Nissan NV200 Years To Avoid (Best and Worst)

Nissan NV200 Years To Avoid – Discovering the perfect vehicle to drive your small business or urban delivery service forward is an exciting journey. And in the world of compact cargo vans, the Nissan NV200 shines as a versatile, efficient, and budget-friendly option that has captured the attention of many in the commercial vehicle sector.

Now, let’s set the record straight from the get-go. This isn’t the type of vehicle that will turn heads with its flashy aesthetics or send your adrenaline soaring with its performance.

The Nissan NV200 has a different purpose altogether: catering to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses seeking reliability and cost-effectiveness in their daily operations.

Picture delivery services, skilled tradespeople, and enterprises dependent on frequent equipment and cargo transfers.

The NV200 serves as a trusty work companion for these tasks, especially in the bustling confines of urban landscapes where space is a precious commodity.

But here’s the twist: if you’re considering a pre-owned Nissan NV200, it’s only natural to wonder about its track record when it comes to long-term reliability.

And that’s where we step in to guide you through the maze of possibilities.

Today, our focus narrows down to a specific aspect – the Nissan NV200 years to avoid if you’re in the market for a used model.

Nissan NV200 Years To Avoid

We’ll delve into the reasons behind these less-than-optimal years and provide the insights you need to make an informed decision.

Let’s dive into the specifics and ensure your journey toward a dependable used NV200 is a smooth and successful one.

Nissan NV200 Years To Avoid

When it comes to choosing a vehicle for your business or personal use, reliability is a key factor. The Nissan NV200, a compact cargo van catering to small businesses and urban delivery services, has gained attention for its efficiency and affordability.

However, not all model years are created equal, and some might leave you dealing with unexpected headaches.

We’ll delve into the details of the Nissan NV200 years to avoid due to potential reliability issues, as well as insights into the problems that have plagued these specific model years.

2013 Nissan NV200: The Rocky Start

Sage advice suggests that the first production years of any vehicle should be approached cautiously, as manufacturers often need time to address initial “bugs” or issues.

Unfortunately, the 2013 Nissan NV200 falls into this category. CarComplaints, a platform that compiles owner complaints and recalls, documents 48 complaints and four recalls for the 2013 NV200.

A noteworthy concern revolves around tire problems, ranging from cupping to premature wear.

Users reported alarming instances of tires wearing out at remarkably low mileage, with some replacements necessitated as early as 25,000 miles.

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The presence of cupped tires further underscores potential suspension issues, casting a shadow over this particular model year.

2014 Nissan NV200: Tire Troubles Persist

The following year, the 2014 Nissan NV200 aimed to improve upon its predecessor’s issues but continued to grapple with tire problems. CarComplaints recorded 34 complaints and one recall for the 2014 NV200.

Premature tire wear remained a primary complaint, hinting at potential manufacturing or design flaws.

A troubling case detailed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) highlighted significant front and rear tire wear within a short period, despite regular maintenance and rotation.

Additionally, transmission problems emerged as another concern, with instances of transmission replacement after relatively low mileage.

Some owners found themselves struggling with transmission gear changes, even resorting to warming up the vehicle for extended periods to alleviate the issue.

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2015 Nissan NV200: A Familiar Tale

The 2015 Nissan NV200 carried forward a notorious trend—premature tire wear. This issue, though not exclusive to this model year, persisted. Larger vehicles like commercial vans are prone to tire problems, often related to misalignment.

Irregular tire wear can signal suspension issues, further complicating matters for owners.

Transmission woes also resurfaced in the 2015 model, with reports of clattering noises and unusual behavior from the continuously variable transmission (CVT).

2018 Nissan NV200: Safety Concerns Surface

In the world of the Nissan NV200, the 2018 model year stands out as relatively reliable. Nevertheless, certain issues should give potential buyers pause.

One of the notable concerns revolves around door locks.

Owners reported instances where rear and passenger sliding doors failed to unlock, necessitating manual intervention from inside the vehicle. This poses a significant safety risk during emergencies when swift exits are imperative.

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Nissan NV200 Best Years

When it comes to finding the ideal Nissan NV200 model year, a trio of exceptional years shines with unparalleled promise: 2012, 2018, and 2021.

These standout years unveil a tale of excellence amidst the NV200 lineup, proving that not all years are created equal.

Nissan NV200 Best Years

Let’s embark on a journey to explore the distinct features that make these years the cream of the crop.

2012 Nissan NV200: A Pioneer of Comfort and Style

The 2012 Nissan NV200 stands as a significant milestone in the lineage, marking its debut in the American market.

Far from a mere introduction, this year boasts a combination of comfort, style, and fuel efficiency. While some might argue that the NV200’s overall model years don’t necessarily exude remarkable attributes, the 2012 model is a bright exception.

It heralds the beginning of a legacy by providing a taste of what’s to come.

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2018 Nissan NV200: Versatility and Practicality United

In the realm of NV200 excellence, the 2018 model year emerges as a prime contender. Known for its versatility, the 2018 NV200 boasts an array of configurations, capable of accommodating up to 12 passengers.

This adaptable powerhouse offers a solution for both personal and business needs, ensuring every journey is met with convenience and ample space.

With high roof options amplifying its utility, this year’s model has garnered a series of positive reviews, showcasing the comfort and practicality inherent in its design.

The 2018 NV200 is not just a vehicle; it’s a testament to Nissan’s commitment to addressing various lifestyles and demands.

2021 Nissan NV200: Reliability Refined

For those seeking unwavering reliability, the 2021 Nissan NV200 stands as the epitome of excellence.

As the most recent year offered by the manufacturer, it encapsulates the advancements and refinements that come with a decade of NV200 evolution.

The 2021 NV200 presents a compelling case for consideration, substantiated by the acclaim it has garnered. aptly highlights its expansive passenger space, accommodating up to 12 individuals alongside a staggering 300 cubic feet of cargo room. Powered by a robust V8 engine, the 2021 variant seamlessly marries power with performance.

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What truly sets the 2021 NV200 apart is its infusion of modern, intuitive technologies.

As the automotive landscape evolves, this model year keeps pace with innovations that enhance the driving experience.

Notably, the exceptional gas mileage of 25 miles per gallon in both city and highway settings ensures that efficiency is not sacrificed for power.

In essence, the 2021 Nissan NV200 encapsulates the zenith of reliability, delivering a harmonious blend of space, power, and cutting-edge technology.

Nissan NV200 Problems

As you embark on the journey of acquiring a used Nissan NV200, it’s imperative to familiarize yourself with potential pitfalls.

While the Nissan NV200 is renowned for its utility and versatility, like any vehicle, it has its fair share of common problems that prudent buyers should be aware of.

Nissan NV200 Problems

We delve into the prevalent Nissan NV200 problems and offer insights into each issue.

1. Premature Tire Wear: A Common Conundrum

Topping the list of common Nissan NV200 problems is premature tire wear. According to, owners have encountered instances where their tires wear out earlier than anticipated.

This issue has prompted concerns about the vehicle’s longevity and overall driving experience.

Although not a catastrophic problem, it is an inconvenience that might lead to unexpected expenses for tire replacements.

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2. Recalcitrant Door Locks: A Nuisance to Navigators

Another recurring problem that Nissan NV200 owners have faced involves door locks that don’t function as intended.

This might manifest as difficulty in unlocking or locking doors using remote controls or interior mechanisms.

While not a critical issue, it can be bothersome and potentially lead to security concerns.

Imagine being unable to access your vehicle due to a malfunctioning door lock. As with any automotive issue, prompt attention is key to prevent the inconvenience from escalating.

3. Cupped Rear Tires: The Bumpy Ride

Cupped rear tires emerge as an additional thorn in the side of some Nissan NV200 owners. This phenomenon, where the tires develop uneven wear patterns, could be indicative of suspension or alignment issues.

While not a dire problem, it can impact the vehicle’s handling and overall ride comfort.

Addressing this issue in a timely manner ensures a smoother, safer driving experience.

4. Rattling Sunroof: A Source of Auditory Aggravation

Some Nissan NV200 owners have encountered a distinct problem with the sunroof – a rattling noise that emanates from it during driving.

This issue, while not affecting the vehicle’s core functionality, can be an auditory annoyance that diminishes the overall driving experience.

Although not a safety concern, it underscores the importance of regular maintenance and addressing even seemingly minor issues to ensure an optimal driving environment.

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5. Airbag Anomalies: A Concern for Safety

Of the Nissan NV200 problems reported, airbag-related issues have also surfaced. While not a widespread problem, any malfunction or anomaly in the airbag system could compromise passenger safety in the event of an accident.

These concerns reinforce the importance of maintaining and inspecting safety systems to ensure they are functioning as intended.

Are Nissan NV200 Reliable?

When considering the reliability of the Nissan NV200, it’s important to acknowledge the presence of several exceptional years within its lineup. asserts that the Nissan NV200 garners a commendable reliability rating of four out of five, a notable score compared to other commercial vans.

This sentiment aligns with the assessment from, affirming the Nissan NV200’s status as a dependable vehicle overall.

It’s crucial, however, to recognize the variability inherent in its reliability, contingent on the specific model year you opt for.

While the Nissan NV200 line boasts overall reliability, it’s crucial to note that individual years within this range are not exempt from issues.

To mitigate potential future challenges and financial strains, it’s advisable to invest in a well-regarded model year.

Ensuring your choice aligns with one of the most reliable Nissan NV200 years will go a long way in preventing significant headaches and unforeseen expenses down the road.

Are Nissan NV200s Expensive to Maintain?

Following the purchase of a used Nissan NV200, regular maintenance is a necessity. According to, the average annual maintenance cost for a pre-owned Nissan NV200 hovers around $645.

This figure places the maintenance cost within a reasonable range, particularly given that many routine fixes won’t incur exorbitant charges.

It’s important to acknowledge that while maintenance costs remain manageable, some repair scenarios might demand a more substantial financial commitment.

For instance, the replacement of an air-conditioning evaporator temperature sensor could cost around $1000, while other tasks such as cooling system changes might be considerably less, potentially under $400.

Additionally, inspections for specific issues, like drive axle assembly leaks, could entail costs as modest as $50.

Why did Nissan stop the NV200?

Nissan’s decision to discontinue the production of the NV200 stems from the realization that sales failed to meet the anticipated market share objectives. In response to this circumstance, Enterprise Fleet Management offers guidance to clients utilizing these affected Nissan models.

They suggest either expediting orders to meet Nissan’s deadlines or considering alternative vehicle options that align with their requirements.

The discontinuation of the NV200 underscores the intricate interplay between market demand and production decisions.


In the realm of automotive decisions, the reliability and maintenance costs of the Nissan NV200 hold paramount importance. As we’ve explored the landscape of Nissan NV200’s problems and solutions, it’s evident that while this line boasts a commendable overall reliability rating, careful consideration of specific model years is essential.

The presence of exceptional years, such as the 2012, 2018, and 2021 models, demonstrates the potential for a rewarding ownership experience.

While the allure of the Nissan NV200’s versatility and functionality is undeniable, it’s crucial to remember that not all years are created equal.

Prudent buyers would do well to avoid the pitfalls outlined in the Nissan NV200 Years to Avoid.

By steering clear of problematic model years and selecting one of the more reliable options, you’re taking a proactive step towards ensuring a smooth and satisfying journey on the road ahead.

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