Is Toyota C-HR A Good Car? Let’s Find Out

Is Toyota C-HR A Good Car – When it comes to finding the perfect vehicle, reliability is often at the forefront of our minds. We want a car that not only meets our needs but also stands the test of time.

Enter the Toyota C-HR, a vehicle that has been generating quite a buzz in the automotive world.

But the question on everyone’s lips remains: Is the Toyota C-HR a good car? Let’s delve into the details to find out.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll assess its strengths and weaknesses, shedding light on whether it lives up to its reputation as a reliable car.

Is Toyota C-HR A Good Car

Is the Toyota C-HR A Good Car?

The Toyota C-HR, with its distinctive design and eye-catching aesthetic, has carved out a unique space in the world of subcompact crossovers.

The Toyota C-HR presents a distinctive option in the subcompact crossover segment. Its unique design, combined with an array of features and a strong safety focus, make it an appealing choice for many drivers.

With a high count of cutting-edge safety features and technologies, this vehicle is engineered to provide peace of mind for both driver and passengers.

From advanced driver-assistance systems to a robust suite of airbags, the C-HR is designed to keep you and your loved ones protected on the road.

Let’s explore!

1. Performance and Drivability

Is Toyota C-HR A Good Car

The 2022 Toyota C-HR boasts a design that exudes personality and curb appeal. It’s a subcompact crossover, blending elements of a sedan’s driving experience with the elevated seating position characteristic of an SUV.

However, the driving experience may not be as spirited as some may desire.

Equipped with a four-cylinder engine and a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), the C-HR tends towards a more sedate performance.

It handles daily driving with finesse, its acceleration may leave speed enthusiasts yearning for more.

It’s important to note that all models come with front-wheel drive, as all-wheel drive isn’t offered as an option.

This might be a factor to consider for those living in regions prone to challenging weather conditions.

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2. Design and Trim Options

Is Toyota C-HR A Good Car

The Toyota C-HR’s design is undeniably striking, featuring a coupe-like sloping roofline that accentuates its unique look. It’s available in three trims: the LE, XLE, and Limited.

Each trim level offers a range of features, ensuring that there’s an option to suit different preferences and needs.

3. Safety Features and Technology

Is Toyota C-HR A Good Car

One of the standout features of the Toyota C-HR is its commitment to safety. It comes standard with an impressive array of safety technologies, including advanced driver-assistance systems.

This ensures that drivers and passengers are well-protected on the road.

However, it’s worth noting that some users have raised concerns about visibility, so extra caution may be needed in certain driving situations.

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4. Cargo Capacity and Interior Comfort

One area where the C-HR falls short is in cargo capacity. It may not be the best choice for those who require ample storage space.

Some users have noted that the interior can be noisy, which may detract from the overall driving experience.

5. Owner Experiences

Owners have provided mixed feedback regarding their experiences with the Toyota C-HR. Some praise its sporty handling, ample features (including safety tech), and head-turning design.

Others, however, express disappointment in the car’s acceleration, limited cargo space, and issues with visibility.

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Are Toyota C-HR reliable cars?

Yes, the 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine used in the C-HR has proven reliability, as indicated by its use in other models. Toyota as a brand ranked 10th out of 29 car manufacturers in the 2022 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey, further attesting to its reliability.

Is the Toyota C-HR good for long drives?

Yes, the Toyota C-HR is comfortable for long journeys. The Excel trim, in particular, offers the features one would desire for a family SUV, enhancing the overall experience during extended drives.

What is the disadvantage of the Toyota C-HR?

The Toyota C-HR faces certain disadvantages, including a weak engine, a noisy interior, and limited cargo capacity. It does not offer all-wheel drive as an option, which may be a drawback for some buyers.

It is expected that Toyota will not make significant changes to address these issues in the 2022 model.

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Why is the Toyota C-HR so popular?

The Toyota C-HR’s popularity can be attributed to several factors. It is a compact SUV that combines ease of driving with cost-effectiveness. Its distinctive design makes it easily recognizable, making it a preferred choice for those who value standout aesthetics.

Unlike some competitors, the C-HR offers more than just raised suspension and extra plastic bits, providing a true SUV experience.

Why is the Toyota C-HR discontinued?

The U.S. version of the Toyota C-HR is set to be discontinued after the sale of 2022 models. This decision is reportedly influenced by the introduction of the U.S.-specific Toyota Corolla Cross, which has created competition within Toyota’s lineup and reduced the sales space for the C-HR.


The Toyota C-HR presents itself as a unique contender in the subcompact crossover category. Its striking design and commitment to safety are noteworthy features.

However, potential buyers should consider factors like its modest acceleration, limited cargo space, and the absence of an all-wheel drive option. For those seeking a reliable car with a focus on style and comfort, the C-HR could be a fitting choice.

Answering the question, “Is the Toyota C-HR A Good Car?”, hinges on priorities and preferences. A test drive and careful evaluation of one’s specific needs will provide the best insight. So, if you’re in search of a distinctive subcompact crossover with an emphasis on style and safety, the Toyota C-HR may be the right fit for you.