and solid build quality. It’s also relatively fuel-efficient compared to some of its competitors.

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Nissan Armada

The Nissan Armada is a large SUV that’s known for its spacious interior and strong towing capabilities. It’s also relatively fuel-efficient compared to some of its competitors.

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Is Ford Excursion Reliable?

Is Ford Excursion Reliable

Ford Excursions are generally considered reliable, but their reliability is rated as average according to RepairPal, receiving a score of 3.5 out of 5. While they are known for their durability and ability to last a long time, their gas mileage is notably poor, with the best Ford Excursion offering only 15 mpg, compared to the Chevrolet Suburban’s 21 mpg on the highway.

How Many Miles Can the Ford Excursion Last?

The Ford Excursion can last as long as an impressive 600,000 miles. There have been reports of Excursion vehicles lasting over 500,000 miles and still being in excellent condition.

Regular maintenance and the use of synthetic oil for oil refills are recommended to extend the lifespan of the Excursion without expensive repairs.

Are Ford Excursions Expensive to Maintain?

No, Ford Excursions are not expensive to maintain compared to other large SUVs. The average yearly maintenance cost for large SUVs is around $1,127, while it costs approximately $605 for the Excursion.

However, it’s worth noting that repairing faulty parts in Ford Excursions can be costly, for example, fixing an engine oil leakage can cost around $1,300.

Why are Ford Excursions so expensive?

Ford Excursions are relatively expensive due to several factors. Firstly, Ford only produced the Excursion model for a limited time—only five model years—and the total number of Excursions ever made was less than 200,000.

Additionally, many of these vehicles were either driven extensively and worn out or exported to the Middle East, where they enjoy significant popularity, further reducing their availability in the market.

What killed the Ford Excursion?

The Ford Excursion faced a decline in demand after its initial successful launch, mainly due to the energy crisis in the 2000s. Despite the ability to produce 70,000 units annually, sales from 2001 onwards struggled to reach even half of that capacity.

This decline in sales made the Ford Excursion the lowest-selling SUV sold by Ford or Lincoln-Mercury during that period, ultimately leading to its discontinuation.


The Ford Excursion is a reliable and durable full-size SUV that has earned a loyal following for its impressive longevity and hauling capabilities.

While its reliability is rated as average, it remains a solid choice for those seeking a dependable vehicle that can last for hundreds of thousands of miles.

The 2005 Ford Excursion stands out as the best model year, boasting minimal complaints, exceptional positive reviews, and an impressive performance rate.

Its spacious interiors, strong build, and excellent hauling capabilities make it a top choice for families and adventurers alike.

As for maintenance, the Ford Excursion is not overly expensive to maintain, with yearly costs falling below the average for large SUVs.

Despite its merits, the Ford Excursion’s production run was relatively short, contributing to its exclusivity and higher pricing in the used car market.

Its popularity waned due to the energy crisis of the 2000s, which affected demand and led to its eventual discontinuation.

The Ford Excursion remains an enduring and sought-after SUV for those in need of a reliable and powerful vehicle with excellent hauling capacity.

As with any used vehicle, it’s essential to do thorough research and consider the specific model year’s strengths and weaknesses.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a Ford Excursion that promises a reliable and long-lasting ownership experience, look no further than the best years for the Excursion, with the 2005 model leading the pack. Happy car hunting and may you find the perfect Ford Excursion to suit your needs and adventures!

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