The Top Most Reliable Buick Models: A Comprehensive Analysis

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the most reliable Buick models, where we delve into the world of dependable vehicles that perfectly blend family-friendly features with budget-conscious sensibilities. In a realm where some car enthusiasts might prioritize performance or opulence, there’s a group of buyers who understand the true essence of worry-free driving – reliability.

Buick, renowned for its line of elegant and accommodating automobiles, presents a selection of models that rise above the rest in terms of steadfastness and dependability.

While certain buyers might be captivated by horsepower figures or plush interiors, it’s crucial to recognize the significance of reliability in your automotive journey.

Buick, a brand known for its commitment to creating vehicles tailored to family needs, presents an intriguing proposition.

However, it’s not just about the initial sticker price that catches your attention.

most reliable buick models

Ownership costs, annual maintenance, and potential repairs contribute to the bigger financial picture, particularly for families mindful of their budget.

This is where the quest for the most reliable Buick becomes a paramount concern. In this article, we will take you through a captivating exploration of Buick’s lineup, highlighting the models that excel in reliability.

From the luxurious enclave of features to the nitty-gritty of cost-effectiveness, we’ll cover it all.

So, without further ado, let’s embark on this journey to discover the epitome of reliability in the world of Buick cars.

From the enduring allure of the Buick lineup to the undeniable charm of dependable vehicles, we’re about to dive into a treasure trove of information that will guide you toward making an informed and reliable choice for you and your loved ones.

Most Reliable Buick Car Models

When it comes to the realm of automotive reliability, Buick emerges as a brand that consistently outperforms its competitors.

RepairPal, a trusted authority on automotive reliability, rates Buick above average when compared to an impressive 32 other car brands, spanning an extensive array of 345 unique models.

Buick’s Reliability: A Closer Look

Buick sets itself apart not only with its luxurious features but also with its commendable reliability record.

most reliable buick models

The brand boasts average yearly repair and maintenance costs amounting to a mere $608, which intriguingly stands at $44 below the all-encompassing brand average.

While this statistic alone is a testament to Buick’s commitment to practicality, there’s more to explore beneath the surface.

It’s important to note that while Buick boasts a lower average repair frequency, a distinctive aspect sets it apart.

The probability of encountering an expensive repair, while relatively lower than in some brands, still emerges slightly higher when compared to its counterparts.

This nuanced detail emphasizes the significance of identifying the most reliable Buick models to ensure a seamless and cost-effective ownership experience.

Unveiling the Lineup: Most Reliable Buick Models

We now embark on a journey through the most reliable Buick models, deciphering their performance and dependability.

Here, we present six exceptional Buick models, ranked based on their reliability ratings, from the highest to the lowest.

Buick Encore: Subcompact Marvel

most reliable buick models

The Buick Encore, a charismatic subcompact SUV, secures the fifth position out of seven peers within its category. With an average annual repair and maintenance cost of $466, the Encore stands as a cost-effective option in comparison to its counterparts, notably undercutting the average annual expenditure of $652 across all vehicle models.

Remarkably, the Buick Encore showcases exceptional resilience, requiring repair only once on average.

While the average subcompact SUV experiences two repairs over a span of 10 years, the Encore’s reliability shines through.

It’s worth noting that the average probability of severe issues, while slightly elevated at 12%, is in line with the comprehensive average for all vehicle models.

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Buick Verano: Compact Excellence

most reliable buick cars

The Buick Verano’s reliability secures a commendable 15th rank among 36 compact cars, highlighted by average annual maintenance and repair costs of $478.

Impressively, this places the Verano beneath the $526 average for compact cars, translating to ownership costs that fall below the anticipated norm.

In terms of repair frequency, the Buick Verano enjoys an edge. With unscheduled repairs occurring twice over a decade on average, it surpasses the average of three times for compact cars.

While the likelihood of encountering serious issues aligns with that of other vehicle models, it slightly exceeds the rate observed among compact cars.

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Buick Regal: Midsize Elegance

most reliable buick cars

The Buick Regal, a midsize sedan, establishes its position as the 13th most reliable model among its 24 peers. Boasting above-average reliability and moderate ownership costs, the Regal proves its mettle with an annual maintenance and repair cost averaging $563.

In comparison, other midsize cars clock in at $526, while the collective average for all vehicle models hovers at $652.

The Buick Regal’s strength lies in its infrequent repair instances, although the severity of these repairs remains within the norm. This balance of reliability and cost-effectiveness cements its reputation as a steadfast midsize option.

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Buick LaCrosse: Midsize Grandeur

buick most reliable cars

Within the realm of midsize offerings, the Buick LaCrosse captures attention by securing the 15th spot, with an average annual repair and maintenance cost of $569.

Reflecting the average repair frequency and severity characteristic of midsize cars, LaCrosse’s overall ownership cost aligns with that of the comprehensive vehicle average.

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Buick Lucerne: A Full-Size Marvel

buick most reliable cars

The Buick Lucerne, a full-size sedan, stakes its claim as the eighth among a competitive field of 12 class rivals. Within this segment, the Lucerne shines as an exemplar of reliability, commanding an average annual maintenance and repair cost of $585.

Comparatively, this figure nestles comfortably next to the $590 average for other full-size cars, indicative of Buick’s commitment to cost-conscious ownership.

However, as with any marvel, the Buick Lucerne presents nuanced attributes.

While unscheduled repairs occur approximately 0.4 times annually, slightly higher than the full-size car average of 0.3 times, it’s important to note that the probability of encountering significant repairs is also slightly elevated.

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This detail underscores the need for informed decision-making when seeking the most reliable Buick models.

Buick Envision: Striking a Harmonious Balance

buick most reliable cars

Situated between the compact Encore GX and the larger Enclave, the second-generation Buick Envision emerges as a premium compact SUV that encapsulates comfort and style.

Sporting a dynamic 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine mated to a nine-speed automated transmission, the Envision showcases formidable power.

Although fuel efficiency stands at 23 mpg, the focus here is on balanced performance.

While agility might not be Envision’s primary forte, safety takes center stage. Buick’s commitment to passenger well-being culminated in a comprehensive suite of safety features introduced in 2016.

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This package encompasses frontal collision warning, lane departure mitigation systems, and the option for improved automated emergency braking – a testament to Buick’s pursuit of excellence with each successive model.

Buick Enclave: Navigating the Reliability Landscape

buick most reliable cars

In a sea of above-average reliability ratings for its counterparts, the Buick Enclave stands as an average contender, securing a RepairPal ranking of 24th among 26 midsize SUVs.

This observation prompts a closer inspection, revealing intriguing insights into this elegant SUV’s performance.

Annual maintenance and repair costs, unscheduled repair frequency, and the severity of necessary repairs set the Buick Enclave apart from its midsize SUV peers.

While these metrics may appear elevated, it’s important to consider the context of this comparison.

The Enclave’s uniqueness lies in its blend of refined aesthetics, spacious interiors, and commendable performance, making it a contender worth exploring despite the average reliability rating.

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So, when the question arises – what are the most reliable Buick models – the answer transcends a mere list of names. It’s an invitation to delve into a world where meticulous engineering and practicality intersect, creating a symphony of reliability that resonates with the discerning driver.

What Are The Common Buick Problems?

In the dynamic world of automotive innovation, where Buick has long reigned as a symbol of luxury and sophistication, a closer inspection reveals that even the most illustrious brands are not immune to certain recurring challenges.

What Are The Common Buick Problems

We embark on a journey to uncover and dissect these intricacies, shedding light on common Buick problems that have persisted over time.

1. Inaccurate Fuel Gauge Woes: Navigating the Needle’s Dance

Among the array of performance and design accomplishments, Buick has grappled with an issue that has cropped up in various models over the years – the elusive malfunctioning fuel gauge.

For some Buick owners, a disconcerting dance of the fuel gauge needle awaits as the tank approaches the halfway point.

The needle’s erratic behavior can range from sporadic jumps to displaying an alarming absence of fuel when, in reality, the tank still holds a substantial reserve.

At the heart of this concern often lies the intricate instrument cluster. Instrument cluster failure has been identified as a common culprit, contributing to the unsettling fluctuations in the fuel gauge.

However, the complexity of modern automotive electronics also opens the door to other potential electronic discrepancies that might be triggering this issue.

As Buick enthusiasts and drivers, it’s imperative to remain informed and vigilant about this common problem, ensuring timely diagnosis and resolution.

2. Transmission Trials and Tribulations: Navigating Gearshift Gloom

Even within the realm of luxury and refinement, certain Buick models, such as the Enclave and Rendezvous, have experienced their share of transmission challenges.

These challenges can manifest in various ways, from frustrating gearshift failures to the emergence of multiple transmission-related error codes that can perplex even the most seasoned drivers.

Picture a scenario where you attempt to shift gears, only to find yourself trapped in a gearless limbo, unable to transition smoothly.

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Furthermore, the ominous presence of error codes like P0716, P0777, P2715, and P2723 looms, signaling a deeper transmission-related puzzle that begs to unravel.

3. Gasket Leaks: The Antifreeze Conundrum

A particularly notorious hurdle has appeared on the path of Buick Century owners, and it revolves around a pesky adversary – the intake manifold gasket failure.

In this saga, the Dexcool antifreeze takes on an unexpected role, interacting adversely with the gasket, leading to leaks that can tarnish the driving experience.

The magnitude of this issue is underscored by a massive class-action lawsuit that brought the matter to the forefront. The resulting intake manifold gasket leaks left their mark on the Buick Century’s reliability and cost of ownership.

While some models have undergone reparative interventions, it remains a concern that merits attention, particularly if you intend to steer clear of potentially burdensome repair bills.

Are Buicks Reliable? Unveiling the Reliability of Buick

In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, where innovation and performance often take center stage, questions about reliability hold a special place in the hearts of discerning drivers.

Amidst a sea of options that span the spectrum between mainstream and premium brands, Buick stands as a unique contender, carving out a distinctive position in the market.

Are Buicks Reliable

Let’s delve into the heart of the matter, seeking to address the query that lingers in the minds of many: Are Buicks reliable?

Positioned in the Midst: The Buick Identity

Buick occupies a noteworthy position, straddling the middle ground between mainstream and premium brands. This strategic positioning is manifest in its vehicle lineup, which exudes an air of refinement while offering well-designed interiors and streamlined entertainment systems.

Buick’s commitment to creating upmarket and polished vehicles is evident, setting it apart as a brand that caters to drivers seeking a balance of elegance and practicality.

However, in the realm of gas mileage, Buick finds itself at a crossroads. While its vehicles boast a range of impressive qualities, they might not always match the gas mileage offered by current competitors.

This discrepancy is a consideration for those who prioritize fuel efficiency as a key factor in their vehicle selection process.

A Shift towards SUVs: Buick’s Focused Direction

Like many automobile manufacturers, Buick has embraced the SUV trend, a paradigm shift that aligns with changing consumer preferences.

The focus on SUVs has allowed Buick to resonate with families and individuals seeking versatile and family-oriented crossover vehicles.

The current Buick lineup features four distinct SUVs: The Enclave, Encore, Encore GX, and Envision, each catering to diverse needs and preferences.

This shift in focus has also led to a strategic decision to discontinue the production of sedans, marking a broader industry trend toward prioritizing crossover vehicles.

Buick’s evolution into a family-oriented brand underscores its commitment to providing vehicles that seamlessly blend practicality, style, and adaptability to modern lifestyles.

The Reliability Spectrum: What Defines a Reliable Vehicle?

When evaluating the reliability of any vehicle, several crucial factors come into play. Longevity and lifespan, recall history, repair costs, and overall safety constitute integral facets of the reliability equation.

In this context, Buick emerges as a noteworthy contender, with its vehicles showcasing commendable attributes that contribute to their reliability.

Buick’s reputation for reliability is particularly pronounced within the realm of domestic brands.

While brands like Mazda, Toyota, and Lexus have consistently topped annual auto reliability rankings, Buick has steadily climbed the ranks, solidifying its position within the top five.

Notably, Buick’s impressive 14-position increase in these rankings stands as a testament to its commitment to minimizing problems and ensuring consistency across its compact product lineup.

In the quest to answer the question, “Are Buicks reliable?” the evidence is compelling. Buick’s strategic positioning, focus on family-centric SUVs, and commitment to minimizing issues within its lineup all contribute to its status as one of the most reliable American-made cars available today.

Do Buick cars last long?

Buick cars have a commendable track record when it comes to longevity. On average, a Buick is likely to remain on the road for around 200,000 miles or approximately 13 years. Notably, this durability is backed by solid evidence – Buick secured the impressive third spot in J.D. Power’s 2020 vehicle dependability study.

This accolade positioned Buick as the highest-ranking luxury brand on the entire list, underscoring its commitment to producing vehicles that stand the test of time.

Are Buicks expensive to fix?

When it comes to maintenance and repair costs, Buick drivers can rest easy. Contrary to any concerns about inflated expenses, Buick vehicles actually fall below the national average for repair costs.

According to RepairPal, a prominent car ownership resource, the annual maintenance expenses for Buick models hover around a reasonable $608.

This figure serves as a reassuring testament to Buick’s dedication to ensuring that ownership remains affordable and cost-effective, offering peace of mind to both loyal enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

What is Buick’s most reliable SUV?

For those seeking the pinnacle of reliability within Buick’s SUV lineup, look no further than the Buick Encore. Positioned as a subcompact SUV, Encore has secured a notable reputation for dependability.

The Encore achieved an impressive fifth place out of seven vehicles in its category.

This feat is bolstered by an average annual repair and maintenance cost of $466, further emphasizing Encore’s commitment to enduring performance and minimized ownership expenses.

As a reliable companion on the road, the Buick Encore stands tall as a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to delivering quality and longevity.


In the intricate world of automotive reliability, Buick emerges as a brand that seamlessly balances elegance and dependability. From its robust lineup of vehicles to its strategic positioning between mainstream and premium brands, Buick carves a distinctive path that resonates with discerning drivers.

Whether you’re navigating the challenges of inaccurate fuel gauges, decoding transmission complexities, or confronting gasket leaks, Buick’s approach to addressing these concerns reflects its dedication to continuous improvement.

Through its evolution towards family-oriented SUVs and a strategic shift away from sedans, Buick showcases a brand that listens to its drivers and adapts to changing needs.

When pondering the question, “Are Buicks reliable?” the resounding answer is a testament to Buick’s resolve.

Backed by impressive rankings, competitive repair costs, and a dedication to minimizing problems, Buick stands as a beacon of assurance.

So, as you explore the road ahead, consider the indelible mark of reliability that Buick leaves on every journey.

From the urban streets to the open highways, Buick’s legacy of dependability accompanies you, ensuring that your driving experience remains truly exceptional.

As you make your automotive choices, remember that within Buick’s realm, dependability isn’t just a feature – it’s a promise fulfilled. Embrace the road with the confidence that comes from driving one of the most reliable Buick models, and elevate your driving experience to new heights of excellence.

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