Why Are Mitsubishi Lancers So Expensive? Let’s Find Out

Why Are Mitsubishi Lancers So Expensive – This compact sedan has earned a reputation for its sleek design, impressive performance, and enduring popularity among car enthusiasts. However, one question that often arises is, Why are Mitsubishi Lancers so expensive?

In this article, we’ll explore the factors that contribute to the price tag of these remarkable vehicles, shedding light on the intriguing blend of engineering, technology, and legacy that sets them apart.

Before making a decision, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Reason Why Are Mitsubishi Lancers So Expensive?

This question has been on the minds of many potential buyers, and it’s worth exploring the factors that contribute to the cost of owning one of these iconic vehicles.

Remember, taking the time to research can save you thousands of dollars and years of discontent in the long run.

Why Are Mitsubishi Lancers So Expensive

Let’s explore the reasons behind the price tag of Mitsubishi Lancers and why some believe it’s a smart investment.

1. The Rarity Factor

One opinion shared by some enthusiasts is that buying a Mitsubishi Lancer could turn into a profitable endeavor in the long run. The reasoning behind this is that as the years go by, these cars are becoming increasingly rare.

Mitsubishi discontinued the Lancer in many markets, making it a collector’s item for those who appreciate its unique blend of style and performance.

If well-maintained, a Lancer could potentially hold its value, or even appreciate, making it a sound financial decision for car aficionados.

2. Availability of Parts

Why Are Mitsubishi Lancers So Expensive

A common concern with discontinued cars is the availability of replacement parts. However, it’s worth noting that when a manufacturer introduces a new generation of a vehicle, they typically continue producing parts for the older models.

So, if you’re passionate about keeping your Lancer in pristine condition with genuine parts, you won’t face insurmountable challenges finding what you need.

3. Ongoing Production in Taiwan

Interestingly, the Mitsubishi Lancer continues to be in production, albeit in a mildly facelifted form, in Taiwan. This means that the legacy of the Lancer lives on, and its design and engineering principles are still relevant today.

4. Reliability and Structural Robustness

The Lancer has earned a reputation for being a reliable and structurally robust car. This sentiment is shared by many who have owned or driven previous-generation Lancers.

The vehicle’s durability and dependability contribute to its overall value proposition.

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5. Shared Parts with Fiat Chrysler

Between 2010 and 2017, Mitsubishi Lancers shared many parts with Fiat Chrysler vehicles. For example, the 2.4-liter engine found in some Lancer models is the same Tiger-shark unit used in the Dodge Dart and other Fiat Chrysler vehicles.

This shared platform might have implications for maintenance and parts availability.

6. Resale Value Considerations

Now, let’s address the question of whether the resale value of Mitsubishi Lancers drops drastically. It’s important to note that these cars often experience a significant initial depreciation when driven off the lot.

However, if you’re in it for the long haul, the depreciation might not be as big of a concern.

The resale value can stabilize, especially if you maintain your Lancer well and keep it in top condition.

Is a Base Model Lancer Worth It?

Why Are Mitsubishi Lancers So Expensive

If you’re considering buying a base model Lancer, here’s some advice: consider upgrading to a model with All-Wheel Control (AWC). The AWC system is known for its outstanding performance, and it pairs with the more robust Tiger-shark engine.

Additionally, even the base model Lancer comes generously equipped with features like a backup camera, making it a solid choice.

Finally, if you’re thinking of purchasing a Lancer, timing can be crucial. Buying a brand new Lancer might not be the most economical choice.

Often, dealerships offer significant discounts on older model-year cars that are still unsold. You can save a substantial amount without sacrificing too much in terms of features or quality.

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Is Lancer worth buying?

Yes, the Mitsubishi Lancer is worth buying, especially as an affordable starter car with fairly high reliability. While specific models may have some issues, most model years make good options for used car buyers.

Why did Mitsubishi stop making Lancers?

Mitsubishi decided to stop production of the Lancer in 2017 due to changing market demands. The shift was towards vehicles offering greater versatility, space, and smaller environmental footprints, leading the company to focus on crossovers, SUVs, and electric and hybrid powertrains.

Are Mitsubishi Lancers expensive to fix?

Repair costs for Mitsubishi Lancers can vary, but on average, they are not overly expensive to maintain. According to RepairPal, the Lancer has an average annual repair cost of $646, which is reasonable for a compact car.

Why is Mitsubishi Lancer so famous?

The Mitsubishi Lancer gained fame for being an affordable and dependable compact sedan known for its sporty design and enjoyable driving experience.

Additionally, the Lancer Evolution (Evo) variant achieved recognition on the world rally scene for its outstanding performance.

Are Lancers considered sports cars?

While the standard Mitsubishi Lancer is not typically classified as a sports car, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, often referred to as the ‘Evo,’ is indeed considered a sports sedan and rally car.

The Evolution series is renowned for its high-performance capabilities and competitive history in motorsports.


The price of a Mitsubishi Lancer is a reflection of the brand’s dedication to engineering excellence, technological advancement, quality craftsmanship, and its storied legacy.

When you invest in a Mitsubishi Lancer, you’re not just buying a car; you’re embracing a tradition of automotive brilliance.

So, why are Mitsubishi Lancers so expensive? The answer lies in a combination of factors that make them stand out in the automotive world. Remember that it’s a culmination of factors that make these vehicles stand out in the competitive automotive landscape.