Lexus LX Years To Avoid (Best and Worst)

Lexus LX Years To Avoid – Are you on the hunt for a reliable luxury SUV that seamlessly blends power, comfort, and style? Look no further than the Lexus LX. With its commanding presence and opulent features, the Lexus LX has garnered a dedicated following among enthusiasts of high-end vehicles.

However, as with any car model, not all years are created equal.

In this guide, we’ll steer you through the world of the Lexus LX, highlighting the years to avoid for a smoother and more satisfying driving experience.

Let’s dive in and discover which model years might require a detour on your road to driving excellence.

lexus lx years to avoid

From its introduction, the Lexus LX has showcased the brand’s commitment to luxury and performance.

While the majority of its model years have delighted drivers with exceptional performance and opulent features, there are a few years that stand as exceptions.

Whether due to manufacturing quirks or engineering oversights, these select years have been known to pose challenges that might dampen the otherwise exhilarating driving experience synonymous with the Lexus LX.

Lexus LX Years To Avoid

When it comes to luxury SUVs, the Lexus LX 570 stands as a symbol of power, opulence, and top-notch engineering. However, not all model years of this prestigious vehicle have been equal in terms of reliability and performance.

If you’re considering purchasing a Lexus LX 570, it’s essential to be aware of specific years that have been associated with common problems.

2008-2009 Lexus LX

These years witnessed the emergence of some issues with the Lexus LX 570. Reports of misfires and stalling were frequent during this period.

These problems could significantly impact the overall performance and reliability of the vehicle, leading to potential inconveniences and costly repairs.

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2010-2011 Lexus LX

As we move forward to the years 2010 and 2011, a new issue arose for the LX 570. Owners reported excessive oil consumption in models from these years.

Excessive oil consumption can result in more frequent oil changes, which not only increases maintenance costs but also disrupts the smooth operation of the vehicle.

2016-2017 Lexus LX

In the more recent years of 2016 and 2017, some Lexus LX 570 owners faced a particularly concerning problem – timing belt and tensioner failure.

This issue, if left unattended, can escalate to severe engine damage, turning into a nightmare for the vehicle’s owner.

This highlights the significance of thorough inspection and timely maintenance.

By avoiding these specific problematic years, you can greatly enhance your chances of owning a reliable and trouble-free Lexus LX 570. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that even in the years not listed above, unexpected issues might arise.

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Best Year Lexus LX

When it comes to robust body-on-frame SUVs that effortlessly combine towing power with luxury amenities, the Lexus LX stands as a compelling choice.

Whether you’re venturing into the great outdoors or navigating city streets in style, the Lexus LX has made its mark as a versatile and dependable vehicle.

Best Year Lexus LX

We’ll delve into the best years of the Lexus LX, showcasing the model years that enthusiasts and experts recommend for their reliability and performance.

1998-1999 Lexus LX 470

The late 90s introduced the LX 470, and both the 1998 and 1999 models hold a special place for enthusiasts.

These LX editions featured locking differentials, a rugged off-roading feature that comes in handy for adventures on challenging terrains or in snowy conditions.

Unlike the following model years (2000-2001) that have faced reports of transmission issues, the 1998 and 1999 LX versions maintained their reputation for dependable performance.

These second-generation models showcased modern aesthetics, equipped with a potent 4.7-liter V8 engine generating 230 horsepower and 328 lb-ft of torque, coupled with a meticulously revised suspension system.

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2003-2004 Lexus LX 470

The 2003-2004 LX 470 models witnessed both exterior refinements and a substantial interior makeover.

With the introduction of a new 5-speed automatic transmission and the integration of technological advancements like navigation and backup cameras, these years mark a significant leap forward.

What’s intriguing is that these LX iterations represent the final models built by ARACO, the original manufacturer of Land Cruiser bodies.

The durability of these bodies, coupled with their resistance to corrosion, adds to their allure, making them a favorite among enthusiasts.

2006-2007 Lexus LX 470

A refresh in 2006 brought noteworthy changes, including LED taillights, variable valve timing for the engine, and a horsepower bump to 275.

This iteration of the LX received acclaim from J.D. Power, Edmunds, and Kelly Blue Book for its exceptional quality, resale value, dependability, and audio system prowess.

Numerous comparison tests against its peers further solidified its status as a frontrunner in its segment.

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2008-2010 Lexus LX 570

The 2008 redesign of the LX brought forth a blend of modern styling cues and impressive performance.

The introduction of a new 5.7-liter V8 engine generating 383 horsepower and 403 lb-ft of torque significantly enhanced the LX’s capabilities.

Towing capacity received a substantial boost, rising by 2,000 lbs to reach an impressive 8,500 lbs.

With a revamped four-wheel-drive system, suspension, and expanded dimensions, the LX 570 firmly established itself as a compelling option for those seeking luxury, power, and spaciousness.

Lexus LX Problems

Owning a luxury SUV like the Lexus LX 570 offers a blend of power, comfort, and sophistication.

However, even amidst its remarkable features, it’s essential to acknowledge that no vehicle is entirely immune to issues.

Lexus LX Problems

In this section, we’ll delve into the common problems that some Lexus LX 570 owners may encounter over the course of ownership.

1. Fuel Pump Issues

One of the common problems that can affect your Lexus LX 570 is related to the fuel pump. A clogged fuel filter or a malfunctioning fuel pump can lead to diminished vehicle performance and even engine stalling.

To mitigate this issue, adhering to regular maintenance schedules is crucial.

Regularly replacing the fuel filter and promptly addressing any signs of trouble can prevent potential performance setbacks and ensure a reliable driving experience.

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2. Battery Drainage

For some Lexus LX 570 owners, the annoyance of discovering a dead battery has been a reality.

This can often be attributed to electrical issues that drain the battery when the vehicle is not in use.

To combat this problem, vigilant battery health monitoring is essential.

Any abnormal power fluctuations or unusual battery drainage should be promptly investigated by a trusted mechanic to prevent unexpected dead batteries.

3. Electrical System Challenges

Modern luxury vehicles like the Lexus LX 570 rely heavily on their electrical systems, but this can also be a source of potential problems.

Faulty sensors, wiring issues, and other electrical components can give rise to various automotive complaints.

Consistent vehicle maintenance and swift resolution of electrical system problems are key to sustaining a seamless driving experience.

4. Infotainment System Glitches

The infotainment system, while enhancing your driving experience, might occasionally encounter operational glitches, freezes, or other issues. These hiccups can be frustrating and disruptive. To minimize such problems, it’s advisable to keep your vehicle’s infotainment software up-to-date.

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If significant issues arise, consulting with your Lexus dealer can provide effective solutions to restore functionality.

Recalls and Replacements

Recalls can affect even the most well-crafted vehicles. Your Lexus LX 570 might have encountered recalls for specific issues.

One notable recall pertained to the seat belt tension sensor in certain 2008-2019 models.

Additionally, a broader Toyota and Lexus recall related to a faulty fuel pump affected approximately 1.8 million vehicles, leading to stalling while driving.

In such cases, authorized Lexus dealerships offer necessary replacements at no charge. Staying vigilant about recalls and maintaining your LX 570 ensures optimal performance and safety.

Handling and Ride Comfort

While the Lexus LX 570 excels in off-road capabilities, you might notice a stiffer ride in daily driving situations.

Achieving a smoother ride experience could involve adjusting tire pressures or considering smaller wheels.

Prioritizing a comfortable ride enhances your overall enjoyment of the LX 570, whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring rugged terrains.

Lexus LX 570 Competitors

The luxury SUV segment is a battleground of opulence and performance, where the Lexus LX 570 stands tall.

However, it’s crucial to consider alternatives that offer their unique blend of strengths.

Lexus LX 570 Competitors

We will delve into some popular contenders challenging the Lexus LX 570’s throne: the BMW X7, Infiniti QX80, Land Rover Range Rover, and Mercedes-Benz GLS Class.

As we explore each competitor, we’ll naturally incorporate the primary keywords, Lexus LX 570 Competitors and Luxury SUV Alternatives, to ensure a seamless flow of information.

BMW X7: A Balance of Luxury and Performance

The BMW X7 effortlessly combines luxury and performance, making it a compelling rival to the Lexus LX 570. Its agile handling surpasses that of the LX 570, and a variety of potent engines grace its lineup. The X7 excels in on-road comfort and exhilarating drives.

However, it’s worth noting that the X7 might not be the go-to choice for off-road enthusiasts, lacking the rugged capabilities of the LX 570.

Infiniti QX80: Striving for Equilibrium

The Infiniti QX80 aims to match the size and luxury of the Lexus LX 570, providing a spacious and comfortable cabin accommodating up to eight passengers.

While the QX80 delivers a smooth ride, its fuel efficiency and overall performance may lag behind the LX 570. It’s prudent to consider reported issues and recalls surrounding the QX80 before making your decision.

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Land Rover Range Rover: Off-Road Powerhouse

For those seeking off-road prowess, the Land Rover Range Rover presents a formidable rival to the Lexus LX 570. Balancing luxury and rugged capability, the Range Rover is a trusted companion for off-road adventures.

However, its higher price point compared to the LX 570 might factor into your decision-making process. Ensuring you choose a Range Rover year with minimal problems is also paramount.

Mercedes-Benz GLS Class: Luxury and Comfort

The Mercedes-Benz GLS Class is an additional contender in the luxury SUV arena. With an upscale interior that offers ultimate comfort, it’s an excellent choice for long journeys.

Yet, when it comes to off-road capabilities, the GLS falls short compared to the Lexus LX 570. Researching and avoiding the known issues of the GLS Class can enhance your ownership experience.

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How reliable is a Lexus LX?

The Lexus LX 570 is generally considered to be a reliable vehicle, receiving a reliability score of 3.5 out of 5.0 from RepairPal. This places the LX 570 in a favorable position within the luxury full-size SUV class, ranking 9th out of 30 models.

Is it worth buying a Lexus LX?

While the Lexus LX isn’t a bad SUV, there are more compelling alternatives available. The BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS, for instance, offer a range of powertrain options and superior body control at a lower cost than the LX.

Another option to consider is the Lincoln Navigator, known for its impressive cargo capacity.

How long will a Lexus LX last?

With proper maintenance, a Lexus car, including the LX series, can last around 250,000-300,000 miles, translating to approximately 17-20 years of use. This longevity indicates that investing in a Lexus car can be a wise choice, as it outperforms the typical lifespan of a car, which is around 150,000-200,000 miles.

What is the difference between LX600 and LX570?

The key distinction between the LX 570 and the new LX 600 lies in their weight. The LX 600 benefits from a weight reduction of 200kg compared to the 2021 LX 570.

Achieved by incorporating aluminum for the roof, bonnet, and doors, this substantial weight reduction contributes to improved efficiency and performance in the LX 600 model.

What does LX mean in Lexus?

In the context of Lexus, the term “LX” stands for “Luxury Crossover.” This designation underscores the flagship SUV’s ability to tackle challenging terrains while maintaining a luxurious and refined driving experience.

With a blend of ruggedness and sophistication, the LX embodies a no-compromise choice for modern adventurers.

Is the Lexus LX being discontinued?

Although the Lexus LX was discontinued in the US, it continues to be available for purchase. Despite its temporary discontinuation, there are plans to bring the iconic Land Cruiser, on which the LX is based, back to the US market, as indicated by Toyota executives.

Is the LX 570 expensive to maintain?

Owning a Lexus LX 570 entails an estimated maintenance and repair cost of around $8,286 over the first 10 years of service. This cost is notably lower than the industry average for luxury SUV models, providing an advantage of $7,428.

Furthermore, there is a relatively low likelihood of a major repair being required, with the LX 570 performing 19.09% better than similar vehicles in its segment.


Delving into the world of the Lexus LX has revealed a spectrum of insights that can greatly inform your decision-making process. From understanding the reliability score and ranking to evaluating its competitors and considering its longevity, each aspect provides a clearer picture of what owning a Lexus LX entails.

While the LX 570 boasts its unique set of qualities, it’s crucial to recognize that alternatives like the BMW X7, Infiniti QX80, Land Rover Range Rover, and Mercedes-Benz GLS Class offer their own array of strengths and considerations.

As you embark on your journey towards selecting the ideal vehicle, keep in mind the key takeaways from this exploration.

Understanding reliability scores, considering competitor offerings, and remaining attuned to potential issues can guide you toward a successful and satisfying ownership experience.

Whether you ultimately choose the Lexus LX 570 or another option, your diligence in research and consideration is the driving force behind a confident and informed choice.

Here’s to a rewarding automotive journey ahead, one that leads you to the perfect luxury SUV for your lifestyle and aspirations. And remember, ensuring you’re well-versed in the Lexus LX Years to Avoid is a crucial step toward a seamless driving experience.

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