Mercedes ML350 Problems: Should Be Aware Of

Mercedes ML350 Problems – Introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 2002 and revered for its luxurious appeal and practicality, the Mercedes ML350 quickly gained popularity among SUV enthusiasts. However, even in the realm of opulence, no vehicle is immune to issues, and the ML350 is no exception.

However, despite its esteemed reputation, no vehicle is impervious to issues.

In this detailed guide, we’ll dissect the most prevalent complaints afflicting the ML350 across various model years, from 2005 to 2015, shedding light on crucial problems faced by owners and potential buyers.

Mercedes-Benz ML350 Problems

Mercedes ML350 Problems

Airbag Problems: Tackling Safety Concerns

The most frequently reported issue affecting the ML350 pertains to airbag problems. Specifically, numerous complaints are linked to the notorious Takata airbag recalls, affecting models predominantly in the 2010 and 2011 lineup.

These recalls encompassed millions of vehicles, not limited to the ML series, where the Japanese-made airbags exhibited catastrophic failures upon deployment, leading to severe injuries and fatalities in certain cases.

Addressing this critical safety concern requires vigilance. Considering purchasing a used ML, running the vehicle identification number (VIN) through Mercedes or NHTSA’s website is imperative to ascertain if your vehicle falls under a recall.

Due to the severity of this issue, seeking resolution through authorized dealerships is crucial.

Faulty Camshaft Adjuster Solenoid: Engine Performance Woes

A prevalent problem reported across various model years, including 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2012, is the malfunction of the camshaft adjuster solenoid.

Responsible for regulating the variable valve timing (VVT) system, a failing solenoid triggers multiple symptoms, including reduced fuel efficiency, contaminated engine oil, rough idling, and compromised engine power.

Unresolved issues could lead to more substantial engine problems, as reported by dissatisfied ML owners facing significant repair costs.

Addressing this issue necessitates prompt replacement of the faulty camshaft adjuster solenoid.

While the presence of a recall remains uncertain, consulting with dealerships or utilizing independent repair shops for cost-effective solutions is recommended.

Rough Shifting: Transmission Challenges

ML350s equipped with automatic transmissions frequently exhibit rough shifting, spanning model years from 2003 to 2015.

Owners have reported noticeable transmission issues during gear transitions, especially in colder conditions, accompanied by clunking and grinding noises.

Identifying this problem during a test drive of a used ML350 becomes crucial for prospective buyers.

Resolving rough shifting concerns might involve a mere transmission software update in some cases.

However, in more severe instances necessitating internal component replacements, Mercedes has released updated parts. Addressing these issues might require transmission disassembly for effective repairs.

Engine Stalling: Uncommon Yet Troublesome

While not as widespread, engine stalling has been reported among ML350 models from 2006 to 2012. Stalling, indicative of engine shutdown, has led to complaints related to the failure of engine control module pins.

Resolving this issue might involve simpler remedies or, in extreme cases, demand costly engine replacements, making it a potentially significant financial burden for owners.

According to Repair Pal, the primary causes of engine stalling relate to the fuel system, air intake system, and ignition system, emphasizing the necessity of thorough diagnostics and expert interventions.

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Brake Light Warning Message: Electrical Concerns

Frequent occurrences of the brake light warning message have troubled ML350 owners across model years ranging from 2003 to 2015. This issue, associated with tail lamp housing malfunctions due to heat-induced melting, leads to bulb failures and erroneous warning messages.

Addressing this issue typically involves replacing the lamp housing, incurring costs upward of $250 for repairs.

Power Steering Problems: Steering Safety Hazards

Numerous complaints revolve around power steering problems in the ML350, spanning model years predominantly from 2006 to 2008, though affecting earlier and later models as well.

Owners have reported uncontrollable steering and power steering loss, often accompanied by fluid leakage, posing significant safety risks.

Identifying early signs of steering rack leakage is crucial to prevent potentially catastrophic failures while driving.

Remedying this issue might demand steering rack replacements, costing upwards of $2000. However, recall campaigns for steering problems might offer resolutions through authorized dealerships at no cost.

How Much is an Oil Change for a Mercedes ML350?

The cost of an oil change for a Mercedes ML350 can vary based on several factors such as location, dealership or service center pricing, the type of oil used, and any additional services or maintenance required.

On average, an oil change for a Mercedes-Benz ML350 might range from $100 to $200, depending on the service provider, the region, and whether it’s a dealership or an independent service center.

This cost typically includes the price of the oil, the oil filter, and the labor involved in the oil change process.

Mercedes ML350 Problems

However, prices can fluctuate based on factors like:

  1. Type of Oil: The price may differ depending on whether synthetic or conventional oil is used. Synthetic oil tends to be more expensive but offers better performance and longevity.
  2. Service Package: Some service centers offer comprehensive packages that include inspections, fluid top-ups, and other checks, which can increase the overall cost.
  3. Location and Service Center: Costs can vary significantly depending on the region and the specific service center or dealership.
  4. Additional Services: If there are additional maintenance needs or if the vehicle requires specialized oil or filters, it can contribute to higher costs.
  5. Dealership vs. Independent Mechanic: Dealership service tends to be pricier compared to independent mechanics, but it often comes with the assurance of using genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and specialized expertise.

The average cost you’ve provided is $135, it’s essential to inquire directly with your local service centers or dealerships to get accurate pricing based on your location and the specific requirements of your Mercedes ML350.

Additionally, consider asking about any ongoing service specials or discounts that might help reduce the overall cost.

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Mercedes ML350 Pros and Cons

The Mercedes-Benz ML350 stands as a captivating option for those contemplating a luxurious SUV that blends elegance with performance.

However, like any vehicle, it comes with its share of strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s explore the prominent pros and cons of the Mercedes ML350, highlighting its attributes and limitations to aid your decision-making process.

Mercedes ML350 Pros and Cons

Pros of the Mercedes ML350

1. Elegant Cabin

The ML350 boasts an interior exuding opulence and sophistication. Crafted with high-quality materials, the cabin offers a refined ambiance, plush seating, and meticulous attention to detail, elevating the overall driving experience.

2. Ultra-Comfortable Ride

Renowned for its exceptional comfort, the ML350 delivers a smooth and serene ride. Its suspension system, although geared towards comfort, ensures passengers enjoy a tranquil journey even over uneven terrain.

3. Classy Exterior Design

Embodying the signature Mercedes-Benz design philosophy, the ML350 captivates with its sleek and classy exterior. Its bold lines, sculpted body, and striking aesthetics exude a sense of refinement and modernity.

4. Powerful Engine

Under the hood, the ML350 houses a potent engine that delivers robust performance. The engine’s power ensures impressive acceleration, making it adept at handling various driving conditions effortlessly.

Cons of the Mercedes ML350

1. Expensive Repairs and Maintenance

One significant drawback of owning a Mercedes ML350 is the cost associated with repairs and maintenance. Genuine parts and specialized services often come with premium price tags, contributing to higher ownership costs.

2. Suspension Focused on Comfort over Handling

While the ML350 prioritizes a comfortable ride, its suspension setup leans more towards comfort than precise handling. This design choice might not satisfy drivers seeking a sportier or more dynamic driving experience.

If you prioritize luxury, comfort, and a prestigious brand name, the ML350 could be an ideal choice. However, if cost-efficient maintenance or sportier handling takes precedence, exploring other options might be prudent.

Understanding the nuances of the Mercedes ML350’s pros and cons empowers potential buyers to make informed decisions, ensuring that the chosen vehicle aligns with their lifestyle, preferences, and budgetary considerations.


The Mercedes ML350 presents a compelling choice for those seeking a luxurious SUV with a blend of elegance and performance. Its standout features encompass an exquisitely designed interior, an exceptionally comfortable ride, a classy exterior, and a powerful engine, offering a driving experience steeped in refinement and prestige.

However, prospective buyers should be mindful of the potential drawbacks associated with the ML350. Its ownership costs can be considerable due to expensive repairs and maintenance, and the suspension, while delivering comfort, may not cater to those seeking a more dynamic handling experience.

Understanding the intricacies of the Mercedes ML350 aids in making a well-informed decision when considering this luxurious SUV.

Remember, the Mercedes ML350 is an exquisite vehicle, but being aware of its pros and cons ensures a more informed and satisfactory ownership experience.

Explore thoroughly, consider your priorities, and assess whether the ML350 resonates with your driving aspirations and needs.

Understanding the nuances of the Mercedes ML350 can significantly impact your decision-making process and ensure that you make a choice that best fits your preferences and requirements, steering clear of any unexpected hurdles or challenges, including potential Mercedes ML350 problems.