Lincoln MKC Years To Avoid (Best and Worst)

Lincoln MKC Years To Avoid – In the bustling realm of compact luxury SUVs, where choices abound and every major luxury brand competes for attention, it’s easy to overlook the stories of the past.

While the likes of Mercedes AMG and Cadillac XT5 continue to capture the limelight, today’s discussion takes a detour from the mainstream to shed light on a forgotten contender: the Lincoln MKC.

In the span between 2014 and 2019, the Lincoln MKC made its mark, albeit fleetingly. Born from the DNA of the Ford Escape, this luxury SUV took on a distinct identity that set it apart from its more common counterpart.

Beneath its stylish exterior, the Lincoln MKC offered the hallmark attributes of a compact luxury SUV.

With a focus on delivering plush comfort, a treasure trove of technological marvels, and a serene and composed ride, it aimed to create a haven on wheels.

However, as with any vehicle, not all years were created equal.

That’s why we’re here – to guide you through the Lincoln MKC years to avoid, ensuring that your journey remains as smooth as the luxury this SUV promises.

Lincoln MKC Years To Avoid

Emerging as a sibling to the Ford Escape, the Lincoln MKC shared its roots while carving a distinctive niche.

Its silhouette hinted at elegance, while its performance and features sought to rival the top players in the compact luxury SUV arena.

With a production span from 2014 to 2019, the Lincoln MKC had its moments of glory.

Yet, not all years within this timeline offered the same level of refinement and reliability.

Identifying the Worst Lincoln MKC Years to Avoid

As you embark on the quest to find the ideal Lincoln MKC, it’s imperative to be aware of the years that might not offer the seamless experience you’re seeking.

Some years within the model’s production cycle encountered issues that affected their overall performance and satisfaction levels.

By delving into the history of the Lincoln MKC, we’ll pinpoint the years that might not live up to the luxury standards you deserve.

Lincoln MKC Years To Avoid

Our goal is to empower you with knowledge, ensuring that you make an informed decision when navigating the realm of Lincoln MKC options.

So, if you’re curious about the Lincoln MKC years to avoid and wish to safeguard your investment.

Let’s embark on this journey together, equipping you with the insights needed to find the perfect Lincoln MKC that truly complements your luxury SUV aspirations.

2015 Lincoln MKC: A Premature Struggle

As tradition dictates, the inaugural year of a new model or generation often wrestles with initial teething troubles.

The 2015 MKC adheres to this pattern, emerging as one of the foremost Lincoln MKC years to avoid. reveals that the 2015 iteration amassed over 120 complaints and a staggering eight recalls, effectively marking it as a troubled model year.

At the heart of the 2015 MKC’s tribulations lies a pervasive battery issue that wreaked havoc among owners.

Approximately nine written complaints detailed the battery’s inability to hold a charge, leaving numerous MKC drivers stranded.

Even the replacement of batteries failed to rectify the problem.

Remarkably disconcerting is the fact that this battery debacle struck at a mere 30,000 miles, underscoring the gravity of the concern.

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Further exacerbating matters, CarProblemZoo labels the 2015 MKC as the lineup’s most problematic SUV.

Among the reported 80-plus issues, engine cooling problems take center stage.

An affected owner recounts an unsettling experience wherein the car would sputter during acceleration, attributing the engine failure to a known design defect related to coolant intrusion.

2016 Lincoln MKC: Style Meets Unpredictability

The 2016 Lincoln MKC seamlessly blends style, technology, and performance, positioning itself as a contender in the luxury SUV arena.

While it presents an attractive price point, prospective buyers should be wary, as the 2016 model harbors both old and emerging reliability concerns.

CarComplaints records 44 complaints and a singular recall for the 2016 MKC, representing an improvement over its predecessor. However, the issue of dead batteries continues to persist, albeit in a less prevalent manner.

Despite a lower number of reports, the fact that such a concern emerges in a low-mileage context casts a shadow of uncertainty.

An owner even reported a dead battery within two weeks of owning the SUV.

Though not the most unreliable, the 2016 Lincoln MKC isn’t devoid of issues, warranting cautious consideration.

2017 Lincoln MKC: Struggling to Overcome

The 2017 MKC endeavors to embody style, comfort, and performance, aligning itself with its predecessors in the endeavor.

Regrettably, the 2017 model year fails to rectify the issues of the preceding year, ultimately presenting as a year with deteriorating reliability.

CarComplaints notes approximately 60 complaints with no recorded recall for the 2017 MKC.

Once again, the familiar specter of dead batteries looms large, with disgruntled owners expressing frustration over inadequate battery charge retention.

The Least Reliable Selections: Proceed with Caution

In our pursuit of a dependable MKC, it’s prudent to examine the least reliable years that the model offered.

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The years that follow present significant challenges for potential buyers:

  1. 2007 Lincoln MKC
  2. 2008 Lincoln MKC
  3. 2011 Lincoln MKC
  4. 2012 Lincoln MKC
  5. 2013 Lincoln MKC
  6. 2014 Lincoln MKC

For those seeking reliability, these years should be approached with caution.

The problems experienced during these years surpass those of their more reliable counterparts.

The earlier years, in particular, grappled with recalls tied to engine and battery malfunctions, often entailing financial burdens beyond the expectations of new owners.

Lincoln MKC Best Years

In the bustling realm of luxury SUVs, the Lincoln MKC stands as a beacon of value and reliability for discerning drivers.

Lincoln MKC Best Years

Amidst the ebb and flow of model years, two exceptional iterations emerge as beacons of excellence – 2018 and 2019.

As we delve into the nuances of these standout years, you’ll discover the epitome of dependable luxury and performance that the Lincoln MKC encapsulates.

2018 Lincoln MKC: A Triumph Over Troubles

For the 2018 model year, Lincoln embarked on a mission to rectify the notorious dead or drained battery issue that had marred the MKC’s reputation.

The concerted efforts are palpable, as CarComplaints reports a mere 19 complaints and a single recall for the 2018 Lincoln MKC.

Lincoln MKC Best Years

Beyond this triumph over past issues, the 2018 MKC redefines the luxury compact SUV landscape with its unmistakably American essence.

Stepping into the driver’s seat of the 2018 MKC offers a glimpse into a realm of striking aesthetics, marked by an elegant exterior design that exudes sophistication.

The interior realm is equally inviting, cocooning passengers in luxurious comfort.

But the allure doesn’t end with appearances; powerful turbocharged engines under the hood translate to a performance that defies expectations.

In the realm of pricing, the 2018 MKC offers a range of options.

Depending on specifications and trim, you can uncover a used 2018 MKC within a price spectrum of $20,992 to $27,994.

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A testament to its value proposition, the 2018 MKC emerges as a compelling choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of reliability and opulence.

2019 Lincoln MKC: A Grand Finale of Excellence

As the curtain fell on the MKC’s production run, the 2019 iteration emerged as a pinnacle of achievement.

This final version of the MKC stands as a testament to Lincoln’s dedication to perfecting reliability and ensuring a seamless driving experience.

Lincoln MKC Best Years

With echoes of the stellar performance of its predecessor, the 2019 MKC scarcely garnered significant complaints, emerging virtually faultless in the realm of reliability.

The esteemed rating agency J.D. Power lauded the 2019 MKC, awarding it a high-reliability score of 84 out of 100, accompanied by a resounding “Great” rating.

This accolade solidifies the 2019 MKC’s position as a beacon of dependability, a fitting swan song to the model’s legacy.

When exploring the price range for a used 2019 MKC, expect to find options spanning from $24,490 to $32,800.

This range encompasses the affordability factor that has been a hallmark of the Lincoln MKC’s appeal throughout its years.

The Epitome of Dependability: Lincoln MKC’s Shining Years

Amidst the evolution of the Lincoln MKC, a constellation of exceptional years has shone bright, characterized by an impeccable blend of features, affordability, and unwavering dependability.

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If you’re contemplating the most reliable years for the Lincoln MKC, consider the following selections:

  1. 2009 Lincoln MKC
  2. 2010 Lincoln MKC
  3. 2015 Lincoln MKC
  4. 2017 Lincoln MKC
  5. 2018 Lincoln MKC

These six years represent the zenith of MKC reliability, offering not only affordability in repair costs but also elevating safety levels on the road.

If an earlier model year is your preference, the 2009 or 2010 options beckon with their proven track record.

For those inclined toward the second-generation MKCs, the 2015, 2017, and 2018 iterations stand as the paragons of reliability and luxury.

In your quest for the ideal Lincoln MKC, let these best years guide your journey towards unparalleled driving satisfaction, with reliability as a steadfast companion on your road to luxury.

Lincoln MKC Problems

When setting out on the journey to find the perfect vehicle, knowledge truly is power. The Lincoln MKC, while a commendable luxury compact SUV, is not without its share of challenges.

As with any car, certain issues tend to arise more frequently than others across all its model years.

Understanding these common problems is a vital step in making an informed decision before purchasing a Lincoln MKC.

Lincoln MKC Problems

We’ll delve into the most prevalent Lincoln MKC problems, shedding light on potential concerns and offering insights to guide you along the way.

Common Lincoln MKC Issues: A Closer Look

As you embark on your quest for a reliable luxury SUV, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the prevalent problems that might arise., a reputable source for automotive insights, highlights the following as the most common Lincoln MKC issues:

1. Battery Issues

One of the challenges that Lincoln MKC owners may face is related to battery performance. Battery troubles can lead to unexpected breakdowns and inconvenience.

Ensuring the battery’s health and addressing any potential issues promptly is crucial to maintaining a smooth driving experience.

2. Engine Troubles

The heart of any vehicle, the engine, can encounter troubles that affect its performance, fuel efficiency, and overall reliability. Engine problems can manifest in various ways, from unusual noises to reduced power output.

Diagnosing and addressing engine issues promptly is essential to prevent further complications.

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3. Faulty Internal Components

The intricate internal components of a vehicle can sometimes exhibit faults, leading to a range of problems. These issues might affect various systems, such as the electrical system, drivetrain, or suspension.

Identifying and rectifying faulty components is key to preserving the Lincoln MKC’s optimal performance.

4. Airbag Deployment Failure

A critical safety concern, airbag deployment failure can compromise the safety of both the driver and passengers in the event of a collision.

Reliable airbags are essential for protecting occupants during accidents, making this issue particularly worrisome.

Vigilance on the Road Ahead

As you embark on your journey with a Lincoln MKC, it’s prudent to be watchful for these common problems. While some vehicles might encounter these issues across their model years, others might face them more frequently in the least reliable selections.

It’s worth noting that these issues can potentially manifest in both the best and worst years of the Lincoln MKC.

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Therefore, irrespective of the year you choose, staying informed about these common problems will empower you to address them proactively and maintain your vehicle’s performance and safety.

Addressing a Critical Concern: Lincoln MKC Fire Hazard

Beyond the common issues highlighted above, it’s imperative to address a critical concern related to certain Lincoln MKC models.

In an alarming development, Ford, the parent company of Lincoln, has joined forces with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to warn nearly 143,000 Lincoln MKC compact SUV owners.

The advisory cautions against parking these vehicles indoors or near other structures and vehicles due to the potential risk of fire, even when the vehicle is not running.

This underscores the importance of addressing potential safety risks, even if they’re not directly related to the common problems mentioned earlier.

Is Lincoln MKC Reliable?

The reliability of the Lincoln MKC is a topic that spans its years of production. Amidst the available options, several standout years present themselves as reliable SUV choices.

To understand the overall reliability of the MKC, it’s essential to consider its performance across all model years. assessment grants the Lincoln MKC a score of 3.5/5, positioning it as the 7th most reliable among 11 compact luxury vehicles.

This ranking places the MKC right in the middle of the pack, signifying its balanced performance.

Importantly, this score also underscores the MKC’s above-average status in terms of repair costs, enhancing its appeal as an option with reasonable maintenance expenses.

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Across the board, the Lincoln MKC garners a commendable score, offering a unique blend of luxury and practicality for drivers on the move.

Is it expensive to maintain a Lincoln MKC?

Maintaining and repairing a Lincoln MKC comes with a range of costs. On average, the estimated expense spans from $95 to $2164, with the typical expenditure hovering around $264.

Keeping your Lincoln MKC in optimal condition does come with associated costs, which should be factored into your ownership decision.

Is Lincoln discontinuing the MKC?

Yes, Lincoln decided to discontinue the MKC model after the 2019 model year. This luxury SUV, renowned for its opulent features and advanced technology, bids adieu with a legacy of offering a secure handling experience and a comfortable cabin.

Its luxurious attributes and accessibility remain hallmarks of the model, leaving an indelible mark in its wake.


In the ever-evolving landscape of luxury SUVs, the Lincoln MKC has etched its presence with a blend of opulence and performance.

From uncovering the most common Lincoln MKC problems to understanding the cost implications of maintenance, we’ve delved into the intricacies that shape your ownership experience.

The MKC’s journey from its introduction to its discontinuation in 2019 offers insights into its evolution, emphasizing its high-tech features and a plush cabin that once graced the roads.

As you ponder the prospect of owning a Lincoln MKC, the multifaceted journey unveiled within these words guides your path.

Your choice hinges on an amalgamation of luxury, reliability, and the assurance that your investment aligns with your aspirations.

In the dynamic realm of automobiles, the Lincoln MKC stands as a testament to evolution and progress.

Its legacy is etched not only in its features but also in its ability to cater to a diverse range of preferences. With the compass of knowledge in hand, your journey with the Lincoln MKC is poised to be one of luxury, reliability, and satisfaction.