Why Are Chevy Equinox So Cheap? Let’s Find Out

Why Are Chevy Equinox So Cheap? It’s a valid inquiry, especially when you consider the reputation and quality that the Chevrolet brand is known for.

To grasp why Chevy Equinox vehicles often come with a more accessible price tag, it’s essential to consider the broader automotive market.

Chevrolet, like many other reputable car manufacturers, competes in a highly dynamic industry.

This competition drives companies to find ways to offer competitive pricing without compromising quality.

In a market inundated with assumptions about vehicle quality, it’s crucial to uncover the truth about this compact SUV.

The Chevrolet Equinox often raises eyebrows with its accessible price tag, prompting many to question the reasons behind its affordability.

Why Are Chevy Equinox So Cheap

This article aims to dissect the factors contributing to the affordability of Chevy Equinox models, dispelling misconceptions and shedding light on why it stands as a compelling choice for many.

The Reason Why Are Chevy Equinox So Cheap?

1. Quality Perception vs. Reality

When it comes to assessing the value of a vehicle, it’s easy to fall prey to preconceived notions. Some may assume that the lower price of the Chevy Equinox reflects compromised quality.

However, Consumer Reports’ rankings challenge this assumption, positioning the Equinox among the top five in the Compact SUV class.

In fact, it boasts a predicted reliability that rivals some of the most esteemed competitors in its category.

2. Long-Term Investment Perspective

One of the reasons behind the relatively lower prices of Chevy Equinox models on the resale market lies in the misconceptions surrounding its quality.

Many potential buyers may overlook this gem, inadvertently affecting its resale value.

However, for those seeking a reliable long-term vehicle, the Equinox presents an excellent opportunity for bargain hunters.

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3. Real-World Experiences: A Testimonial

To provide an insider’s perspective, one owner shared their experience with Equinox. This individual drove a 2010 model for an astounding 215,000 miles, requiring only routine maintenance.

A throttle body replacement at 130,000 miles, a tune-up, and a belt change at 100,000 miles were the only notable repairs.

Front and rear brake replacements occurred well into the vehicle’s high-mileage life.

The owner also noted that despite the power steering leak and minor front-end noises at the end of its lifespan, the Equinox continued to function admirably.

4. Supply and Demand Dynamics

Why Are Chevy Equinox So Cheap

Working at a Chevrolet dealership, the owner shed light on the soaring popularity of the Equinox. In fact, it’s consistently the most sought-after SUV, creating high demand and sometimes limited availability.

This popularity stems from Equinox’s reputation as a reliable and cost-effective choice, which has led to a surge in demand.

5. GM’s Restructuring and Production Trends

GM’s strategic restructuring included a significant reduction in production capacity, a pivot from their previous overproduction woes. The Equinox, among other models, has felt the effects of this shift, leading to occasional shortages.

This strategic move aims to ensure that each Equinox rolling off the production line meets the highest standards of quality.

6. The Value Proposition

The Chevy Equinox stands as a testament to General Motors’ commitment to delivering value without compromising on quality.

With a history of reliability and performance, it has overcome initial reputation challenges to emerge as a top contender in the compact SUV market.

For savvy buyers seeking an affordable, dependable, and spacious vehicle, the Equinox represents an enticing choice.

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Why not buy an Equinox?

If you’re considering purchasing a Chevrolet Equinox, it’s important to be aware of potential issues with both E85 and non-E85 engines. Many users have reported excessive oil consumption, leading to a shortage of lubrication.

This is particularly prevalent in models equipped with the 2.4L engine, making this a period to be cautious about.

In the worst-case scenario, this could result in a blown engine, which can be one of the most costly repairs.

Why do people buy Chevy Equinox?

According to a Consumer Reports review of the Third Generation Chevrolet Equinox, there are several compelling reasons why individuals choose this compact SUV.

Notably, it handles better than its predecessor, thanks to a significant reduction in weight (approximately 400 pounds lighter).

Additionally, the Equinox offers a quiet cabin and an impressive suspension system that effectively smooths out bumps on the road.

Is Chevy discontinuing Equinox?

No, there are no plans to discontinue the Chevrolet Equinox. In fact, the Equinox lineup has expanded to include both traditional gas-powered models and innovative all-electric Equinox EV variants, ensuring that Chevrolet continues to offer a diverse range of options for consumers.

Are Chevy Equinox cheap to fix?

In terms of maintenance and repairs, owning a Chevrolet Equinox is a relatively cost-effective choice. Over the first decade of service, you can expect to spend approximately $8,616 on maintenance and repairs.

This cost compares favorably to the industry average for popular SUV models, coming in at $517 less.

Is an Equinox a luxury car?

While the Chevrolet Equinox is a reliable and capable vehicle, it is not classified as a luxury car. Even with higher trim levels, such as the LT, it doesn’t reach the level of a high-end luxury vehicle.

The base LS model offers basic features, and while upgrading to the LT trim provides additional amenities like a power driver’s seat, it does not transform the Equinox into a luxury car.

Optional add-ons, such as heated seats and adaptive cruise control, are available but do not elevate it to luxury status.

Is a Chevy Equinox expensive to insure?

On average, insuring a Chevrolet Equinox costs around $1,370 annually for standard insurance coverage. This figure provides a reasonable benchmark for prospective buyers to consider when factoring in overall ownership costs.


The Chevrolet Equinox presents a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable and cost-effective compact SUV. Dispelling misconceptions about its quality, it’s clear that the Equinox offers impressive handling, a quiet cabin, and a well-tuned suspension system.

With no plans for discontinuation, Chevrolet is committed to providing a diverse range of Equinox models to meet varying consumer preferences, including the innovative all-electric Equinox EV.

The cost of maintenance and repairs over the first decade of service is notably reasonable compared to industry averages for popular SUV models, making it an economically sound choice.

While it’s not a luxury car, the Equinox provides ample features and options to suit a wide range of preferences.

So, why are Chevy Equinox so cheap? It’s a combination of factors, including careful engineering, efficient production processes, and a commitment to offering value without compromising on quality.