MINI Countryman Years To Avoid (Best and Worst)

MINI Cooper Countryman Years To Avoid – Welcome to CarNamesList, your ultimate guide to finding the best MINI Cooper Countryman for you! The MINI Countryman, BMW’s subcompact luxury crossover SUV, has gained immense popularity since its release and remains one of MINI’s top-selling models.

With its stylish design and 5-door functionality, it has won the hearts of many SUV enthusiasts.

Now, as you embark on the journey of selecting the perfect Countryman, there’s one crucial aspect you should consider – the model year.

While the MINI Cooper Countryman has evolved over time, not all model years have been equally reliable.

Here we want to ensure that you get the most reliable and enjoyable driving experience.

MINI Cooper Countryman Years To Avoid

In this article, we will exploreMINI Cooper Countryman Years to Avoid, uncovering the worst years that may not meet your expectations in terms of performance and reliability.

As a savvy car buyer, it’s essential to be well-informed, and that’s where we step in to provide you with valuable insights and expert advice.

Whether you’re considering a second-generation model from 2017 or contemplating one of the facelifted versions from 2014 to 2016, we’ve got you covered.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of which model years to avoid and which ones can offer you a delightful driving experience.

So, let’s dive in and explore the MINI Cooper Countryman’s history to ensure you make the right choice for your next adventure on the road.

MINI Cooper Countryman Years To Avoid

When it comes to MINI Countryman, most model years have earned a reputation for their reliability and delightful driving experience.

However, as with any vehicle, there are certain year models that fall below the standards set by MINI.

We’ll examine the MINI Cooper Countryman years to avoid – specifically the 2011, 2012, and 2013 models.

These particular years have been plagued by serious safety hazards, including engine failures, fires, and other hazardous defects.

MINI Cooper Countryman Years To Avoid

As your trusted automotive experts, we strongly advise against considering these models to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

The Safety Hazards of 2011, 2012, and 2013 MINI Countryman

While the MINI Countryman has generally proven to be a reliable vehicle, the 2011, 2012, and 2013 model years stand out due to their safety and reliability issues.

These three years share several significant failings, making them unsuitable choices for prospective buyers.

2011 MINI Countryman

The 2011 model year has been associated with serious engine issues that can lead to catastrophic consequences. One of the primary concerns with this model is engine failure, which can leave drivers stranded and lead to costly repairs.

Additionally, the 2011 MINI Countryman has been reported to have a propensity for catching fire, a hazardous defect that poses a severe risk to occupants and other road users.

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Apart from engine-related concerns, the 2011 model has also faced complaints about difficulty shifting gears, impacting the overall driving experience.

Moreover, there have been reports of oil filter housing gasket leaks, which can result in oil leakage and potential engine damage.

2012 MINI Countryman

The 2012 model year shares similar engine-related problems with its predecessor. Engine failure and the risk of catching fire have been observed in the 2012 MINI Countryman as well.

Additionally, this year’s model experienced turbo failures at around 80,000 miles, adding to its reliability woes.

Such turbo failures can lead to reduced performance and the need for expensive repairs.

2013 MINI Countryman

The 2013 model year may not suffer from engine issues as severely as the 2011 and 2012 models, but it still has its share of serious defects.

One notable incident reported in the 2013 Countryman was the sunroof explosion at just 11,000 miles.

Sunroof explosions pose a significant safety risk, potentially causing harm to occupants and creating hazardous driving conditions.

Some owners of the 2013 model have also experienced stuttering and clutch failure at around 15,000 miles, affecting the vehicle’s drivability and performance.

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Moreover, the 2013 MINI Countryman has faced problems with its emission system, potentially leading to environmental issues and increased maintenance costs.

MINI Cooper Countryman Best Years

The MINI Cooper, known for its distinctive charm and sporty driving characteristics, has captivated automotive enthusiasts since its relaunch by BMW in 2001.

MINI Cooper Countryman Best Years

However, for those seeking a unique vehicle with additional passenger space and utility, the MINI Cooper Countryman emerges as the perfect choice.

This stylish and compact SUV combines MINI’s iconic design with the ruggedness and versatility of a modern SUV, making it an excellent option for adventurous souls who need both style and functionality.

When considering a used MINI Countryman, it’s essential to choose a model year that offers reliability and a delightful driving experience.

We’ll explore all generations of the MINI Countryman to determine the most reliable years and provide valuable insights for prospective buyers.

We recommend a set of reliable MINI Countryman year models that ensure you ride in style, wherever your adventures take you.

Recommended MINI Countryman Year Models:

  • 2010 MINI Countryman
  • 2014 MINI Countryman
  • 2015 MINI Countryman
  • 2016 MINI Countryman
  • 2017 MINI Countryman
  • 2018 MINI Countryman
  • 2019 MINI Countryman
  • 2020 MINI Countryman

2014 MINI Countryman – An Exceptional Choice

Among the highly reliable MINI Countryman year models mentioned above, the 2014 model stands out as an exceptional choice with only one noteworthy complaint.

One customer reported a cylinder head gasket leak at 14,000 miles, which is an isolated incident and unlikely to affect other vehicles.

Therefore, we confidently recommend the 2014 model alongside the other reliable options.

2018 MINI Countryman – A Blend of Performance and Comfort

MINI Cooper Countryman Best Years

The 2018 MINI Countryman received widespread acclaim for its agile handling, upscale and spacious interior, and potent available engines.

Reviewers praised its sporty handling and comfortable ride quality, with the S and John Cooper Works models offering a more spirited performance.

However, some reviewers noted that the pricing of the 2018 Countryman could be higher than some rivals, especially with optional features added.

Cargo space, a characteristic MINI drawback, was also a point of consideration.

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On the reliability front, the 2018 Countryman earned an impressive 5.0 out of 5.0 rating from Consumer Reports, indicating its robust performance.

Additionally, it scored 3.0 out of 5.0 for owner satisfaction. The compact SUV performed well in various major trouble spots, including the engine, engine cooling, transmission, drive system, electric system, suspension, and body hardware.

While a used 2018 MINI Countryman may come with a higher price tag ranging from $17,500 to $32,988, it offers an array of features and long-term reliability.

2017 MINI Countryman – A Solid Redesign

MINI Cooper Countryman Best Years

The 2017 MINI Countryman witnessed a full redesign, resulting in increased size and interior space, along with advanced technology. The redesign also brought mechanical changes aimed at enhancing reliability and performance.

While the 2017 model generally proved to be reliable, a few owners reported electrical problems and premature wear of interior components.

However, with only five documented complaints by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the 2017 Countryman is a solid candidate for one of the most reliable MINI Countryman years.

2013 MINI Cooper Countryman – A Top Pick for First Generation

MINI Cooper Countryman Best Years

The 2013 MINI Cooper Countryman stands out as one of the best years of the first-generation Countryman.

U.S. News recognized it as the #1 Affordable Subcompact SUV, praising its agile handling, fun driving dynamics, and excellent safety ratings.

While the infotainment system and engine power received mixed reviews, the Countryman’s higher ride height and available all-wheel drive were notable advantages.

Potential buyers should be mindful of some reported mechanical issues, including engine and transmission problems, as well as electrical issues and high repair costs.

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Additionally, there was a recall involving the control module in the footwell that could short circuit. Nevertheless, the 2013 model remains a highly reliable choice, provided it’s a properly maintained unit.

MINI Cooper Countryman Problems

The MINI Countryman, a stylish and versatile compact SUV, has won the hearts of many automotive enthusiasts with its iconic design and agile handling.

However, like any vehicle, it’s not without its share of common problems.

MINI Cooper Countryman Problems

We will explore some of the most frequently reported MINI Cooper Countryman problems, with a special focus on the models to avoid.

By understanding these issues and their potential solutions, you can make an informed decision when considering a used MINI Countryman.

1. Transmission Problems

One of the most commonly reported issues in the MINI Countryman is related to its transmission. Numerous models are susceptible to transmission problems, including abnormal noises, delayed shifting, excessive vibrations, and unexpected acceleration jumps.

Experts recommend regular transmission checks and prompt action if any symptoms arise.

Addressing transmission issues early can help prevent more severe damage and expensive repairs down the road.

2. Shattering/Exploding Sunroof

Among the reported problems, the 2013 MINI Countryman stands out with a significant issue related to its sunroof. In some cases, the sunroof has been reported to shatter following an explosive sound.

To address this safety concern, owners are advised to replace the sunroof with shatterproof glass.

This replacement will help ensure the safety of occupants and protect against potential injuries caused by sunroof failures.

3. Engine Overheating

Owners of the 2012 MINI Countryman have reported engine overheating as a common problem. When the engine overheats, drivers may notice illuminated check engine lights, coolant leakage, and blown head gaskets.

The issue is often attributed to faulty core plugs and coolant leaks.

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Regular maintenance and inspections can help detect and address these problems early, preventing potential engine damage and ensuring optimal performance.

4. Internal Oil Leaks

Another notable problem with the 2012 MINI Countryman is internal oil leaks. Unlike typical oil leaks visible outside the vehicle, these internal leaks are harder to detect.

According to reports, the oil may drip through the wiring sheath and potentially reach the electronic control unit (ECU).

This can result in a short circuit and lead to severe damage. Regular maintenance and thorough inspections can help identify and address internal oil leaks before they escalate into more significant issues.

Is the Mini Cooper Countryman reliable?

Yes, according to the 2020 What Car? Reliability Survey, the Mini Cooper Countryman has proven to be a reliable vehicle. Mini, as a brand, finished in an impressive 4th place out of 31 manufacturers, and the Countryman itself was reported to be the most dependable car in the small SUV class.

With such positive reliability ratings, owners can feel confident in the vehicle’s performance, and the three-year, unlimited mileage warranty provides additional peace of mind.

Does Mini Countryman hold their value?

Yes, MINI Countryman models tend to hold their value well. As part of the iconic brand, MINIs enjoy luxury status, contributing to their low rate of depreciation. On average, across all current MINI models, the mean rate of depreciation is approximately 25% of the purchase price when new after three years.

This suggests that owning a MINI Countryman can be a sound investment, as its value is likely to retain relatively well over time.

Is the Mini Cooper Countryman good for long drives?

Absolutely! The MINI Countryman is well-suited for long drives, offering a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the road. Whether you’re embarking on a road trip or a scenic journey, the Countryman is designed to provide a delightful driving experience.

Alongside the new 5dr Hatchback, the MINI Countryman is hailed as a perfect road trip car.

Its comfortable interior, agile handling, and iconic design make long drives a pleasure, and drivers can fully appreciate the journey as well as the destination when behind the wheel of a MINI Countryman.


The MINI Cooper Countryman has earned its reputation as a reliable and enjoyable compact SUV. With its distinctive charm, agile handling, and spacious interior, it appeals to a broad range of adventurous drivers.

The 2020 What Car? Reliability Survey placed MINI in an impressive 4th place out of 31 manufacturers, with the Countryman being recognized as the most dependable car in the small SUV class.

This accolade provides reassurance to potential buyers that they can count on the Countryman’s reliability.

Moreover, MINI Countryman models hold their value remarkably well, thanks to the iconic brand’s luxury status. With a relatively low rate of depreciation, owning a MINI Countryman can be a wise investment.

For long drives, the MINI Countryman is an ideal companion, offering a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

However, it’s essential to be mindful of certain model years when considering a used MINI Cooper Countryman.

As indicated in the article, the 2011, 2012, and 2013 models have reported safety hazards, including engine failures, fires, and other defects. These are the MINI Cooper Countryman years to avoid to ensure a safe and reliable driving experience.