Volvo V50 Problems: Should Be Aware Of

Volvo V50 Problems – The Volvo V50, part of the second-generation S40 lineup, marked a new era for the Swedish automaker. Departing from their traditional emphasis on spaciousness and angular design, Volvo introduced these compact cars with a sleek and modern aesthetic.

The V50, particularly the estate variant, offered a balance between style and cabin space, resonating well with consumers.

Consequently, these cars flooded the market, presenting an enticing option for budget-conscious buyers and DIY mechanics like yourself.

However, despite its popularity, the Volvo V50, like any vehicle, isn’t without its share of common issues. If you’re considering purchasing or already owning a V50, being aware of potential problems can save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Volvo V50 Problems

Owning a Volvo V50 offers a blend of style and functionality, but like any vehicle, it’s susceptible to certain common issues.

Recognizing these problems is crucial for maintaining your V50’s performance and avoiding potential headaches down the road.

Volvo V50 Problems

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore prevalent Volvo V50 problems and suggest viable solutions.

1. Faulty Audio System Screen

  • Issue: The audio system screen goes blank or freezes.
  • Solution: While the audio system continues functioning, a blank or frozen screen can be rectified through a software upgrade. Volvo dealers often provide this upgrade at no cost, ensuring your entertainment system operates seamlessly.

2. High-Pitched Sound When Steering

  • Issue: Unusual noise emanating from the steering column during turns.
  • Solution: The source of this sound often lies in the contact between the air conditioning accumulator and the power steering pump. Safeguard against this by securing the accumulator away from the pump, eliminating the unpleasant noise.

3. Clunking While Driving

  • Issue: Audible clunking noise, especially noticeable when applying brakes with 16″ wheels.
  • Solution: Vulnerable front brake caliper support brackets could be the cause. Upgrading to sturdier brackets available in parts stores, along with replacing worn brake pads, ensures smoother and quieter braking performance.

4. Car Alarm Going Off

  • Issue: Sudden activation of the anti-theft alarm during driving.
  • Solution: An underlying fault in the central communications module might necessitate replacing the module to resolve this unexpected alarm activation.

5. Bumpy Driving

  • Issue: Feeling every road imperfection due to worn suspension.
  • Solution: As the V50’s heavy engine contributes to suspension wear, regularly inspect suspension arms and bushes. Consider replacing sections or the entire suspension system from reliable parts suppliers as the wear increases with age and mileage.

6. Overheating Engine

  • Issue: Swift engine overheating and a sweet aroma post-drive indicate a coolant leak.
  • Solution: The probable culprit is a loose hose connection between the coolant expansion tank and the bleed hose. Timely replacement of these components from a reliable parts list can prevent severe engine damage.

7. Loss Of Brake Power

  • Issue: Increased pressure is required on the brake pedal to stop the car.
  • Solution: A malfunctioning non-return valve in the vacuum pressure pump might necessitate valve replacement to restore normal brake pressure and ensure safe braking performance.

8. Sudden Clutch Problems

  • Issue: Unexpected clutch failure, a potential hazard during high-speed driving.
  • Solution: Addressing a known Volvo recall issue involves replacing the clutch master cylinder with an upgraded metal push rod, ensuring reliable clutch operation and driving safety.

9. Knocking From Engine

  • Issue: Audible knocking noise, illuminated check engine light, and intermittent engine starting problems indicate timing belt and tensioner issues.
  • Solution: Swift replacement of these components, available through reliable parts suppliers, prevents catastrophic engine failure and ensures smooth engine operation.

10. Clicking Noise From Under The Car

  • Issue: Audible clicking during driving indicates worn lower suspension arms and drop links.
  • Solution: Replacement of these worn components is crucial for safe driving. Suspension arms are easier to replace, while drop links might require additional guidance from available online resources.

11. Water in Front Footwells

  • Issue: Water leakage in the front footwells due to blocked sunroof drains.
  • Solution: Unblock the drains and dry out the carpets to prevent moisture and potential damage inside the car.

12. Front Suspension Problems

  • Issue: Knocking noise when turning the steering wheel, is often linked to a problem with a retaining nut.
  • Solution: Replacing the retaining nut resolves this issue, ensuring smoother and quieter steering performance.

13. Handbrake Cap Broken

  • Issue: Fragile handbrake cap breaking easily.
  • Solution: Replace the handbrake cap to restore the handbrake lever’s functionality and aesthetics.

14. Air Conditioning Problems

  • Issue: Damaged air conditioning condenser, affecting the system’s cooling ability.
  • Solution: Replacement of the condenser becomes essential to restore proper air conditioning function and comfort while driving.

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Understanding and addressing these common Volvo V50 problems promptly can significantly prolong the vehicle’s lifespan and enhance the driving experience.

Volvo V50 Problems

Are Volvo V50’s reliable?

Yes, the Volvo V50 holds a five-star EuroNCAP rating, showcasing Volvo’s renowned commitment to safety. This rating contributes to its reputation for reliability and safety features.

How many miles can a Volvo V50 last?

With regular maintenance and proper care, Volvo vehicles, including the V50, are known to last over 200,000 miles. Factors such as maintenance routines and driving habits significantly influence the vehicle’s longevity.

Is the Volvo V50 expensive to maintain?

The average annual repair cost for a Volvo stands at $769, which is slightly above average in terms of ownership costs. However, with an average of 0.5 visits to a repair shop per year and a 9% chance of a severe repair, it maintains a reasonable maintenance record compared to other vehicles.

Is a Volvo V50 a good used car?

The Volvo V50, particularly the T5 AWD trim, is highly recommended for its responsive performance, all-weather capability, comfort, style, and fuel efficiency.

According to a satisfied owner with years of trouble-free ownership, it’s a standout choice in its class, especially for those seeking an AWD wagon.


Despite its reputable safety features and endurance—garnering a five-star EuroNCAP rating and a potential lifespan exceeding 200,000 miles—this model, like any vehicle, faces its set of challenges.

Being aware of these common Volvo V50 problems empowers owners to take proactive measures in maintenance and repairs.

Considering the average annual repair costs and occasional visits to repair shops, the V50 might require slightly higher-than-average maintenance expenses.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t detract from its overall reliability and performance, particularly highlighted by satisfied owners praising its T5 AWD trim for its versatile, all-weather capabilities.

With proper care and attention to identified issues, the Volvo V50 remains a compelling choice in the compact car segment. Remember, staying informed about Volvo V50 problems ensures that owners can address concerns promptly, enhancing the vehicle’s longevity and driving satisfaction.

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