Mercedes GLB Problems: Should Be Aware Of

Mercedes GLB Problems – The Mercedes GLB, an embodiment of luxury and practicality in the SUV realm, presents an appealing option within the Mercedes-Benz lineup. Boasting a distinctive boxy design, ample cargo capacity, and an enticing balance of luxury and utility, it stands tall among its peers.

However, like any sophisticated piece of machinery, the GLB is not without its share of known issues.

Before diving into the world of luxury SUVs, it’s prudent to acquaint yourself with potential concerns that might arise with the Mercedes GLB. Understanding these common problems not only aids in making an informed purchase decision but also equips current owners with the knowledge to effectively address any hiccups that may occur.

Mercedes GLB Problems

One prevalent issue reported among Mercedes GLB models revolves around reliability, a crucial aspect that many prospective buyers weigh heavily. While the GLB impresses with its overall performance, a fraction of owners have encountered reliability concerns that encompass various components.

The engine, the heart of any vehicle, has been a focal point for discussion among GLB enthusiasts. Some have noted sporadic engine-related anomalies, which, though not widespread, warrant attention and consideration.

Additionally, electronic glitches and issues concerning the vehicle’s onboard systems have been raised by a subset of GLB owners. While these occurrences aren’t pervasive, being aware of potential technological hiccups is valuable for preemptive troubleshooting.

Certain model years might exhibit fewer problems or have undergone enhancements to address previous concerns.

Mercedes GLB Problems

The Mercedes-Benz GLB is a captivating entry in the subcompact SUV category, offering a blend of style, technology, and performance. However, like any sophisticated piece of automotive engineering, it is not immune to certain issues that owners may encounter.

Here, we delve into some of the noteworthy problems reported among various model years of the Mercedes-Benz GLB.

Mercedes GLB Problems

1. Infotainment Screen Problem

One of the standout features of the Mercedes-Benz GLB is its sleek and functional infotainment system.

Sporting two large screens catering to various functionalities such as trip information, fuel and oil temperature details, speedometer, odometer, and general infotainment controls, it’s a centerpiece of the interior experience.

Unfortunately, a common issue that has surfaced among GLB owners is the sudden shutdown of the middle screen.

This abrupt screen blackout can disrupt the control over essential vehicle features, potentially leading to more severe issues if left unaddressed.

Specifically, it may contribute to critical engine-related problems. Prompt attention and resolution are recommended to mitigate this concern.

2. Suspension And Steering Problems

Another significant issue that has drawn attention in the Mercedes-Benz GLB is related to the front axle carrier. This concern prompted a recall issued by the automaker in December 2021 due to potential defects in this component.

The faulty front axle carrier could lead to compromised steering control, primarily attributed to corrosion issues.

Owners are advised to have their front axle carrier checked during routine maintenance and service visits. Many authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships offer free inspections and repairs for this particular issue.

Engaging with your dealer regarding this matter is highly recommended.

3. Electrical System Issues

The modern luxury vehicle landscape often contends with electrical system glitches, and the Mercedes-Benz GLB is no exception. The rearview camera, a pivotal component for reversing, is reported to malfunction intermittently, resulting in a blank screen.

Seeking professional assistance to rectify this issue is advisable. Expert technicians can diagnose and resolve these electrical system anomalies, ensuring seamless functionality of the rearview camera.

4. Airbag Problems

Safety is paramount in any vehicle, and the Mercedes-Benz GLB, unfortunately, encountered airbag-related issues. In a recall in August 2021, certain GLB models were identified as having a potential design defect leading to malfunctioning seatbelts and airbags in the event of a crash.

This hardware and software-related flaw demands immediate attention from certified Mercedes-Benz mechanics. Instances where airbags fail to deploy and seatbelts malfunction could result in severe consequences, potentially endangering lives.

Addressing this problem may involve replacing or revising the airbag control module.

5. Fuel System Issues

Fuel and oil leakage problems are not uncommon in the automotive realm. For the Mercedes-Benz GLB, some instances of fuel leakage have been identified, often linked to the flawed process in certain models.

However, addressing the front axle carrier issue during dealership visits may also highlight and resolve fuel leakage problems. Professionals adept in Mercedes-Benz models can efficiently rectify these issues without undue stress.

Understanding these reported problems is pivotal for potential buyers or current owners of the Mercedes-Benz GLB. While these issues exist, it’s important to note that many can be effectively resolved by accredited technicians, often under warranty or recall provisions.

Mercedes GLB Pros and Cons

The Mercedes-Benz GLB emerges as a contender in the ever-competitive SUV landscape, boasting a fusion of luxury, convenience, and practicality.

However, like any vehicle, it comes with its set of advantages and drawbacks.

Mercedes GLB Problems

Let’s explore the pros and cons of owning a Mercedes-Benz GLB, shedding light on its distinctive traits.

Pros with the Mercedes-Benz GLB

  • Spacious Cargo Capacity: One of the standout merits of the Mercedes-Benz GLB is its generous cargo space. Emphasizing practicality, this SUV offers ample room for luggage and gear, catering to the needs of families or those with an affinity for adventure.
  • Excellent Powertrains: Under the hood, the GLB impresses with its robust powertrains. Engine options provide ample power and performance, delivering a driving experience that satisfies enthusiasts seeking both efficiency and agility.
  • Fantastic Fuel Economy: Efficiency is a strong suit for the GLB, offering commendable fuel economy figures relative to its class. This attribute appeals to those conscious of their carbon footprint and seeking cost-effective drives.
  • Ample Cabin Space: Inside the GLB, occupants are treated to a spacious and comfortable cabin. With ample legroom and headspace, the vehicle accommodates passengers with ease, ensuring a pleasant ride experience for all.

Cons with the Mercedes-Benz GLB

  • Price Tag: Despite its virtues, the Mercedes-Benz GLB tends to come with a relatively higher price point compared to other vehicles in its class. This aspect might deter some prospective buyers from considering it as an option.
  • Excessive Controls: The GLB is equipped with an array of controls, which might overwhelm some drivers. The abundance of features and controls could lead to a steeper learning curve for mastering the vehicle’s functionalities.
  • Shift Quality: Some drivers have reported dissatisfaction with the transmission, highlighting occasional subpar shifts. This issue has been a point of contention for some GLB owners, impacting the overall driving experience.

Reviews of the Mercedes-Benz GLB often highlight its emphasis on convenience and luxury over outright performance.

Enthusiasts have lauded its agile suspension and longer wheelbase, attributing these features to the vehicle’s appeal.

The discretionary adaptive suspension, known for tightening handling when required, adds a layer of versatility. However, the GLB is not without its flaws, as it falls short of perfection in the SUV category.

Is Mercedes GLB or GLE better?

Between the Mercedes-Benz GLB and GLE models, the GLE tends to have a higher starting price, offering a more powerful engine and additional standard features compared to the GLB.

The GLE also boasts a broader range of trim options and engine choices, while the GLB still provides a substantial selection for Leawood drivers.

Is there a recall on the Mercedes GLB?

Regarding recalls, Mercedes-Benz has issued a notice affecting 2362 vehicles due to a Structure recall. Specifically, the recall pertains to certain 2020-2021 GLB250 vehicles.

The concern involves the possibility of improperly installed wheel arch covers on the front fenders, potentially leading to detachment.

How reliable is the Mercedes GLB?

The reliability of the 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB is anticipated with a predicted reliability score of 73 out of 100. According to J.D. Power’s reliability scoring, a range of 70-80 is considered average, suggesting the GLB falls within an average reliability category.

What does the GLB compete with?

The Mercedes-Benz GLB competes in the market against notable rivals such as the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3. These vehicles share the segment, vying for the attention of buyers seeking luxury SUVs with comparable features and performance characteristics.


The world of the Mercedes-Benz GLB provides a nuanced understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. This luxury SUV offers spacious cargo capacity, commendable powertrains, fantastic fuel economy, and a roomy cabin—positives that cater to various needs and preferences.

However, aspects like its higher price tag, an array of controls that might overwhelm some, and reported issues with shift quality highlight areas for consideration.

Moreover, recall notices affecting certain GLB models should be acknowledged, emphasizing the importance of staying informed about any potential structural concerns.

Despite these aspects, the GLB remains a contender in the SUV market, competing with the likes of the Audi Q5 and BMW X3, offering a blend of luxury and functionality.

Understanding the Mercedes GLB’s pros and cons is vital for prospective buyers and current owners alike.

This knowledge empowers individuals to make informed decisions, ensuring a satisfying ownership experience. For those navigating potential issues or seeking detailed insights into the GLB, staying abreast of any Mercedes GLB problems is essential for a seamless journey with this luxury SUV.

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