Most Expensive Car Brands to Maintain

Most expensive car brands to maintain – The salesperson won’t discuss how much it will cost to maintain and repair a car or truck during its lifetime when you’re buying one. They don’t want you to think about those unpleasant but necessary expenses. They are a significant expense of owning a vehicle, so we do want you to pay attention to them.

It will eventually reveal whether your car is a fantastic value or a mobile money pit.

For years, we have been examining millions of car listings and other automotive data points to make sure that we are giving you reliable information on which you can base your selections.

As the voice of automobile buyers, we think that consumers need and deserve transparency, and we have given it to you. The rankings for all brands are simply below.

List of the Most Expensive Cars to Maintain:

Based on estimates of total vehicle maintenance over a 10-year period, BMW tops the list as the most expensive car brand to maintain, followed by Mercedes-Benz.

BMW: $26,364

BMW - most expensive cars to maintain

BMW has a large selection of automobiles, including sports cars and opulent crossovers. Owning this luxury car might be pricey for anyone due to the cost of replacing necessary car parts and the difficulty of performing maintenance.

Each car is made by the best engineers in the world, therefore it is designed to last for many years with no problems.

However, due to the severity of the problem, when a breakdown does occur, it frequently costs thousands of dollars to fix.

Mecedes-Benz: $19,106

Mercedes-Benz - most expensive cars brands to maintain

Similar to BMW, replacing crucial Mercedes-Benz parts can cost thousands of dollars out of pocket for people without warranty protection.

All cars were built by top engineers from around the world, which makes repairs more difficult to accomplish.

Even used automobiles cost thousands more to maintain than a Honda or Toyota, so if money is tight, having the proper extended warranty in place that covers both is essential.

Cadillac: $18,512

Cadillac - most expensive cars to maintain

Many buyers look to Cadillac, a reputable carmaker, for comfortable, high-quality automobiles. The cost of new components and the length of repair times, however, remain constant.

The total cost of ownership for a Cadillac is made up largely of maintenance and retail charges.

Although they have created automobiles that are more affordable, these vehicles are still a little more difficult to maintain than others, which raises the cost of maintenance.

Volvo: $18,512

Volvo - most expensive cars to maintain

The technology and engineering used in imported cars are far more advanced than those used in indigenous cars in the US.

Without factoring in insurance and other fees, owning a Volvo without an extended warranty may cost you up to $12,500 only in maintenance.

Audi: $18,362

Audi - most expensive cars to maintain

The fifth-placed Audi follows the trend of foreign automakers dominating this ranking. Because they create automobiles across the whole price spectrum, the German luxury car manufacturer Audi and BMW are quite comparable.

They have everything from inexpensive commuter cars to expensive sports automobiles.

Audi automobiles include amazing technology, which is also the reason maintenance on them is so expensive.

Additionally, they will require more expensive replacement components than usual, raising the overall maintenance cost.

Saturn: $18,362

Saturn - most expensive cars to maintain

The first domestic car on our list is a Saturn, which you may not expect to have a high maintenance expense.

Many people anticipate that Saturn maintenance expenses will be reasonable because their cars are reasonably priced and they are homegrown carmakers.

Although this is true for the majority of Saturns, the biggest expense stems from how frequently old cars need to be maintained and repaired.

You may anticipate spending plenty of time and money fixing your Saturn as they are known to have frequent problems.

Mercury: $17,767

Mercury - most expensive cars to maintain

Another domestic car that falls into the same category as Saturn automobiles in terms of needing frequent repairs is Mercury, which is owned by Ford.

The cost of parts and labor for a Mercury vehicle is generally pretty reasonable; the price you pay will depend on how frequently your car has to be repaired.

The price of repair components will rise over time when Mercury cars are no longer manufactured.

Pontiac: $17,471

Pontiac - most expensive cars brands to maintain

GM’s Pontiac division was established in 1926 and produced its final car in 2009. The replacement of the intake manifold gasket was the main issue that Pontiac experienced. reports that this problem occurred 19 times more frequently than in the typical commuter car.

Since Pontiac is no longer in business, the cost of OEM replacement components will inevitably go up as demand grows.

While buying a Pontiac may be affordable these days, it’s important to think about how much you might pay over time.

Chrysler: $15,693

Chrysler - most expensive cars brands to maintain

Chrysler is a relatively broad automaker, offering vehicles ranging from cheap commuter cars to higher-end luxury automobiles.

In the United States, Chrysler is one of the Big Three automakers and has been making cars for a while.

You may anticipate that the components and labor expenses will be a bit more than average due to the complexity and technology that go into Chrysler automobiles.

Dodge: $15,693

Dodge - most expensive cars to maintain

Last but not least is Dodge, another significant American domestic automaker. Dodge manufactures a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and full-size pickup trucks.

While Dodge does produce a number of high-end sports cars, such as the Demon and Hellcat, the expense of keeping these cars is greatest when you consider how frequently you must fix them.

Despite being extremely well made, Dodge cars are known for needing frequent repairs.

You need coverage you can rely on because you never know when a breakdown will occur. Real car experts created plans to ensure that there is a choice for everyone, including Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, and Subaru. With the right vehicle protection in place, you can enjoy peace of mind right away.