Why Are BMW 6 Series So Cheap? Let’s Find Out

Why Are BMW 6 Series So Cheap – When it comes to luxury German cars, there’s an interesting phenomenon at play in the American market.

This raises a pertinent question: Why do BMW 6 Series vehicles, renowned for their opulence and performance, often come with surprisingly affordable price tags?

Luxury German cars, known for their impeccable craftsmanship and performance, often come with a hefty price tag.

Why Are BMW 6 Series So Cheap

However, when it comes to the BMW 6 Series, you might be wondering why these prestigious vehicles can be found at surprisingly affordable prices.

Let’s delve into the reasons behind this phenomenon.

Reason Why Are BMW 6 Series So Cheap?

The BMW 6 Series offers an attractive option due to factors such as depreciation, market oversaturation, discontinuation, and aging models.

While they may not carry the same initial sticker shock as a brand-new model, a well-maintained used BMW 6 Series can provide a taste of luxury and performance at a more accessible price point.

Why Are BMW 6 Series So Cheap

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1. Perception vs. Reality

The perception of German reliability versus the reality is a crucial factor. While it’s true that German engineering exudes a reputation for excellence, it’s not without its maintenance demands.

Those adept at automotive DIY find the overall cost of ownership to be comparable to more commonplace vehicles.

However, certain repairs, such as the intricate v8’s valve seals on the 6 Series, can be substantial.

2. Scare of Repair Costs

A significant reason behind the affordability of the BMW 6 Series lies in apprehensions about repair expenses. These luxury vehicles, though marvelous in design and performance, are notorious for their costly upkeep.

Every component, from minor repairs to major replacements, comes with a premium.

Dreaming of cruising in a 6 Series convertible at a substantial discount is tempered by the realization that any repairs might deal a hefty blow to the bank account.

Moreover, these cars aren’t celebrated for their bulletproof reliability either.

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3. Balancing Luxury and Practicality

When contemplating a purchase, considerations for a family-friendly option came to the fore. An M6 cab seemed like the perfect blend of speed, handling, quality, and usable seating for both adults and children.

The allure of the V10 engine was undeniable, even if fuel consumption compared to peers was a concern.

Yet, the M6 fell short of captivating due to its interior and exterior aesthetics. While impressive on paper, it lacked the emotional connection needed to make the investment worthwhile.

4. Financial Preparedness

Beyond the initial cost, factors like excess options and consumables management weigh in. While predictable costs like consumables can be planned for, unexpected expenses like ABS units or i-Drive repairs can amount to four-figure sums.

Even with a contingency fund in place, an unforeseen event early into ownership could render it insufficient.

It’s a reminder that ownership of such a vehicle comes with potential bills that far exceed the typical car.

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5. Market Dynamics

Several market dynamics play into the affordability of the BMW 6 Series. Limited demand even under optimal conditions is one facet. These cars, though aesthetically pleasing, lack the practicality that would appeal to a broader consumer base.

Additionally, the cost of owning a new 6 Series often dissuades buyers from considering used options, especially without a warranty.

This dynamic means that a significant portion of potential buyers for used 6 Series vehicles in a specific price range is notably small, influencing pricing trends.

6. Depreciation

A central factor influencing the accessibility of BMW 6 Series vehicles is depreciation. Luxury cars, including BMWs, tend to experience more rapid depreciation than their counterparts.

This means that even a few years after purchase, the value of a 6 Series can drop significantly, making it more attainable in the used car market.

7. Market Oversaturation:

Another contributing element is market oversaturation. With a high supply of BMWs in the market due to trade-ins, the availability of used 6 Series models increases.

This heightened availability leads to more competitive pricing and makes it easier for buyers to find these vehicles at lower price points.

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8. Discontinuation

The discontinuation of the BMW 6 Series in 2018 has further impacted its pricing. With decreased demand over time, prices on the used market have naturally lowered.

There’s also speculation about a potential merger of the 4 and 8 Series into a new 6 Series range in 2026, which could exert additional downward pressure on prices.

9. Aging Models

As the BMW 6 Series models age, they may necessitate more maintenance and repairs, potentially making them less appealing to prospective buyers.

This reduced demand ultimately leads to lower prices for older 6 Series cars.

For instance, earlier models from 2004-2006 can be found for around $10,000, depending on factors like mileage, age, and condition.

Why was the BMW 6 Series Discontinued?

The BMW 6 Series was discontinued primarily due to low sales figures, particularly in its home market of Germany. In 2022, only 509 units were registered, and halfway through 2023, a mere 237 units had been sold in the country.

This made it the worst-performing model for BMW, leading to the decision to discontinue it.

Is it Worth Buying a BMW 6 Series?

Whether or not it’s worth buying a BMW 6 Series depends on your specific needs and expectations. The 6 Series is a fantastic long-distance cruiser, offering a luxurious cabin, a spacious boot, superb build quality, and effortless performance.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that it’s best viewed as a two-seater due to limited space in the back.

If you’re comfortable with this limitation and prioritize the other qualities it offers, you’re unlikely to be disappointed with a BMW 6 Series.


The affordability of BMW 6 Series vehicles arises from a confluence of factors. Depreciation, market dynamics, discontinuation, and aging models all contribute to their accessible price points.

They may not carry the same initial sticker shock as a brand-new model, but a well-maintained used BMW 6 Series can provide a taste of luxury and performance at a more accessible price point.

For those seeking a taste of luxury and performance without breaking the bank, a well-maintained BMW 6 Series presents an attractive option. So, when pondering, Why are BMW 6 Series so cheap? the interplay of these elements holds the answer. Happy car hunting!

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