Lexus NX Years To Avoid and The Best Years

Lexus NX Years To Avoid – Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Lexus NX, a luxury compact SUV that has garnered praise for its performance and features. As much as we admire this remarkable vehicle, it’s essential to acknowledge that even the best cars may have some less-than-stellar years in their production history.

In this article, we’ll delve into the Lexus NX years to avoid, helping you make an informed decision when considering a purchase.

Before we explore the specific model years, let’s highlight some of the aspects that have earned the Lexus NX its positive reviews.

Lexus NX Years To Avoid

This sleek and stylish SUV boasts impressive performance, a comfortable interior, and cutting-edge technology, making it an enticing choice for many luxury car enthusiasts.

While the Lexus NX may shine in several areas, there are certain model years that have raised concerns among owners and experts.

These are the years that experienced issues or deficiencies that may impact the overall ownership experience.

By being aware of these problematic years, you can avoid potential headaches and make a more confident choice when shopping for a pre-owned Lexus NX.

Lexus NX Years To Avoid

One aspect to keep in mind is that the Lexus NX is among the vehicles that lack the auto-locking feature.

Although it’s not a deal-breaker for everyone, it’s essential to consider this factor when deciding which model year suits your needs best.

We will take a closer look at the specific Lexus NX years to avoid, addressing the reasons behind their shortcomings and offering alternative recommendations.

Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to make a well-informed decision, ensuring that your Lexus NX ownership experience is nothing short of fantastic.

So, let’s dive into the details and find out which Lexus NX model years you should shy away from, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and satisfying ride in your luxury compact SUV.

2015 Lexus NX: The Pioneer with Flaws

The 2015 Lexus NX marked the introduction of this luxury compact SUV. As the pioneer model, it had its fair share of imperfections. J.D. Power rated its resale value at an average of 77/100, the lowest among any NX model year.

One of its drawbacks was the unsatisfactory acceleration, falling short in comparison to its rivals.

Additionally, the remote touch system posed distractions while operating it, affecting the overall driving experience.

Cargo space was also limited, not allowing for much luxury luggage.

With an average driving experience rating of 79/100 and an overall rating of 80/100 on J.D. Power, it’s no wonder the 2015 NX finds itself on the list of years to avoid.

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Moreover, the 2015 NX had a concerning number of seven NHTSA recalls, ranging from faulty frontal airbags to defective sensor/control modules.

2016 Lexus NX: Recalls and Performance Woes

The 2016 Lexus NX, unfortunately, didn’t fare much better than its predecessor. This model year also faced recalls, particularly due to the failure of frontal airbags and side/curtain airbags to deploy in the event of a crash.

The recalls were linked to possible defects in the airbag pressure sensor and the acceleration sensor.

Additionally, the navigation control system and the remote touch interface posed challenges and distractions for drivers.

The acceleration in the 2016 NX was subpar, not living up to its sporty exterior appearance.

U.S. News rated its performance at 7.8/10, indicating its disappointment in this aspect.

Moreover, the small cargo space of 16.8 cubic ft. might prove insufficient for those who need ample room for their belongings.

J.D. Power’s rating of 75/100 for driving experience further solidifies its place on the list of worst NX model years.

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2022 Lexus NX: A Redesign that Missed the Mark

With high anticipation for the fully redesigned 2022 Lexus NX, some car enthusiasts were left disappointed, considering it the worst model year of all NXs so far.

Despite expectations for improvements, the 2022 NX failed to deliver in certain crucial areas.

Notably, the underpowered base engine remained unchanged, leading to weak acceleration and performance issues.

J.D. Power’s overall rating of 76/100 reflects its lackluster performance in the market.

For quality/reliability and driving experience, the 2022 NX received low ratings of 67/100 and 73/100, respectively, on the same platform.

The 2022 NX also missed making the annual top ten best compact premium SUV list, adding further weight to its position over the years to avoid.

By arming yourself with this knowledge, you can make a well-informed decision when considering a used Lexus NX, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable ride in the luxury compact SUV of your dreams.

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Which Lexus NX is the Best?

When shopping for a luxury compact SUV, the Lexus NX stands out as a popular and reliable choice.

Which Lexus NX is the Best

However, not all model years are created equal, and it’s essential to know which ones have proven to be the best in terms of performance, safety, and overall satisfaction.

We’ll explore the top Lexus NX model years, highlighting their exceptional qualities and why they should be at the forefront of your consideration.

Let’s explore the best Lexus NX model years – 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 – and discover why they stand out as the most reliable and desirable options.

2017 Lexus NX: The Pinnacle of Excellence

Lexus NX Best Years

At the top of the list of the best Lexus NX model years sits the 2017 edition, a true exemplar of excellence.

This model year received glowing reviews and has an impeccable record, with no recalls reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), as recorded by ARFC.

Its standout features include top-notch fuel economy, a comfortable ride, and ample passenger room, making it a favorite among its competitors.

J.D. Power awarded the 2017 NX a remarkable reliability score of 4/5, cementing its position as a dependable luxury compact SUV.

The accolades for the 2017 NX do not end there; it was crowned the 2017 Best Luxury Compact SUV for the Money by U.S. News, solidifying its reputation as a top contender in its class.

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2018 Lexus NX: A Seamless Successor

Lexus NX Best Years

The 2018 Lexus NX proves to be another excellent model year, with minor but impactful upgrades from its predecessor.

An 8-inch screen was added to the infotainment system, enhancing the user interface and providing a clearer display.

Comfort and roominess continue to be standout qualities of the NX, while driver safety features are now standard, ensuring a secure driving experience.

While the 17.7 cubic feet of cargo space may not be the most expansive in its class, the 2018 NX makes up for it with an impressive overall rating of 84/100 from

J.D. Power, signifying its superiority over many rival crossovers.

Notably, the 2018 NX received an exceptional reliability rating of 85/100, highlighting its high-quality construction.

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2019 Lexus NX: Safety and Satisfaction Combined

Safety and satisfaction converge in the 2019 Lexus NX, evident from its stellar 5-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA.

Equipped with standard safety features like pre-collision braking, lane-keep assist, and lane departure warning, the 2019 NX provides peace of mind for its occupants.

Infotainment technology complements the cozy interior, with standard features such as Apple CarPlay.

The spacious backseat further enhances its appeal, making it a practical choice for families and individuals alike.

J.D. Power ranked the 2019 NX an impressive 2nd in its Best Compact Premium SUV category, on par with its rival, the BMW X4.

Earning such a prestigious ranking further solidifies the 2019 Lexus NX as one of the best model years in its class.

2020 Lexus NX: Embracing Efficiency and Reliability

Continuing the legacy of its predecessors, the 2020 Lexus NX shines with ample interior space and an impressive combined 31 mpg fuel economy, setting it apart from other luxury compact crossover SUVs.

Enhanced by its vehicle safety system and voice assistance, the 2020 NX ensures a comfortable and safe driving experience.

J.D. Power’s commendable overall rating of 85/100 and a quality and reliability rating of 80/100 underscore the NX’s reliability and long-lasting performance.

Once again, the 2020 NX was ranked 2nd in the Best Compact Premium SUV category, solidifying its status as a top contender in its class.

Most notably, the 2020 Lexus NX has enjoyed a spotless record with zero recalls, a testament to its outstanding engineering and craftsmanship.

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2021 Lexus NX: The Epitome of Dependability

The 2021 Lexus NX showcases dependability and smooth ride quality, making it a noteworthy addition to the best NX model years.

Its quiet cabin on highways accentuates its seamless acceleration, providing a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

J.D. Power’s impressive overall rating of 83/100 and an above-average quality and reliability rating of 81/100 further affirm the 2021 NX’s status as a highly dependable luxury crossover SUV.

Notably, the 2021 NX remains largely unchanged from the previous year, with the only notable addition being standard blind-spot monitoring.

This model year stands as one of the few that boasts a flawless record, reporting no recalls, further solidifying its reputation as a top choice for discerning drivers.

The 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 model years stand out as the best, boasting impressive fuel economy, comfort, safety features, and overall reliability.

With no reported recalls and glowing reviews, these model years have solidified their positions as the most trustworthy and sought-after options in the Lexus NX lineup.

So, when considering a Lexus NX, look no further than the exceptional years that have set the bar for what a luxury compact SUV should be.

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Lexus NX Problems

The Lexus NX is a popular luxury compact SUV known for its performance and comfort. However, like any vehicle, it may encounter some common issues that owners should be aware of.

In this section, we’ll explore the most frequent Lexus NX problems reported by drivers and provide insights on how to address them.

Lexus NX Problems

Let’s delve into the three main areas of concern – Transmission Problems, Infotainment System Difficulties, and Electrical System Issues – and explore how to navigate them effectively.

1. Transmission Problems: Small Gear Selector Inconvenience

One of the common issues reported by Lexus NX owners pertains to the transmission, specifically the small gear selector.

Some drivers have found the gear selector to be bothersome when shifting gears, considering it inconvenient.

Although this issue may not pose a significant risk to the vehicle’s functionality or safety, it is still essential to consider when owning a Lexus NX.

As a driver, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the gear selector’s behavior and be patient when shifting gears to avoid any potential inconveniences.

If you find the gear selector particularly problematic, you may want to consult with a certified Lexus technician to ensure that it functions optimally and explore any potential solutions.

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2. Infotainment System Difficulties: Occasional Slowdowns and Freezing

Another common concern among Lexus NX owners revolves around the infotainment system. Some users have reported minor and infrequent issues with the system going slow or freezing.

While these occurrences are not widespread and may not significantly impact your overall driving experience, they can still be inconvenient.

To address infotainment system difficulties, first, ensure that your system’s software is up-to-date by checking for any available updates.

Regularly updating the system can help improve its performance and prevent potential slowdowns.

Additionally, consider rebooting the infotainment system if you encounter any freezing issues.

If problems persist, visit your nearest Lexus dealership or service center, where trained technicians can diagnose and resolve any underlying issues.

3. Electrical System Issues: Addressing Blind Spots and Poor Visibility

Lexus NX owners should also be mindful of potential electrical system issues, particularly concerning blind spots and poor visibility due to the vehicle’s design with relatively small windows.

To address blind spots, utilize all available mirrors effectively and adjust them to provide maximum visibility.

Additionally, consider investing in blind-spot monitoring systems or aftermarket blind-spot mirrors to enhance your awareness of surrounding vehicles and obstacles.

Regarding poor visibility, ensure that your windshield, windows, and mirrors are clean and free from obstructions that may hinder your line of sight.

Regularly inspect and replace windshield wipers to maintain clear visibility during inclement weather conditions.

Remember to stay up-to-date with software updates for your infotainment system, familiarize yourself with the gear selector’s behavior, and prioritize safety by addressing any blind spots or visibility concerns.

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Lexus NX Competitors

Lexus NX Competitors

As a luxury compact SUV, the Lexus NX has earned its reputation for combining performance, comfort, and advanced features.

However, it’s natural to consider alternative options to ensure you find the perfect vehicle that meets your specific preferences and needs.

Let’s delve into the BMW X3, Infiniti QX50, Acura RDX, and Mercedes-Benz GLC Class, providing valuable insights for making an informed decision.

BMW X3: Power Meets Luxury

Lexus NX Alternatives

The BMW X3 stands out as a formidable competitor to the Lexus NX, offering a blend of power and luxury. Both vehicles boast opulent interiors and advanced features, providing a premium driving experience.

However, the BMW X3 takes the lead in terms of engine performance, with a more powerful engine lineup that delivers quicker acceleration.

On the other hand, the Lexus NX excels in fuel efficiency, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize eco-friendliness.

If you’re considering the BMW X3, it’s crucial to be aware of the best and worst model years to avoid, ensuring you make a well-informed decision when purchasing.

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Infiniti QX50: Reliability and Comfort

Lexus NX Competitors

For those seeking reliability and comfort akin to the Lexus NX, the Infiniti QX50 offers a viable alternative. These vehicles share similarities in terms of reliability and comfort, ensuring a satisfying driving experience.

However, the Infiniti QX50 gains an advantage with a bit more cabin space, providing extra room for passengers and cargo.

It’s important to note that the QX50’s infotainment system has been criticized as less user-friendly compared to the Lexus NX.

To make an informed choice, consider exploring the best and worst Infiniti QX50 model years to avoid, accompanied by detailed explanations for each.

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Acura RDX: Smooth Ride and Upscale Interior

Lexus NX or Similar

Another strong contender in the luxury compact SUV segment is the Acura RDX, offering a smooth ride and an upscale interior. Like the Lexus NX, the RDX provides a spacious cabin that ensures comfort for both driver and passengers.

While the RDX boasts a more powerful engine compared to the NX, it falls short in fuel economy.

If you prioritize engine performance, the Acura RDX may be a compelling option.

However, it’s essential to weigh all aspects and consider your priorities before making a decision.

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Mercedes-Benz GLC Class: The Epitome of Refinement

Lexus NX or Similar

The Mercedes-Benz GLC Class stands out as a formidable competitor to the Lexus NX, combining high-quality interior craftsmanship and an array of features. Similar to the Lexus NX, the GLC Class offers a luxurious driving experience.

However, the GLC Class takes a slight lead in terms of a more refined ride and handling.

It’s worth noting that the starting price of the GLC Class is higher than that of the Lexus NX, which could be a significant factor for some buyers.

To gain deeper insights into the Mercedes GLC’s reliability, it’s beneficial to explore the most commonly asked questions and answers related to the vehicle.

Is a Lexus NX a reliable car?

Yes, the Lexus NX is a reliable car. According to the Driver Power owner satisfaction survey, the brand has consistently ranked highly in recent years, with the NX receiving positive feedback from owners.

In the 2021 results, the NX slipped to 10th place, which should not be a major concern considering it still outperforms many of its main rivals.

Additionally, less than 10% of NX owners reported any faults in the first year of ownership, which is a lower figure compared to its competitors.

Is the Lexus NX a good car to buy used?

Yes, the Lexus NX is an excellent car to buy used. It offers everything you would expect from a Lexus – it’s well-equipped, safe, reliable, efficient, and boasts a distinctive design.

For those seeking a used luxury compact SUV, the NX is a solid choice.

However, it’s worth noting that some drivers find it less fun to drive compared to other alternatives in its class.

What Toyota is comparable to Lexus NX?

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 is comparable to the Lexus NX. Both vehicles share innovative, versatile, and efficient powertrain engineering. They offer a choice between front-wheel drivetrain (FWD) and smart all-wheel drive (AWD) systems, providing flexibility and adaptability for different driving conditions.

If you’re looking for a Toyota model that is akin to the Lexus NX, the RAV4 is a suitable alternative.

How long will a Lexus NX last?

A Lexus NX can last between 250,000 to 300,000 miles with proper care. Lexuses, in general, have a longer lifespan compared to the typical car, which is expected to last around 200,000 miles.

This means that with appropriate maintenance and regular servicing, you can potentially drive a Lexus NX 50% longer than the average car on the road.

The brand’s commitment to reliability and durability ensures that the NX can serve you well for many years to come.


The Lexus NX proves to be a reliable and well-rounded luxury compact SUV.

With high rankings in owner satisfaction surveys and a lower fault rate than its main rivals, the NX instills confidence in its reliability.

Its distinctive design, efficiency, and safety features make it a compelling choice for both new and used car buyers.

For those seeking a more spirited driving experience, alternative options like the BMW X3 and Acura RDX provide more powerful engines.

Additionally, the Infiniti QX50 offers extra cabin space for those who require greater roominess.

The Lexus NX competes strongly with its luxurious interior, advanced features, and overall dependability.

When searching for the ideal Lexus NX model, keep in mind the information about the best and worst Lexus NX years to avoid. Staying informed about potential drawbacks can help you make a well-informed decision and ensure a rewarding ownership experience for many years to come.

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