Kia Telluride Years to Avoid and The Best Years

Kia Telluride Years to Avoid – If you’re considering purchasing a Kia Telluride, it’s essential to be well-informed about the vehicle’s history and any potential issues that may have arisen in specific model years. While the Kia Telluride has gained popularity for its spaciousness, performance, and features, like any other vehicle, it’s not immune to occasional pitfalls.

In this article, we will guide you through the Kia Telluride years to avoid, ensuring that you make an informed decision when it comes to your purchase.

Kia Telluride Years to Avoid

The Kia Telluride has been on the market since 2019 and has quickly gained recognition as a standout midsize SUV. However, it’s important to note that not all model years have been without their faults.

By understanding which years may have experienced notable issues, you can steer clear of potential headaches and make a more confident choice.

When researching the Kia Telluride, you may come across phrases such as “Kia Telluride years to avoid” or “worst years.” These phrases refer to specific model years that may have had higher incidences of problems, recalls, or customer complaints.

While it’s crucial to remember that every vehicle can have its individual issues, being aware of these patterns can help you make a more informed decision.

By examining the concerns associated with these particular years, you’ll gain valuable insights that can aid in your decision-making process.

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So, if you’re curious to know more about the Kia Telluride years to avoid and the reasons behind them, let’s dive into the details and empower you with the knowledge needed to make an informed choice.

Kia Telluride Years to Avoid

Kia Telluride Years to Avoid

2020 Kia Telluride

When it comes to the Kia Telluride, the 2020 model year stands out as the one to exercise caution with. While the Telluride has garnered praise for its spaciousness, performance, and overall reliability, it’s crucial to be aware of the specific concerns associated with certain years.

Among the chief complaints from consumers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), faulty headlights emerged as a significant concern with the 2020 Kia Telluride.

According to reports on CarComplaints, the headlights in this model year can become faulty, which poses a safety risk for drivers.

What makes this problem particularly troubling is that it has been reported to occur even at low miles, meaning it could manifest at any point during your ownership of the 2020 Telluride.

What’s more, replacing the bulbs did not necessarily solve the issue, as the problem persisted in some cases. This is further substantiated by the 37 NHTSA complaints received regarding the faulty headlights in the 2020 Kia Telluride.

Additionally, there are reports from consumers about the headlights providing poor illumination, which is another critical safety concern.

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Just like the faulty headlight issue, the problem of poor illumination has been reported at low miles, with an average of approximately 15,000 miles at the time of reporting.

“It’s important to note that the problematic headlights appear to be the primary concern associated with the 2020 Kia Telluride.”

While other minor complaints have been mentioned, they are all related to various headlight issues. Some drivers have reported their high beams going out completely while the low beams continue to function normally.

Furthermore, there are accounts of Telluride’s headlights suddenly changing brightness levels without warning or driver actuation.

Some users have also mentioned unsuccessful attempts to engage the high beams when needed. These multiple headlight issues indicate an underlying problem specific to the 2020 Tellurides.

However, it is worth mentioning that not all 2020 Kia Telluride models are necessarily affected by headlight problems. Given the relatively low number of complaints, it can be assumed that only a fraction of the vehicles from that year experienced these issues.

If you are considering a used 2020 Kia Telluride, it is advisable to thoroughly inspect the vehicle’s headlight functionality and history.

If the headlight issue is not present, purchasing a used model can still be a reliable and sound investment.

Overall, the Kia Telluride has received positive ratings and reviews, indicating that it is generally a dependable SUV. Its comfortable interior, abundant features, and overall reliability make it an attractive option for many buyers.

However, due to the reported headlight problems in the 2020 model year, it is essential to exercise caution and perform due diligence before making a purchase.

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By ensuring that the specific used model you are considering does not have any lingering headlight issues, you can enjoy the benefits of owning a Kia Telluride without unnecessary concerns.

Best Year for Kia Telluride

Best Year for Kia Telluride

If you’re considering a Kia Telluride and want to know the best year to go for, you’ll be pleased to know that both the 2021 and 2022 models have received high marks in terms of reliability and customer satisfaction.

2021 Kia Telluride

Starting with the 2021 Kia Telluride, it has garnered positive reviews and accolades from various publications and industry experts.

Car and Driver, for instance, has referred to it as the “gold standard” of its segment, surpassing other popular SUVs like the Ford Bronco and Kia Sorento.

The 2021 Telluride offers a user-friendly experience and provides ample space for both passengers and cargo.

With seating for seven to eight people, it ensures everyone has a comfortable ride for all types of adventures.

In terms of safety, the 2021 Telluride comes equipped with features such as a rear collision avoidance system for cross-traffic assistance during highway driving and hill-start control to prevent rolling back on steep inclines.

Additionally, Kia offers an impressive 10-year warranty, which includes 100,000 miles of powertrain protection. This extensive warranty coverage provides peace of mind to owners, especially considering past concerns regarding powertrain issues.

2022 Kia Telluride

Moving on to the 2022 Kia Telluride, it is the latest model year and has continued to build on the success of its predecessor. Like the 2021 model, the 2022 Telluride has received praise for its overall reliability and customer satisfaction.

J.D. Power has given it a solid rating of 84 out of 100 in terms of reliability, which falls within the “Great” range (scores between 81 and 90) according to its ratings.

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However, it is worth noting that there have been a few consumer complaints and NHTSA reports associated with the 2022 Telluride. CarComplaints mentions 11 NHTSA miscellaneous complaints and 10 NHTSA complaints related to exterior accessories.

Additionally, there have been reports of windshield problems, with instances of cracking occurring under normal driving circumstances. While these complaints are minimal, it is important to be aware of them when considering a used 2022 Telluride.

Despite these minor issues, the majority of the vehicle rates highly in terms of reliability and overall performance.

The Kia Telluride, in general, is regarded as a reliable SUV, making it a worthwhile option to explore when searching for a used SUV.

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The 2021 model offers ample space, user-friendly features, and an impressive warranty, while the 2022 model builds upon its success with minor complaints that should be taken into consideration.

When searching for a used Kia Telluride, both of these model years provide a solid foundation for a reliable SUV that can accommodate your needs and provide an enjoyable driving experience.

How reliable are Kia Tellurides?

How reliable are Kia Tellurides

Kia Tellurides has a strong reputation for reliability. The 2023 Kia Telluride specifically has a predicted reliability score of 85 out of 100 according to J.D. Power. In their rating system, a score between 81 and 90 is considered “Great,” indicating that Telluride is expected to perform well in terms of reliability.

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This suggests that the vehicle has a solid track record and is likely to be dependable for owners.

Is Kia Telluride high maintenance?

When it comes to maintenance and repair costs, the Kia Telluride fares well compared to other popular SUV models. Over the first 10 years of service, it is estimated that a Kia Telluride will cost approximately $8,069 for maintenance and repairs.

This amount is $1,064 lower than the industry average for similar SUV models, indicating that the Telluride is relatively affordable to maintain.

Additionally, there is a 23.71% chance that a Telluride may require a major repair during that period.

While there is some potential for significant repairs, the overall cost and likelihood remain relatively favorable.

Do Kia Tellurides hold their value?

Yes, Kia Tellurides are known for holding their value well. According to Kelly Blue Book, Telluride has a predicted resale value of 47% after five years of ownership. This is considered one of the highest resale values in its class, indicating that the Telluride retains its value better than many other three-row SUVs.

This makes it an attractive option for those looking for a vehicle that maintains its worth over time, making it a wise investment.


When considering a Kia Telluride, it is important to be aware of the specific model years to avoid, such as the 2020 Telluride with reported faulty headlights. However, this should not overshadow the overall positive reputation and reliability of the Kia Telluride lineup.

So, if you’re in the market for a Kia Telluride, it is recommended to consider the 2021 and 2022 models as the best years. With their positive ratings, reliable performance, and overall customer satisfaction, these Tellurides offer a combination of comfort, features, and long-term value.

Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to do thorough research, inspect the specific vehicle’s condition, and consider factors such as mileage and maintenance history before making a purchase decision.

By being well-informed and aware of the Kia Telluride years to avoid, you can confidently choose a reliable and enjoyable SUV for your needs. In the end, the key is to find a Kia Telluride that suits your preferences, fits your budget, and aligns with the reliable years to make a wise investment for your driving experience.

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