Why Are Tesla Tires So Expensive? Let’s Find Out

Why Are Tesla Tires So Expensive – Tesla has become a household name in the world of electric cars, known for its innovative technology and sleek designs. However, one aspect that often raises questions among Tesla owners is the high tire pressure recommended for their vehicles. This has led to many wondering, “Why are Tesla tires so expensive?” or “Are Tesla tires expensive?”.

When it comes to buying an electric vehicle, cost is a major concern for motorists. A recent survey found that over 20% of respondents cited cost as the main reason for their skepticism about buying an EV.

When it comes to tires, many assume that they should be interchangeable across models and brands. However, Tesla tires can be more expensive compared to other companies. One of the main reasons for this is the dimensions of Tesla tires.

why are tesla tires so expensive

They are low-profile and at least 18 inches, which is a relatively modern specification that is not as widespread as other tire sizes, resulting in higher costs.

In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind Tesla’s high tire pressure and shed light on the cost of Tesla tires. So let’s dive in and understand why Tesla’s tire pressure is higher than traditional gas-powered cars.

What is So Special About Tesla Tires?

Tesla tires are designed with low rolling resistance, which means they have less friction on the road. This helps Teslas achieve maximum range on a full charge, giving drivers peace of mind and avoiding the dreaded “range anxiety” that can come with electric vehicles.

By reducing the energy needed to move the car, Tesla tires contribute to the overall efficiency of the vehicle and help drivers go further on a single charge.

What is So Special About Tesla Tires

So, while Tesla tires may be expensive, their specialized design and performance benefits make them an essential component for Tesla owners.

Why Are Tesla Tires So Expensive?

Tesla vehicles boast remarkable engineering, blending performance, efficiency, and longevity. However, this innovation comes at a price, especially when it comes to tire replacements. The cost of Tesla tires is notably high due to several key factors.

1. Weight and Specialization

Tesla cars are powered by heavy battery packs, contributing significantly to their weight. This weight factor is akin to all-terrain truck tires.

The specialized design of Tesla tires accommodates the demands of moving such substantial weight at high speeds for extended periods, reflecting the cost similarity with these heavy-duty truck tires.

2. Lifespan and Maintenance

According to Tesla’s recommendations, tire replacements should occur approximately every six years, with a rotation suggested every 6,250 miles.

Axlewise estimates the cost for a full tire replacement on a Model 3 at around $900, while larger models like the Model X or Roadster could require expenditures upwards of $1,500. These expenses are substantial and recurrent throughout a Tesla’s lifespan.

3. Labor and Specialized Service

Tesla’s association with luxury vehicles also ties into the higher cost of maintenance and service. EVs, including Teslas, still present a relatively new frontier for mechanics.

Consequently, labor costs for repairing or replacing tires might be higher due to the specialized knowledge and tools required.

This could add around $150 or more to the final bill, further contributing to the overall expense.

4. Tire Specifications and Sports Car Dimensions

Contrary to popular belief, the replacement tires used by Tesla aren’t exclusive or specialized. Tesla’s choice of tire dimensions for their vehicles mirrors those of sports cars like the 2.3 EcoBoost Mustang.

These specific tire dimensions, catered for high performance and handling, can contribute to their higher price point compared to standard tires.

As the EV market expands and evolves, it’s plausible that the costs associated with maintaining and replacing Tesla tires could witness a gradual decline.

How Much is a Tire for a Tesla?

how much is a tire for a Tesla

The cost can vary depending on the type and size of tire you need. Tesla Model Y tires typically range from $195 to $450+. It’s important to consider which tires will work best for your driving conditions and choose accordingly.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to buy the tires directly from Tesla – you can find them at other retailers like America’s Tire, Costco, or Tire Rack, which may offer more competitive prices.

For example, if you have a Tesla Model 3, you might have the option to switch to a different tire brand and model when it’s time for a replacement.

The price for a set of Tesla tires can range from $800 to $900, regardless of whether it’s for a Tesla or another brand/model of car.

How Long Do Tesla Tires Last?

Tesla tires, like any other tires, have a lifespan that depends on various factors such as driving conditions and maintenance. While Teslas are often driven in the city, which can put extra wear on the tires, they can still last up to 30,000 miles if properly cared for.

This means ensuring that the tires are balanced, the wheels are aligned, and that they are not over or under-inflated.

By taking these precautions, Tesla owners can maximize the lifespan of their tires and avoid the need for replacement sooner than necessary. So while Tesla tires may be expensive, they can last a significant amount of time if well-maintained.


Tesla tires may be expensive, but there are valid reasons for their higher price tag. The weight and performance requirements of Teslas necessitate specialized tires that can handle the load and provide optimal range.

Additionally, the low-profile and relatively modern specifications of Tesla tires contribute to their higher cost.

However, it’s important to note that Tesla tires are not unique or exclusive to the brand, and you can find them at various retailers for potentially lower prices.

The high cost of Tesla tires primarily stems from their design catering to heavyweight, specialized performance, and the associated labor expenses.

The next time you wonder, “Why are Tesla tires so expensive?” remember, it’s a confluence of engineering, specialized design, and the inherent costs of maintaining a cutting-edge vehicle.

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